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Libservative Hypocrisy Hits Zenith

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The UK’s Libservative coalition Prime Minister, ‘Cabbage Patch Dave’ Scameron, has yet again opened mouth before engaging brain and joined with the legions of political taking heads and pisspot pundits in spewing forth volumes of black propaganda demonising Muammar al Gadaffi, the ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ bonkers Libyan leader – stating for the public record that the UK will be pressing for an investigation into whether the crazy Colonel’s regime has committed "war crimes" during its crackdown on popular protests.

Hmmm, but nary a mention of an investigation into the Egyptian or Bahranian regime’s ‘homicidal’ crackdowns by their brutal police and military forces resulting in the arbitrary arrests, detention and torture of peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators – with the Tunisian interim government – still composed of members of the ousted President Zine al-Twat Ben Ali’s ‘Kleptocracy Party’ – yesterday ordering troops to disperse crowds of demonstrators in Tunis with tear gas - who were simply exercising their democratic right to protest the fact that “Ali Baba might have gone but the Forty Thieves were still running the government”.

Also conspicuous by its absence in his ‘human rights and wrongs’ speech was any mention from ‘Posh Dave’ of an investigation into the UK’s London Metropolitan Plod Squad’s violent ‘crackdown’ on popular protests at the 2009 G20 demonstrations – which in one instance resulted in the death of news vendor Ian Tomlinson, an innocent passer-by, sadistically attacked by PC Simon Harwood for no good reason apart from the fact the Met staffs it’s Renta-Thug Squad with psychopaths – a murder still denied the due process of justice by the Freemason-infested Crown Prosecution Service.

Further, to mark well the annals of duplicity and double standards maintained by the British government, the hypocrisy-ridden Scameron ignored cat calls for a similar scale of investigation into the violence meted out on juvenile and college age demonstrators during last December’s student tuition fee hike protests that saw Met Plod Squad officers from the ‘Tender Mercies’ Division toss the disabled Jody McIntire out of his wheelchair and drag him across the road.

While Scameron might be justified in his self-serving and duplicitous concern for Libyan pro-democracy protesters, no inquiry has ever been launched into the case of student protestor, Alfie Meadows, 20, who required brain surgery after being struck by a police baton during the tuition fee hike demo’s – or the plight of hundreds of students who sought medical treatment at A & E units for third degree burns and scalding injuries after being ‘kettled’ by the Met’s uniformed yobs.

Regardless, the pathetic slack-jawed Scameron stooge has declared that the UK government – meaning the Rothshite crime syndicate-controlled Privy Council - wants an investigation into whether the Libyan regime has committed "war crimes" in its crackdown on protests.

Scameron stated his "clear warning" to the eccentric Gadaffi meant that the current violence being visited on the raging mob of looting protesters and assorted anarchist riff-raff was "unacceptable" – whilst gratuitous and deadly NATO violence exercised by UK troops against civilians in Afghanistan, by comparison, was.
Ah, what a joy to behold – our elected Parliamentary representatives in the House of Conmans - where irony and hypocrisy co-exist in harmonious accord with criminal deceit and treason.

Scameron, sporting a sickening fresh coat of day-glow orange spray-on tan, announced to a gaggle of gutter press hacks loitering outside Number 10 that international justice "had a long reach" and “an even longer memory”- and the hapless Libyan leader would be "held to account" for his actions.

Hmmm, perhaps ‘international justice’ does have a long reach and a longer memory when it comes to Western-labelled pariahs alike the contrary Gadaffi – and the Nazi German ‘Holohoax’ criminals of Nuremberg - but not for the likes of George Dubya Bush and Tony Bliar for the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – or the Israeli Defence Force when they commit acts of piracy and murder unarmed peace activist on the Mavi Marmara Freedom Flotilla – then the customary and typical double standard applies for ZioNazi Israel and their kikester war criminals.

(Please, no mention of Israel’s racist Great Apartheid Walls besieging the West Bank and Gaza Strip or we’ll all be labelled anti-Semites.)

