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Nobel Want Barky’s Peace Prize Back

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We all know that sympathy lies in the dictionary right between shit and syphilis – but what fits snugly betwixt American hypocri$y and irony on the International A to Z Scumometer? Sanctimonious duplicity, with a touch of the perfidious, perhaps?

With reflection of the above points, the shit’s hit the fan well and truly in both stuffy Stockholm and Oslo, with the Nobel Prize Awards Committee banging their numpty Scandinavian Viking heads against the wall and wailing to the ether “We’ve fucked up yet again!” – with the ‘yet again’ comment being an obvious reference to the coveted peace prize being erroneously – or rather ‘corruptly’ - awarded to that war-mongering kikester scumbag psychopath Henry Kissinger back in 1973 – for adopting Chaos Theory as the model for US foreign policy - and over which two of the Norwegian Nobel Committee members resigned in a graphic display of vomitous disgust.

The Israeli Slime Minister Menachim ‘Skeletor’ Begin - an ex-Irgun terrorist who played a major 'bloodied hands' role in the genocidal 1948 Palestinian diaspora or Nakba, and was responsible for laying the foundations of the racist apartheid mess that permeates Palestine-Israel today – was, beyond all that beggars belief – awarded the peace prize in 1978 – for being an utter bottom feeding scumbag.

Al Bore won the same in 2007 for his ‘A Convenient Pile of Bullshit’ movie which constituted a scaremongering propaganda treatise to propagate the myth of global warming and justify the establishment of the flawed profit-spinning carbon credit cap n trade exchange – which froze over the following winter.

Oh yes, this is where the Nobel Peace Prize proves itself to be a travesty and a celebration of all that is dark in humanity.

Then in 2009 the peace prize went to none other than the Kenyan cuckoo currently squatting in the White House – Barky ‘Teleprompter’ O’Barmy – the first US president – coloured or otherwise - not to be an American – and for doing absolutely nothing.
So, why was he actually awarded the peace prize? The disingenuous gospel according to the Nobel website quotes: “For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” – and for forging birth certificates, perhaps.

Nice, he was chosen to receive the award even before he got a foot through the Oval Office door and sent 40,000 more troops out to reinforce the diminished ranks of the 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment and the 18th Body Bag Brigade in Afghanistan, or authorised the Predator drone attacks on Paki’ civilians – or the no-fly zone bombing attacks on Libya.

Hmmm, and the peace prize award was cubby-holed by his ‘sinecurist’ Zionist kikester controllers before Barky ever got into the White House. What a pity the Nobel Committee don’t have a war-mongering Belligerent Aggressor Prize instead.

Well, anyone who dares comment that ‘there’s no justice in the world’ is spot on correct – especially when men of Gandhi’s moral stature were repeatedly ignored and pondscum such as Obama are awarded on the premise they might do something good – like help an old lady across the road – or even live up to their electoral campaign promises. Hope and Change, my ass.

And there’s some fucking chance of that happening if you read the red top banner headlines of the international gutter press tabloids: “The Kenyan cuckoo President of the United States of Israel, Barky Obama, today had his name entered into the hallowed pages of the iconic Guinness Book of World Records as being the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to authorise the launching of 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles against the people of a non-belligerent sovereign nation”.

Nice one Barky - you've definitely beaten the Dalai Lama to the post on this one – 100 to 0, no less.

The International Herald Shitraker went one further with: “The first President of the United States of America not to be a US citizen, the Kenyan impostor in the Oval Office nest, Barky O’Barmy, yesterday admitted he was aware of the gross irony of accepting a Nobel Peace Prize while the entire US Project for a New American Century is founded on a policy of aggressive and belligerent neo-colonial expansionism to steal and secure by Machiavellian diplomatic legerdemain and violent means the natural resources of developing and Third World nations and establish permanent military bases on their sovereign territory”.

The Libyan proletariat, like all the other Third World disaffected and marginalised peasants, are fed up with the Curse of the Four C’s – Cronyism, Collusion, Corruption, and Complacency - and of being misruled and exploited by dictatorial, despotic oligarchs and plutocrats who maintain power by force of arms, bribery, graft and corruption – by any means required – and at any costs to keep their own end ‘up’ and that of the opposition ‘down’.
Too, the Libyan pro-democracy protesters sent their message to the US in very clear terms on hoarding-sized banners – ‘Yankee Fuck Off – we’ll do it ourselves’ – but that’s not part of the kikester’s game plan.

Perhaps Libya might prove that the Western powers nurture ambitions far beyond their capabilities – and just end up a terminal case of Neo-Con / New World Order overstretch – just like Afghanistan – another Vietnam style quagmire become - for if it wasn’t for the shitty Socal pipeline and opium crops they would never have set foot in the Third World shithole and ‘President’ Hamid Kami-Karzai would still be back in California washing cars and pimping his sisters for a living.

While Barky suffers from cognitive impairment where matters of the Truth are concerned and seems possessed by this curious refusal to behave rationally in what seems his own best interest – we must remember he is a victim of - and a slave to - ‘sinecurism’ (corporatism where government is controlled by private economic power) and owned by the military-industrial cabal’s multi-national corporations – such as Shitberg, Scumstein & Scattheim.

Alas, though he doesn’t qualify for a slot in the index of Linnaean taxonomy, and within the Oxford English Dictionary’s indexed lexicon of 250,000-plus words there is none that accurately describes Barky condition - it has been unanimously agreed by a synod of non-aligned secular jurists that that the word CUNT comes pretty close.

Thoughts for the day: Even Alfie Nobel himself, while never a recipient of the Peace Prize, was branded as the ‘Merchant of Death’ in one newspaper’s premature obituary.
As for the US and Obama – Libya’s going to turn out like Iraq – and Afghanistan: Groundhog Day – without the happy ending. Ha, if it wasn’t for bad luck the Yanks wouldn’t have any.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the ZioNazi Freemasons and their Project for a New American Century / New World Order – it’s all towards achieving the final objectives of the same scam – those great notorious counterfeit Protocols of the Elders of Zion by any other name.
For fuck’s sake, these people are so blatantly transparent they’re virtually see-through.

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