Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fidei Defensor Disses AGW Skeptics

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Applauded and egged-on by a legion of back-slapping Freemason sychophants, public school sodomites and other assorted toadies, the UK’s next royal parasite in line to be King (Heaven forbid), old Big Ears Charlie Windsor, accompanied by his chain-smoking Royal Slut, Gorgonzilla, the Duchess of Cornhole, last week visited the EUSSR HQ in Brussels and bemused MEPs with his presentation of Chicken Little histrionics and a welter of dubious statistics regarding what he, in his unqualified opinion, considers the fucked up state of the global climate.

While giving only passing mention to the fact he is heir to the throne by Divine Right, and hence a cut above the rest of humanity, Chazzer called for drastic reductions in the global peasantry’s economic standard of living – er – but not his own – concluding with a full stream of toxic venom spat in the general direction of those vile heretics – the anthropogenic global warming sceptics – they who would dare to challenge Chazzer’s misinformed verdicts and rightly decry the vast body of financially-biased scientific opinion and rigged dodgy data which denies the Sun has anything to do with ‘climate change’ and blames it all on farting cows and each and every source of domestic and industrial CO2 emissions that could prove exploitable for taxation.

Chazzer resorted to a spot more name-dropping, reminding members of the audience he would be Britain’s Defender of the Faith when crowned Monarch, and that even now, from this standpoint, global warming had become a religious crusade for his exalted royal personage and thus he required no further proof for such a dogmatic assertion that AGW was the cause of the Earth’s climatic ills and only the carbon credit offset cap and trade exchange bourse could save us all.

Such is the level of ‘bonkerism’ now suffered by the deluded clot that he affects a religious attachment to this particular false belief system while conveniently ignoring the facts of criminal data manipulation to obtain financial grants by parties of self interest (University of East Anglia and the IPCC’s Dr Cro-Magnon Pachauri for a start) that have caused Al Bore’s AGW scam to fall apart at the seams.

So, is Prince Chazzer actually sectionable under the statutes of the Mental Health Act? Probably not if he confines himself to talking to plants and promoting his ‘Duchy Originals’ Rhubarb and Nettle enema mixes – now available at branches of Boots, Holland & Barrett, and any fully equipped BD/SM fetish dungeon.

However one has cause to wonder, when Chazzer refers to himself as ‘Fidei Defensor’, which actual faith is he talking about defending – Christianity – the Protestant brand – or the Judaism of the Sanhedrin – the very same chaps who had Jesus murdered? Let’s not lose sight of the fact this is a man who claims to trace his bloodline back to the Royal House of David the Israelite (the bloke who snuffed the big Philistine bouncer, Goliath).

So, we wonder, are the British public being flogged something less than Henry XIII promised with the Reformation, when he told the Pope to ‘stick it’ and formed the Church of England?
Okay we know Chazzer’s a bit of an all-round nutter who’s possessed by an absurd sense of entitlement and thinks nothing of abusing royal privilege, but the Fidei Defensor title is a worry when the bloke gets christened as a Proddie then goes into shifty Shylock mode and joins the Children of the Covenant’s half-cock brigade by having London’s chief Mohel, Rabbi Ja’akoff Scumberg, ritually snip a couple of inches of foreskin off his tadger in the grand Abrahamic tradition.

Hmmm, Prince of Wales indeed – the shit-for-brains tosspot should be re-titled the Prince of Tel Aviv – he joins the Zionist ranks of God’s Chosen People by having his cock shortened a couple of inches then goes trotting around the country doing the ribbon-cutting opening ceremonies for synagogues galore.

If Prince Bonkers has made halting climate change his ‘Canutesque’ mission in life then a first step in the right direction of self-regulation would be to put a stop to his horror of a troll of a missus, Gorgonzilla, the Duchess of Cornhole’s 60-a-day chain-smoking habit – puffing away at Duchy Originals full strength toxic ‘Tumours’ and polluting the countryside.

Thought for the Day: Do you think Chazzer would be well suited to walking the streets of London wearing a sandwich board, bearing the apocalyptic message “Jehovah says the End is Nigh!”

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I like your blog but have a request. Nowadays I know some older hacks who like to use long sentences. For me though, being vision impaired I have to listen to text that I can scrape off pages. Consequently because my Reader is punctuation challenged it needs the normal amount of full-stops in order to catch a breath, otherwise it drones on at quite a clip and I find it hard to catch all your lovely phrases.