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Operation Regime Change: Libya is Iraq Mk2

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After ignoring calls from Amnesty International and Ox-Rat to first send in the Irish Messiah of World Peace – aka U2 frontman Bonehead – to negotiate a cease fire and truce between the bonkers Colonel Gaddafi and rebel pro-democracy forces, the UN Security Council on Friday night, by a majority vote, sanctioned the use of ‘deadly force’ via the iron fist of the ZioNazi ‘Coalition of the Kikester Muppets’ to expedite a no-fly zone over Libya - and kill every fucker old enough to bleed if they dare launch a McDonalds Chew n Spew balloon or a kite.

The staging of ‘Operation Regime Change’ against Gaddafi & Sons Inc – aka ‘Project Steal Their Oil’ – transcends the history of neo-colonial belligerence as once again the greed-ridden Shylock banksters and military-industrial cabals facilitate the self-same false flag and black propaganda plots that led to the illegal invasions and martial actions against Afghanistan in 2001 - and Iraq in 2003 (precisely 8 years to the date -19th March - earlier).

The Kenyan cuckoo President of the United States of Israel, Barky O’Barmy, as always deluded by his own faulty rhetoric, informed Pox News that the Pentagon was planning a limited military action as part of a broad Western coalition to create a no-fly zone in the hope of levelling out the game board between Gaddafi’s forces and the rebels.
Mista O’Barmy stressed that unlike the illegal war against Iraq and too the ongoing quagmire in Afghanistan, no US ground troops would be involved in the further butchery of non-combatant civilians once the indiscriminate carpet bombing of anything resembling air force facilities was completed.

In an uncanny déjà vu replay of the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, UK Prime Minister Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron, suffering from his own brand of cognitive dissonance, morphed into a Tony Bliar clone - the Mk 2 version - and in a bid to outdo the moronic O’Barmy - ironically stated for the public record (and too as future damning testimony at a war crimes tribunal) that launching military action against Libya was "necessary, legal and right" - following on along an identical path to infamy and the self-destruction of any credibility he might once have possessed.

Also anxious to get his two-penneth in, Chancellor George Osborne, who attended a meeting of the emergency pro-Zionist Cobra Committee prior to Saturday's operation with the French Minister for Foreign Aggression, Monsieur Aldous de Sleaze, informed one press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that the terms of the UN mandate authorising the action were very clear.

"We have to make sure that Tel Aviv’s orders to the United Nations have been understood and are carried out to the Rothshite crime syndicate’s satisfaction. Hence Britain will play its part alongside the craven French and trigger-happy gung-ho Yanks in murdering, mutilating and maiming non-combatant civilians as they decimate Libya’s infrastructure to ensure they enforce a no-fly zone to the degree that a shitehawk will have trouble taking off or landing.”

One British submarine, the HMS Founder, a nuclear-powered Fubar class vessel of the type usually photographed and video taped by tourists stuck on sandbars around Scotland’s Isle of Skye, was reported to have launched what the Ministry of Defence referred to as “lots and lots of Tomahawk cruise missiles” – with several of them reportedly hitting targets inside Libya – resulting in a bonanza of carnage with hundreds of civilian casualties – more at ‘dead’ than ‘wounded or mutilated‘ - which the Defence Secretary Liam Pox diplomatically termed with his customary brazen hubris and sanctimonious contemptibility as ‘permissible collateral damage’. Hmmm, ain’t war hell.

The ‘Operation Regime Change’ US Commander, General Gnasher McScrunt, further announced he was "entirely comfortable" with the outcome of the British RAF air strikes military targets in Tripoli – which resulted in the demolition of Hakim’s Spicy Kebab Take-Away and levelled the Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer Memorial Hospital on the corner of Ras al Shitbag Street – along with the neighbouring Mohammed al Ka-Boom Orphanage for Latter Day Jihadi Suicide Bombers.

As the UK has, in typical idiotic fashion when planning further neo-colonial wars at the behest of their ZioNazi kikester masters, totally ignored applying the facility of 20/20 hindsight and scrapped its aircraft carriers – the participating RAF Tornados, having no floating runway facility in the Mediterranean, were forced to fly a 3,000 miles round trip from RAF Bellend in Norfolk and back to carry out their bombing mission – which doubtless cost the hapless British taxpayers millions in aviation fuel.

So, now we know why Scameron and Osborne have slashed the UK’s local authority budgets and welfare / housing benefits – to pay for hundreds of BMG-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles (wholesale / job lot price per unit US$569,000 each fitted with conventional HE warhead – B61 dial-a-yield nuclear warhead optional mega-bucks $$$ extra) to blast the shit out of Libya and the hapless Gaddafi’s military forces – the only thing standing in the way of the ZioNazi Western military-industrial cabal and Shylock banksters gaining control of the nation’s natural resources – which include 6 billion $$$ dollar’s worth of gold bullion plus proven reserves of 44 billion barrels of sweet, light crude oil.

Hmmm, so much for the toothless United Nations and their total disregard for a sovereign state’s right to self-determination – even if it does involve a few bloody noses and a bit of a civil war.

Let’s be entirely honest – if Libya was all sand, a few date palms, grungy goats, camels with the hump, bandy Bedouins, truculent Tuaregs and the odd oasis – and had no fucking oil - then nary a single greedy kikester fuckwit or their dog would be interested in civilian protests for democratic change – and the bonkers Colonel’s 21st Gingham Tea Towel Regiment could go on exterminating the Bolshie radicals with nary an iota of international condemnation – much the same as Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia have been currently immunised from Western- disproved sanctions or slaps on the proverbial wrist for their human rights and wrongs violations. Amen.

* Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of Muslim civilian protesters were negatively affected across the entire swathe of the Greater Persian / Arabian Gulf region as despotic tyrants controlling the same - with Western banksters blessings - (Insha’ Allah) stamp the jackboot of brutality down on their ethnic protester’s sandaled toes and scrawny necks.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Zionist Freemasons and the Project for a New American Century and their New World Order – to be established in the historic Palestinian capital city of Jerusalem.

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