Tuesday, 22 March 2011

UN Security Council Branded 'Hypocrites'

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Sir Rigby Ratstamper, the United Nations Secretary for International Moral Observance, Cricket & All-Round Fair Play, was today unceremoniously fired without notice and escorted from the New York HQ by armed ICTS security guards after circulating an e-mail that reflected on the duplicitous Friday night Security Council resolution to enforce, by aggressive military actions, a no-fly zone across the length and breadth of Libya so the pro-democracy rebels might have a better chance of overthrowing the established government of the bonkers Colonel Gaddafi.

A man of conscience and an international jurist to boot, Sir Rigby rightly opined in his e-message that presented with the paradox of the self same circumstances, an identical set of Security Council measures should be sanctioned and enacted against the brutal ZioNazi state of Israel for their inhuman treatment of the Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip ghetto.

“Since the 1948 Nakba, for reasons of sectarian and racist hatred, the Palestinians have been marginalised by the Ubermenche Israeli elitists, and held hostage behind the IDF’s 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall – where they are denied dignity and subjected to indiscriminate ‘fish-in-a-barrel visitations of ‘Shock n Awe’ bombing with white phosphorous and DIME munitions launched from fighter aircraft – aircraft supplied by the good old democracy-loving US of A, under the auspices of that venal Kenyan cuckoo incumbent of the Oval Office – Mr Nobel Peace Prize himself – the duplicitous Barky O’Barmy.”

According to one report in the Hasbara Gazette, the Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Sheldon Scattberger, was notified of the content of Sir Rigby’s e-mail via the medium of two successive irate phone calls – the first from Baron Rothshite in London and the next from the Israeli Foreign Minister in Tel Aviv, the ultra die-hard Jabotinskyist, Zayin Lieberscumm.

Upon receipt of a right bollocking, Scattberger immediately went into headless chicken mode – galvanising Ochel Batachat, his chief of staff, to mobilise the entire Shylock-owned and controlled American media and US-based political lobbying system, from News International’s Rupert ‘Wrinkles’ Mudrock to AIPAC to the B’nai B’rith and Abe Poxman’s ADL to combat any and all criticism of the rogue Zionist crime syndicate outlaw state – and further expedite a thorough character assassination hatchet job on the British diplomat for his expose.

Pox News were quick off the mark, airing a bulletin that labelled Sir Rigby a ‘typical British snob who drew his opinions of God’s ‘Chosen People’ from the Dickensian arch-villain Fagin – thus branding him a die-hard anti-Semite and a do-gooder nuisance’ - who was probably a Holohoax denier to boot and out to provoke a pogrom against the peace-loving Jewish people of Israel.

No meek lamb to the slaughter in the abattoir of political conflict, Sir Rigby responded by primarily condemning the Israeli settlements in the West Bank as being illegal under international law as per the statutes of the UNSC Resolution 446 and the Fourth Geneva Convention - regardless of the pro-Zionist US muppet government and kikester-infested Congress and White House blocking and vetoing any and all further sanctions to the same effect.

Sir Rigby went on to comment that the military strikes directed at Libya were appropriately commenced on the eighth anniversary of the moronic Dubya Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq – a factor he wryly avoided serious mention of being driven by any occult motive and promoting conspiracy theories galore.

However he did further castigate the belligerent cabal of the Security Council who voted for the enforcement of the no-fly zone in preference of pursuing a diplomatic solution - with an added lashing of condemnation for adopting Chaos Theory as their foreign policy model – before returning to his original theme that Israel should be the subject of a Security Council review concerning the continuing barrage of war crimes committed against the ‘goyim’ Palestinian populations – imprisoning them in the biggest concentration camps on the planet that make Auschwitz and Belsen look like Club Med.

“The belligerent terrorist state of Israel go on and on whingeing with this threadbare swan song about the Holohoax and Nazi era crimes against humanity and them being the victims, surrounded by Muslim nations that are hostile to Zionism and their illegal outlaw state – wholly ignoring the fact they stole Palestine from the rightful owners and are still today conducting barbaric atrocities – both ethnic cleansing and a programme of slow-cook genocide - against the inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza Strip that far surpass the hypothesised human rights and wrongs violations committed against them by Hitler’s thugs.”

“Really, it’s not anti-Semitism, regardless of the Sanhedrin having God’s only son Jesus murdered by the Romans, and being viewed as greedy, money-grubbing bunch of usurers who control the world’s banking system for their personal profit.
Basically it comes down to the fact the Jews have got a bad name to the level of being classed as global pariahs due being an organised crime syndicate state and through the psychopathic and genocidal actions of the ultra-Zionist kikesters running Israel from the Knesset – the Ashkenazi Jews of convenience who have zero Semitic DNA in their mongrel Khazar genes.”

“The world’s sick and tired of Israeli Zionist aggression and barbarity towards its neighbours and the global community. From it’s utter disregard for international law to their incessant false flag operations against every fucker and their dog to demonise Muslims as terrorists and stir up Islamophobia so they can forward their Jew World Order agenda against the goyim – their mandated slaves.”

“This insane ‘Children of the Covenant’ political policy derived from the Pentateuch - the Jewish Homeland promised by Jehovah to his Chosen People - to achieve the Manifest Destiny of a Greater Israel – stretching from Nile to Euphrates - and beyond - lies at an intersection between folly, stupidity and lunacy – and will be the harbinger of their downfall.”

Thought for the day: So, how about imposing no-fly zones over Bahrain and the nerve gas happy Yemen and Saudi Arabia – the lot a pick n mix boxed set of barbaric states run by dynasties of dictatorial despots and pisspots – all for the same crimes as Libya stands condemned – the aggressive and violent suppression of protest against the incumbent regime’s draconian rule. Hmmm, and while we’re at it, slap Israel with an Asbo to keep out of the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip – and the Golan Heights.

The entire government of the United States – White House, Congress and Senate - are in bed with all of the above Arab kleptocracies – and too the Zionist kikester psychopaths running Israel - and should also be judged accordingly.

Be sure that history will treat none of their number gently – especially so when we have the psychopathic Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon issuing death threats against the democratically-elected Hamas leaders of the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours.

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