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Israelis Re-Capitalise the ‘N’ in Nazis

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Okay, we all know who put the T in Britain and have a pretty good idea who slipped the word CUNT into Scunthorpe. Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky are jointly credited with capitalising the B in Bolshevik, and the Franco-Hitler limited partnership are globally recognised for their responsibility in capitalising the F in Fascist.
So who is the guilty party culpable for magnifying the N in Nazi after the Germans gave it the redundancy elbow in 1945? Why, none other than the Israel-based Rothshite crime syndicate - the very same shmoks who explicated the Z in Zionism.

Now, here’s the riddle, the conundrum: When is a Nazi not a Nazi? Easy-peasy, really, but keep it all hush-hush and up close and personal - “When it’s an Israeli” – cos any criticism of God’s ‘Chosen People’ – especially for stealing Palestine off the rightful Arab Semite inhabitants - is as verboten as a pig’s foreskin in a synagogue – or cooked up with the Rabbi’s matzo.

Regardless of the stock accusation of anti-Semitism for directing censure or disapprobation of any type at Israel and its Ashkenazi criminals running the Knesset - and the homicidal psychopaths in charge if the IDF's 'Half Cock Brigade' - it all comes down to the mystic mallard metaphor: if it has a beak, webbed feet and quacks there’s a fucking good chance it’s a duck.
So too with Nazis: if they usurp another people’s lands, expedite ethic cleansing / slow-cook genocide campaigns against those persons, besiege them behind 30 foot high 'apartheid' walls in the biggest concentration camps on the planet – then kidnap their youths as black market organ transplant donors – and use Muslim political prisoners for medical experiments – there’s a good chance they’re Nazis.

To emphasise the veracity of this dialectic thesis, the nutty Knesset’s ruling Ashkenazi Jews of convenience, not one of which has a single Semitic gene in their Khazar DNA – and definitely no trace of the Sephardic bloodline, this week passed yet another of their vile apartheid-rich draconic segregation bills.
From this day forth, until the end of time, if not longer, Palestinian Israelis are barred from living in Jewish localities built on land confiscated from them – with government regulation further ensuring they cannot build on the scant areas of private land that remains in their ownership.

In a session that burned the midnight oils, the Knesset passed the new law which mandates communities of up to 400 members in the Negev and Galilee to form apartheid ‘acceptance committees’, headed by die-hard ***Jabotinskyists that will be tasked with screening candidates who wish to live in their locality, on the basis of various parameters, including vague wording relating to social and cultural compatibility – such as the ultra-conspicuous ‘No Palestinians or Muslims!’. Hmmm, if it ain’t kosher then it’s not in the brochure.

While Israeli law (sic) nominally forbids discrimination on the basis of race, gender or religion, its effect and intent is to segregate and marginalise the goyim Palestinians – a policy that is not only grossly unjust but also unsustainable – even after a sixty-odd year trial run. Alas, there are no safeguards against the follies of human nature.

To go hand in hand with this act of infamy and affront to the Palestinian’s remaining vestiges of dignity and further add insult to injury, the same Knesset session has now legislated a ban on the commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba Day.

For those uninitiated into the realms of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man, and too for Zionist kikesters who suffer from selective memories, the ‘Yawm an-Nakbah’ translates as "Day of the Catastrophe" and is the annual commemoration for the Palestinian people of the anniversary of the creation of Israel and the theft of their sovereign lands.

It is held every May 15th, the day after the anniversary of Israel's Independence according to the Gregorian calendar, and the day marks the forced military expulsions and flight of Palestinians from their towns and villages in the face of Zionist kikester aggression by the Rothshite crime syndicate and later Israeli troop advances - and their displacement from Palestine, and subsequent loss of their property to the Shylocks and their shills.

The anti-Nakba commemoration bill has been reworked since its proposal in May 2009. Originally the bill mandated a three-year prison sentence for anyone daring to mourn their dead, lost during the Nakba. Now it imposes a fine on any group or authority that hosts an event even daring to acknowledge the Palestinian Nakba.

Hmmm, so much for the Jewish sense fair play and literal cognisance of duplicity, double standards and gross hypocrisy. How about a gagging order slapped on the Israeli Jews harping on about Auschwitz and the scores of other Nazi internment camps – then turn the tables and impose a ban on the annual celebration of their International Holohoax Remembrance Day on the 27th of January.

If the ultra-Zionist Knesset and IDF military now comprising the despotic Israel regime maintain that Palestine is now a Jewish state, then Jews not only in Israel but globally should hang their heads in shame, for all are culpable of a sinister silence concerning their keeping schtum over the defiance of international law and United Nations directives concerning the barbaric treatment of the Palestinian population – and the horrific racist and sectarian violations and crimes against humanity visited on them daily by these same Jews who perpetually whinge and complain of the Holohoax and identical crimes committed against them by the Hitler era Nazis.

Further, if the half-awake and cognisant segments of the global population of ‘goyim’ Gentiles wish to declare and publicize their sense of disapprobation and outrage at the treatment of the marginalised Palestinian peoples under the Zionist jackboot then it’s time to enact an embargo and boycott all Israeli produce and merchandise if the Knesset refuse to behave like responsible members of polite and civilised society and heed the niceties and strictures of international law.

Thought for the Knesset’s racist kikesters to dwell upon: “Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them”. Deuteronomy 4:9

***(From Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotinsky – aka Jabot the Hutt – progenitor of the Israeli Iron Wall doctrine – a Russian Khazar racist who gained notoriety for smoking hash in the camps of the Hashemites)

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nutty Nazi-infested area and may contain traces of fascist lunacy and Holohoax exaggeration.

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