Friday, 18 March 2011

UN Stooges Sanction No-Fly Zone

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The UK PM Posh Dave Scameron can claim the disreputable credit for instigating last night’s United Nations Security Council ‘Yea’ vote to bomb the shit out of Libya after faithfully obeying his Rothshite Zionist crime syndicate boss’s demands and going into blabberwocky mode this past week, plugging away like a fairground barker to enforce a no fly zone – ‘by all necessary measures’ - short of nuking Tripoli - to protect civilians.
This draconian policy now has the backing of that other world class bully and belligerent – the good ole United States of Israel – and various other Muppet-ruled running dog nations who daren’t disagree lest the IMF foreclose on their dodgy debts.

Hmmm, the Zionist kikester military-industrial cabal tugs on the bankster’s leash and they in turn shout “Shit!” then the politicians obediently sit up and jump on the shovel.

Conversely, the question now is how swiftly and effectively military force can be deployed to target and destroy every radar installation, communications facility, anti-aircraft gun and missile emplacements (plus mobile units), military and commercial airfields and bush landing strips - and every fixed wing aircraft which include ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ Soviet-era fighters and French Mirage F1’s – plus their helicopter gunships - with a cocktail of cruise missiles, smart bombs, cluster munitions and AGM-114D Longbow Hellfire air-to-surface missiles.

Finally, a tactical raking and peppering of the entire target areas with zillions of rounds of 30mm automatic Boeing M230 chain gun bullets will kill every fucker and their dog old enough to bleed and add a nice sanguine touch to the whole mess off pottage – which will be conspicuous from its nice ‘glow in the dark’ ambience caused by the radioactive depleted uranium munitions that have atomized back to molecular level on impact and detonation – and create yet another Fallujah ‘insta-mutant’ nightmare.

Well, with the US Sixth Fleet assigned to the Mediterranean and home ported in Gaeta, Italy and doubtless exercising prudence and due diligence by being out and about on the open waters – all 40 ships, 175 aircraft and 21,000 naval personnel – including the nuclear ordnance-equipped Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman - we can expect aviation-related targets in Libya to start going “Ka-Fucking-Boom!” any time now.

No doubt any remaining embedded agents from MI6 and the 22nd SAS Regiment(NVQ3 Sabotage & Assassinations) who haven’t yet been captured by goat herding shepherd boys will be ready to receive the go-ahead and sabotage all and sundry on the ground level – and be in position to light up military objectives – and anything else that takes their malevolent fancy – with targeting lasers that cruise missiles and smart bombs can lock onto. And as to civilian casualties – well, that’s permitted ‘collateral damage’ – and ain’t war just hell.

Hence, sans air power, this Western-conjured no-fly zone strategy is projected to put Gaddafi’s forces on a ‘diminished’ and thus equal ‘military might’ footing with the rebels – which is forecast to bring about the mad Colonel’s ouster and the herald the installation of yet another PNAC Zionist Muppet to form a democratic system of government composed of shifty kleptomaniacs - and doubly ensure the Muslim Brotherhood are given short shrift – thus guaranteeing control of Libya’s oil reserves.
Then it’s all a matter of moving on to Algeria and Morocco – to establish the New World Order’s long-overdue North African / Mediterranean Union.

Hmmm, so much for the toothless UN’s total disregard for self-determination – for make no mistake – the belligerents pushing this no-fly zone and ensuing close quarters showdown don’t give a flying fuck how many civilian rebel forces or government troops snuff each other or who gets hurt or what infrastructure is devastated. It’s all pre-planned, just as in Iraq in 2003 – with some scumbag kikester outfit like Halliburton already tendering to rebuild on the devastation.

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Thought for the day: Has Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron morphed into a clone of Tony Bliar Mk 2 – following the same path to infamy and the self-destruction of any credibility he might once have possessed?

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Zionist Freemasons and the Project for a New American Century and their New World Order.

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