So, the Western media’s long knives are out for the numpty Libyan Colonel and his Raving Bonkers Party regime. Hardly surprising as Gadaffi has always, by the very nature of insanity, been his own worse enemy when opening gob and going into blabberwocky mode – only the Zionist-owned media are painting the clot even blacker than he actually is since he sanctioned the use of weapons-grade ‘Fart Gas’ – a pressurised synthetic flatulence in a CS tear gas style canister that can make a big brown dog barf and go into convulsions – against pro-democracy protesters in Benghazi.

Supplied by the UK-based Defence Technologies arms manufacturer, the hydrogen sulphide / hot chilli pepper capsaicin content of ‘Fart Gas’ measures a lung-searing 2,067,286 units on the Scoville scale – a rating used to measure the noxious and toxic content of septic tanks, cesspits and pikey whore’s crotches.

Now, to cap the current wave of Gadaffi-bashing his Minister of Justice (read Back-Stabbing) Mustapha bin Lying Git, has pulled an ‘exit stage left’ manoeuvre and done a runner to Club Fled with a bag full of cash and joined the ranks of the Western stooges, and gone into ‘bearing false witness’ mode, spouting off to the Zionist media that Gadaffi was personally responsible for ordering the December 1988 Lockerbie bombing out of his biased hatred for Pan-Am and Scottish haggis.

Hmmm, is that how hard up the Western political manipulation machine is – to verbally spew this transparent pile of shite black propaganda – when every fucker and their dog knows that the downing of Pan-Am 103 was a Mossad / CIA false flag terrorist wet operation expedited out of necessity to protect their joint Operation Corea - run by Syrian Monzer al-Kassar – in cahoots with that notorious fuckwit, Colonel Oliver North of the Pentagon’s covert ‘Renta-Cunt’ section.

This set-up expedited a regular schedule of smuggling of heroin from Lebanon into the good ole US of A via Pan-Am flights in ‘diplomatic bag’ luggage – with one suitcase containing the fatal bomb to snuff two Defence Intelligence Agency officers on PA 103 – Matt Gannon and Charlie McKee - who were on their way back to Washington DC (District of Criminals) to blow the gaff on said Operation Corea and the negative influence it was having on their operations to locate and rescue Western hostages being held by Palestinian paramilitary groups in Syria and Lebanon.

One former Scottish police chief Hector McTwatt, provided lawyers with a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated to make Libya and Gadaffi look bad – and Abdul Bassett Hound al-Megrahi, purportedly a member of the Libyan intelligence services (sic), was convicted of the Pan-Am 103 flight bombing regardless of the judicial impropriety and suppression of evidence that was never presented in court and would have exonerated the afore-mentioned patsy - al Megrahi.

So, while Posh Dave Scameron continues to malign the Libyan regime from the safety of our once-sceptred isle, the US Pentagon has announced it is looking at all options in dealing with the Libyan crisis – such as drawing up plans to intervene militarily under the disingenuous guise of providing humanitarian assistance and upholding the principles of Democracy.

The satanic ZioNazi dominated US of A has a track record of being judiciously selective in its responses to humanitarian crises anywhere – and Africa in particular – with the corrupt ‘Artful Dodger’ Clinton administration – controlled by international banksters and the military-industrial globalist cabal - opting to be “bystanders” during the genocide that ravaged Rwanda in 1994 – and actually lobbied the United Nations for a total withdrawal of its blue-capped forces in April 1994 – which contributed directly to the massacre of 850,000 people in the East African nation.

Thought for the day: Does the ZioNazi corporate media’s demonisation of Libya and its push for a military intervention (read ‘send in the Marines’ invasion) to halt the slaughter of ‘peaceful’ protesters have anything to do with the fact Libya holds the largest proven oil reserves on the Africa continent - 44 billion barrels – without counting the natural gas reserves and the biggest fresh water aquifers to be found under the Pan-Sahara.

What a biased state of affairs exists when both the ruling coalition’s Tory and Lib-Dum parties have established corrupt ‘Friends of Israel’ associations – but there’s nary a sign of a ‘Friends of Libya’ club.

Conversely, adopting a typical Israeli ‘victim defence’ strategy, Gadaffi has lodged an official diplomatic complaint with the International Court of Human Rights in the Hague that agents of the US government have hacked into his personal Facebook page and totally ‘de-friended’ him.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Rothshite-controlled ZioNazi corporate media and the New World Order.

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