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Numpty Knickers Bomber is US Patsy

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There’s an old Ozzie adage that maintains “If it wasn’t for bad luck they wouldn’t have any” – and this is about to apply for the pro-Zionist US-led scare-mongering propaganda machine that’s still out to demonise Muslims as dyed-in-the-wool terrorists to the point they either react with a Pan-Islamic Jihad against the Great Satan and its Western cohorts – or the US and the mad-dog state of Israel kick starts World War Three with a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran.

Following the three minute court arraignment of the ‘Numpty Knickers Bomber’ - Umar Farouk Abdul Muttonchop - on the 8th January in Detroit, flight passengers and eyewitnesses to the farcical events of that Christmas Day, Metro-Detroit attorney-at-law Kurt Haskell, and his wife Lori, told a media reporter from the False Flag Gazette that they personally witnessed the Northwest Airlines ticket agent at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport refuse to allow Abdul Muttonchop on the plane because he did not have a passport - then observed a smartly dressed Indian man who spoke with a definite US accent expedite Muttonchop’s dodgy bypass of the ICTS-manned security gate without said passport and board Flight 253 - with his crotch bomb intact.

So, the Haskell interview is now pasted all over SpewTube, and the cat’s outa the bag an’ it ain’t going back in – plus the shit’s hitting the fan big time that this incident, like so many of the false flaggers pulled since 9/11, have been used to promote the war on ‘terror’ (sic), impose the poxy Patriot Act and fresh draconic restrictions and regulations on U.S travellers – such as either getting their DNA unzipped and shredded by the ‘insta-tumour’ full body scanners - or indecently groped by porcine TSA perverts.

One day after the fudged Detroit flight incident, Janet Napolitano, the rug-munching dyke Secretary of Homeland Security, made a cryptic tongue-slip remark in mentioning that the system had worked - while acknowledging that the aviation security system in Amsterdam had indeed failed (purposely).

This was typical of the Israeli-owned and controlled ICTS Europe Systems Ltd company that was in charge of turning off the CCTV cameras and supposedly manning airport security that day at Schiphol - while allowing the bonkers and brainwashed Mr Muttonchop from the Sudan (Que? Yemen? Nigeria?) to board the plane without a passport on the say-so of a nice Indian gentleman who explained “We do this all the time.”

Thus, while Muttonchop’s crotch bomb failed to bring down NWA Flight 253 and kill the 289 passengers and crew on board, it did serve to demonstrate to the perp’ the inherent agonies involved in the ‘personal sacrifice’ of a ‘Shaheed’ (suicide bomber) – and what third degree burns on your wedding tackle and real genital pain are all about - plus provided the required scare-mongering boost to the DHS and TSA operational budgets.

So, the official US intelligence (sic) line states that Umar Muttonchop was tasked by the Nigerian-Yemeni Jolly Jihad Revolutionary Council of al Qaeda, headed by the notorious uber-terrorist spectral Mohammed al Patsy, with foregoing martyrdom by the customary suicide vest method and instead agreeing to detonate a pair of PETN / TAPN stuffed ‘suicide skiddies’ – the special false flag non-explosive bomb type fabricated and assembled by Wallace & Gromit SA (Tel Aviv) - Purveyors of Bespoke Terrorist Equipments.

Hence, one is inclined to ponder how fucking stupid and hard up are the Western intelligence services and Neo-Con' mattoid morons if they can’t even source a Muslim terrorist patsy for their false flag fubar of an attempted terrorist attack that owns a current and valid passport. Amateurs posing as professionals.

Really, who is the operational mastermind running the Zionist-CIA and Mossad organisations - Sheldon Shlomo Snafu, or Wiley T. Coyote?

Thought for the day: Israeli 'privately-owned (and controlled) security' firm ICTS were in charge of ‘security’ (sic) at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport when the false flag terrorist bomb was detonated this last week.
Hmmm, is it in any way coincidental that Russian Premier Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev had just been in Palestine’s West Bank days previously and stated for the public record he supported a Palestinian state founded on the 1967 cease fire boundaries – and not one surrounded by 30 foot high Great Apartheid Walls. Ouch, isn’t payback a bitch.

Ex-Mossad operative Ezra ‘The Shmok’ Harel’s ICTS (International Consultants on Targeted Security) were well on top of security at Boston’s Logan Airport, Newark's Liberty, and Washington's Dulles international on 9/11 too – from where all four hijacked aircraft departed.
ICTS were in charge yet again in Paris at Charles de Gaulle Airport – and cleared master moron shoe bomber Richard Reid to board American Airlines Flight 63 to Miami with his Doc Martins stuffed with the false flag special non-explosive PETN / TAPN mix.

The Israeli intel-linked company Verint (The Global Leader In Actionable Intelligence Solutions) had the security contract for the London Underground at the time of the fatal false flag terrorist attacks on 7/7/2005 - which allowed MI6 and Mossad’s ‘Kidon’ agents to stash the bombs under the three tube trains.

In identical fashion to 9/11 and other "false flag" acts of terror, the London bombings occurred during a large-scale 'terrorist' exercise that took place at the same time and locations as the actual explosions.

Peter Power, a former high-ranking officer at Scotland Yard and member of its Anti-Terrorist Branch, admitted rather increulously, that his company, Visor Consulting, was carrying out "crisis exercises," with an ‘unnamed private company’ on the very morning of the 7/7 attacks – at the very stations where the simultaneous radio-detonations of the bombs occured.
Anyone want to guess who the ‘unnamed private company’ was ? – Our old Israeli buddies - ICTS.

No shit, coincidence or what? Everytime something goes “Ka-Fucking-Boom!” – or almost does - then there’s kikesters coming out of the woodwork.

To quote directly from ICTS’s website: “ICTS is the largest provider of aviation security services in Europe. We provide services to airlines worldwide. ICTS provides total airport security services throughout Europe and have a presence in over 80 major airports”.

Hmmm, now that is a worry.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck Mossad, and the DHS and the TSA – and Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

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