Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wisconsin – Protest is Treasonable

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Following on in the grand 9/11 Totalitarian State tradition established during the moronic Dubya Bush’s reign of terror by the cabal of Neo-Con Zionist kikester criminals running the White House and Washington, then so deftly evolved and expanded by the Kenyan cuckoo’s (Barky O’Barmy) administration and his Department of Homeland Insecurity Czar, the Big Sister super-dyke Jan Napolitano, we now have the shit-for-brains Wisconsin Republican Governor, Snott Walker, proposing a ‘Budget Repair’ bill that would eliminate all collective bargaining rights for public workers - as well as slash pay and cut benefits without recourse to negotiation nor arbitration.

And just to ensure he has some power to put behind this kick-in-the-teeth for Democracy and worker’s rights, Walker has notified the state’s National Guard to be on alert for actions taken by unsatisfied state, county and municipal employees.

Well, the Yanks have stood back like sheep and watched myopically as the 9/11 false flag Islamic terror attacks on the US by Mohammed al Patsy and Lee Harvey Shitstein have heralded in the Constitution and Bill of Rights-emasculating ‘Patriot Act’ – followed by further creeping tip-toe infringements that cancelled the statutes of Posse Comitatus. And now, to add insult to injury, we have Wisconsin Republican Governor Snott Walker threatening to use the armed might of the National Guard against any state, county and municipal employees who have the audacity to whinge or complain about their reduced circumstances and marginalised lot in life – never mind dare take industrial action – such as down tools and go out on strike.

So, applying a blend of Stalinist and Nazified iron fist diplomacy, grafted to an end section of Kafkaesque rhetoric, Governor Wilson has now not only reclassified ‘protest’ as treasonable but also an act of domestic terrorism.
Hmmm, didn’t Dwight Eisenhower once warn America – and too the rest of the world - concerning this military-industrial cabal shadow government problem manifesting when he delivered his TTFN ‘Farewell Address’ 50 years ago (January 17th 1951)?

Walker’s budget repair bill further calls for state workers to henceforth fork out half their own pension costs, and pay at least 12.6 % of their health care premiums – and further eliminates the Collective Bargaining process.

In the state capital of Madison, leaders from private and public unions joined forces to speak out against the draconic bill.

Billy Bob McMoron, chief steward of the United Steel Workers District 9, told one reporter from the Anarchists Gazette: "Make no mistake, war has been declared by Governor Wilson. Let's be clear that the sole purpose is to destroy our unions and take a step back towards feudalism and serfdom – and most definitely arrest and detention without due process.”

“We remember when Wilson arrived here from Colorado, a little piss-ant faggot who joined the ‘Badger Boys State’ and got trained as a fascist - then used take his sad ass off down to the pet store and stand there dominating and terrifying the guinea pigs an’ other little furry critters.”

“He’s got fancy ambitions that exceed his abilities – and an ego which far surpasses his intellect. Snott’s a man of limited intelligence who spent most of his formative years with his head stuck in the family wash basket sniffing his sister’s soiled panties and masturbating – or loitering down on the Isthmus, sat on the kerb at Nolen Drive, watching traffic jams and picking his nose. Come the Day of the Rope, then a lot of old scores will get settled.”

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