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Scotland’s Kiddie Fiddling Hypocrisy

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Alike the episodic recurrences of the Hollywood film production, ‘Never-Ending Story’, this is one multi-faceted scandal that has begun to rear its ugly head with increasing frequency and is escalating at a geometric rate to reach a volatile critical mass that will result in a chain reaction of Apocalyptic proportions.
One that will take down the festering edifice that currently constitutes Scotland’s Masonic-dominated corrupt system of government and judiciary – and all the associated holier-than-thou career criminals involved therein.

The Legislators, the Educators, the Lawyers, the Judiciary, the Clergy, the Medical practitioners, the Social Services scum – and last but by no means least – the venal membership of the Grampian Police force that would protect the sexual abusers of children and murderers for reasons of profit, perversion and career advancement.

The gospel according to a report leaked to Ox-Rat – (the government abuse snitch and grassers watchdog charity) - by whistle-blowing moles embedded in Scotland’s Holyrood Parliament, at least 80 children have been trafficked ‘north of the border’ in the past eighteen months without anyone being convicted - with Genghis McScumm, Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People (SCCYP) informing a press hack from the Daily Shitraker that the issue of trafficking ‘wee bairns’ for sexual purposes seemed to be becoming a national pastime.

The leaking of the suppressed SCCYP study marks the first attempt to quantify the immense scale of child trafficking in Scotland. Conflicting UK Border Agency figures reveal hundreds of trafficking referrals between 2009 and 2010. However this same report, covertly compiled with data from the St Sodoms Institute for Latter Day Catamites, indicates that the actual number of referrals was only the tip of the iceberg – and in reality they ran into the thousands.

The disclosed scandalous report - titled, ‘Scotland: A Safe Haven for Kiddie Fiddlers’ - reveals that even in the few cases where children had been correctly identified as victims of trafficking, a guaranteed piss poor police response combined with a lack of successful prosecutions by the local Sheriff’s courts made Scotland a welcome place for traffickers and Masonic paedophiles to operate with impunity – with their rumoured centre of operations being in the elitist Ferryhill area of Grampian’s Sin City of Scaberdeen.

The study also revealed that community awareness about child trafficking in Scotland was so low as to be on a par with zero due the Masonic-controlled gutter press and associated media sources purposely suppressing news reports concerning any such paedo’ offences by their secret handshake Omerta crime network.

Genghis McScumm of the SCCYP candidly admitted that “When children are raped or exploited as sex slaves in households or businesses in Scotland it might well constitute a national scandal, but think of the priceless hands-on life experiences these kids are picking up. This is sex education stuff they’ll never experience watching the damn telly or at school.”

Professor Chlamydia Mingerot, Holyrood’s Secretary of State for Highland Hypocrisy, told media hacks that “This damn report's findings unfortunately address the previous lack of officially-substantiated evidence regarding child trafficking in Scotland, so it obviously constitutes a call for the Scottish government to work more closely with the police and local authorities to ensure any of these do-gooders kick-starting their own investigations into child trafficking and kiddie sex slaves are henceforth properly resourced to have our Sheriff’s courts issue gagging orders and injunctions to shut them up.”

Hmmm, such as that evidenced against an honest man of moral conscience – Robert Green – who was pre-emptively arrested in Scotland’s crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Scaberdeen in February 2010 while in the process of canvassing for political office - to prevent him making any mention of the Hollie Greig sexual abuse case.

Hence, reflecting on Holyrood’s hypocrisy regarding child trafficking and sexual abuse, we consider the First Minister and Justice Secretary and Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini, etcetera, et al - should hang their heads in shame for initiating and supporting the on-going persecution of this man and instead support his relentless drive to commission an independent investigation into the sexual abuse and serial rape of Hollie Greig, a girl affected with Down’s Syndrome – plus scores of other special needs children, by a venal organised gang of paedophiles comprised of high profile figures and establishment members of Scaberdeen's ruling elite – a series of crimes that further include the ‘assisted suicide’ (read ‘murder’) of Hollie's Uncle Roy by paid agents of the same.

So, who will investigate these disgusting crimes and conspiratorial cover-ups by the Scottish government and Grampian police cabal and bring justice to the victims? Is there not one honest ‘Jock in a frock’ left within Scotland's officialdom – or Westminster’s - a Parliamentary or legal crusader of Wilberforce’s ilk with the political will, tenacity and moral conscience who will upturn Scaberdeen's can of festering worms?

Oh yes, ‘Scaberdeen’ - now known as the crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Scotland - and the likes of martyrs and patriots such as William Wallace must be turning in their graves to know that even Holyrood’s legislators are too craven and corrupt to call a halt to this conspiratorial cover-up and apply against those raving paedo’ perverts responsible the full force of the law and justice - both of which they might well administer but hold in contempt where their own crimes and misdemeanours are concerned.

The Hollie Greig sexual abuse case – nor the murder of her Uncle Roy and the contrived cover-up by the crooked Freemasonic-infested establishment – police and coroner - is going to go away but will continue to haunt – just the same as Georgie Robertson’s 100 year concealment and whitewashing of the Dunblane massacre and Thomas Hamilton pimping kiddies for ranking Masons in NATO and the Scottish – and Westminster – governments.

Just as Tony Bliar’s clamp down on Operation Ore – a 2003 British police internet child porno investigation that resulted in 7,250-plus UK residents being identified as having paedophile leanings and subscribing to hard core child porno websites – with 4,283 homes searched, 3,744 arrests, 1,848 felons charged, 1,451 convictions, 493 cautioned and 140 children removed from suspected dangerous situations - and an estimated 39 suicides conveniently committed to avoid embarrassment and a lengthy term in one of Her Majesty’s sodomite paradise prisons.

Alas Bliar might well have forestalled Operation Ore collaring a good percentage of Whitehall and the House of Conmans membership but it failed to prevent the arrest of his best buddy and Downing Street confidential aide Philip Lyon, a practicing pederast who liked nothing better than abusive sex sessions with children.

So, if we have our New Labour Prime Minister of the day conspiring to concoct dodgy weapons of mass distraction dossiers to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq, and sanctioning the murder of Dr David Kelly for his loose lips sins, then intriguing to prevent the publication of the identities of British elitists named in the list of 7,250 paedo’s might well be a travesty of justice but it does prove what elected government officials and their civil service jobsworth minions are capable of to cover their own criminal arses.

Thought for the day: What’s the difference between the Scaberdeen Plod Squad and an organised crime syndicate? Absolutely none.
Hence ‘The Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 1937’ becomes, alas, in Hollie Greig’s case, and for so many more sexually abused kiddies, a sick joke not worth the paper it was written on.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Freemasons and their ZioNazi New World Order.

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