Saturday, 12 March 2011

‘Air Miles’ Andy Keeps Bad Company

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The grand old Duke of York, Prince Andrew Windsor Esq, has copped for lashings of well-deserved criticism this past week over the company he keeps – not only referring to his secret handshake Zionist Freemason mates in the City of London, or his Opus Dei Satanic sect buddies infesting the Vatican’s corridors of power - or nympho’ slags like his avaricious money-grubbing ex-missus, the fat Fergie Beast - but raving paedophiles such as zillionaire pervert Jeffrey Epstein – a man who is even suspected of having fetish sex with dead fish and a blow-up sheep.

But should public figures be held to account for the psychotic or criminal actions of their social and business acquaintances? Absolutely, for as the old maxim goes: “Know a man by his friends and associates” – which does rather damn ‘Air Miles’ Andy when considering his buddy-buddy relationship with the despicable Epstein - and also his golfing partner friendship with that notorious billionaire Italian stallion, President Slimo Berlusconi – yet another whore-mongering padeo’ who pays top notch dollars to shag underage tottie and is currently trying to worm his way out of being prosecuted by every trick in the legal beagle book of artful dodges.

Alas for those of noble rank in the shit-raking gutter press’s sights, for doubtless most people are cursed with the same dilemma – a friend or associate who always says or does the wrong thing at public gatherings. One you can take anywhere twice – the second time to apologise.
And this is Andrew’s problem with the media focus right now – the negative issues (a euphemism for ‘scandalous’) surrounding his business and personal social set dealings – and is he the type of bloke the UK government want as a Trade Envoy for UKTI, representing the interests of British business overseas when he’s involved with kiddie fiddling, white slaving kikesters like Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein’s face has been spread across the front pages of every gutter press red top news tabloid in the known Universe this past week concerning his conviction for soliciting underage crumpet to commit acts of prostitution - and the on-going FBI investigations into dozens of similar charges that could put him behind bars for life – and implicate Prince Andrew in the same criminal misdemeanours to boot.

The Florida-based zillionaire is known to have a music collection which includes the albums of such serial pederasts as Jonathan King and Garry Shitter – and has openly boasted of his juvenile sexual conquests and maintaining a harem of teeny- bopper 3-hole sex slaves flown in from Eastern Europe under the ambiguous statutes of the Free Trade Agreement as ‘economic migrants’ – which regulators are now at odds to point out does not cover the importation of Third World child prostitutes.

To add to Prince Andy’s woes, several witnesses in the renewed FBI ‘juvenile sex slave’ investigation have now submitted sworn testimony to a Grand Jury that he spent holidays at Epstien’s Florida mansion, where the Duke personally ‘joined in the fun’ and the ‘spirit of things’ – and enjoyed a series of happy ending ‘rub n tug’ and ‘suck n swallow’ erotic massages from prepubescent girls - too young to grow hair they could sit on.

Plus much more to Andy’s detriment in the ‘damaging disclosures’ department is the fact he was once married to that money-grubbing slapper Fergie – a porcine baggage well-suited for a star role in Shameless – who is still trying to earn a dishonest buck by flogging dubious access to her ex-hubby to wheeler-dealing shysters.
Nor does it help matters or make his current position more tenable that he freely admits he once committed a ‘gigantic error of judgment’ by ever marrying the influence-peddling slut in the first place.

Hmmm, considering the current furore over Andy’s dealings with pederasts like Epstein and Berlusconi, plus the deposed dictatorship of Tunisian president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali Parasite and his family of corrupt kleptocrats; an assortment of Libyan scumbags and gun-runners; a personalised business relationship with Azerbaijani President Aliyev Scumbagsky whose ruling Thieving Gits Party administer a most primitive democracy that doesn’t recognise human rights and wrongs and which ranks 134 out of 178 on the Transparency International corruption index – then this review of Andy’s sell by date might well see him showing his face at the local Jobcentre before the week’s out.

Thought for the day: The grand old Duke of York
Sponged £Ten Thousand Quid
From the kiddie-fiddling Epstein
To pay off Fergie’s dodgy debts,
And might shortly need
Ten thousand lawyers when
The shit hits the fan
And the FBI want to have a chat about ‘underage massage girls’.

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