Friday, 4 March 2011

Madeleine Albright Joins War Crim’s List

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Climbing up the charts on the International Pariah Hate Index this week is ex-US Secretary of State Madeleine Korbelova Allshite – and hopefully destined to join such callous and immoral barbarian slags as Israeli former Foreign Secretary and war criminal Tipzi Livid on Kunt-Watch’s Universal Jurisprudence arrest warrant list.

The 73-year old Czech ‘Witchiepoo’ look-alike, her physiognomy definitely short of a few shots of Botox or similar brand of auto body filler as she sits drooling and unconsciously licking her drooping eye bags, has finally been targeted by United States administration whistle-blowers and had her past sins posted up on the WickedLeaks website front page.

Allshite, still an apologist for US genocide in Iraq, which she contributed to directly through sanctions as the US Ambassador to the UN, on the 5/12/1996, while being interviewed on 60 Minutes, was posed the question “We have heard that a half million children have died in Iraq due the severity of the marginalisation of the on-going sanctions. That’s more children than died in Hiroshima. So, is the price worth it?”

Allshite then replied with this sociopathic admission: “This was a very hard choice, but we think the price is worth it.”
Nice one for the public record Madeleine, and not even a twitch of irony or hypocrisy either concerning her toddler years in London during the Blitz.

Allshite, alike the ZioNazi rogue state of Israel’s leaders, a Jew of convenience, arrived in Britain from Czechoslovakia in 1938 posing as a Catholic but eventually decided on being an Episcopalian to conceal her true Satanist cult colours.
While in England during the Blitz, the young Allshite appeared as a refugee child in one of Churchill’s propaganda films designed to promote sympathy for all war-deprived refugees in bomb-strewn London. Obviously memory faded – especially where war-deprived refugee children in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq were concerned.

The following year after the deranged Allshite made this appalling statement, she was confirmed by the US Senate as Dodger Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State.

These disgraceful sanctions, initiated on Allshite’s watch, and the US’s successive wars of plunder and aggression against Iraq, have now fortunately been highlighted through WickedLeaks’ publication of the relevant cables chronicling the duplicitous US Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie’s ‘Green Light’ to Saddam that it was okay with the White House's George Bush Snr. government if he wanted to kick up some shit and invade Kuwait for the hell of it.

Under Allshite’s tenure as Ambassador to the UN (1993-1997) and later as the US Sec’ of State (1997 to 2001), the United States fought aggressively to purposefully minimize the humanitarian goods that entered Iraq.

Allshite was mandated to disapprove, veto and block most purchases of materials necessary for Iraq to generate electricity, as well as equipment for radio, telephone, and other communications. Often restrictions hinged on the withholding of a single essential element, rendering many approved items useless.
For example, Iraq was allowed to purchase a sewage-treatment plant but blocked from buying the generator necessary to run it - This in a country that has since been pouring 300,000 tons of raw sewage into the Tigris and Euphrates daily – and the US military occupation troops are moronic enough to ask “Why do the fish taste like shit?”

For Albright to say that food and medicine were not embargoed is to wholly and disingenuously evade the fact that critical public-health requirements could not be addressed due the severity of the sanctions.
Preventing a society from purifying its water and treating its sewage was a particularly brutal way to inflict harm, especially on its children – as water-borne diseases soon became rampant and infant mortality rose accordingly – with only grave diggers and funeral parlours benefiting from the hideous phenomenon.

However, let it not be overlooked nor forgotten that destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure was a deliberate aim of the U.S. bombing during the 1991 Gulf War to achieve the slow-cook genocide syndrome that Israel today applies to their ethnic cleansing campaign against the Muslim Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip – besieged behind the Zionist’s Great Apartheid Wall.

Thought for the day: In a perfect world, Madeleine Allshite should be in the International War Crimes Tribunal dock at Le Hague, not wafting around Europe at lofty heights, conspiratorially plotting further genocides of the world’s ‘useless eaters’ with her Club of Rome and Bilderberg eugenics psychopath buddies.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Zionist-puppet United States of Israel and their Project for a New American Century – and the Rothshite crime family syndicate’s New World Order.

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