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Scameron Slams Multiculturism

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Not happy with upsetting every fucker and their dog with his penny-pinching efforts to either pawn or auction off the ancient forests and pristine dogging woods that anoint our once-sceptred isle - this green and pleasant land - for thirty pieces of silver, PM ‘Cabbage Patch’ Dave Scameron, has now set his Big Society political compass on a course of systematic Paki-bashing and alienating the UK’s Muslims by threatening to impose Jihadi Asbo’s on Islamic radicals.

Speaking at a New World Order security conference junket in Munich, our aristocratic Hooray Henry prime minister opened mouth before engaging brain and launched head first into his racist tirade by maligning the UK’s Muslims with wild accusations that they’re fomenting terrorism inside their mosques and madrassas.

Conversely, Posh Dave reckons instead of breeding radicalism they should be joining in the spirit of all things ‘uniquely British’ – and integrating into his 'Big Society' by scoffing pork pies for lunch, having a few pints of Bitch Thumper real ale down at their local Troublespot Taverns boozer with the lads on a Friday night, twirling their twigs and dancing round the Maypole each Spring - and sporting Poundland’s grubby little St George flags stuck atop their cars every time England’s soccer team gets off their arses to lose another World Cup match.

Our sanctimonious Ra-Ra-Rupert leader laid well into "state multiculturalism" in his first public speech as prime minister on radicalisation and the causes of terrorism – purposely ignoring the shouts of a legion of Bolshie heckler’s, posing the verboten question: “Wot about the hi-fivin’ kikesters on 9/11 an’ the 7/7 false flag attacks on the London Tube - an’ that effin' bus wot MI6 an’ Mossad blew up ter get Mohammed al Patsy an’ his mates in the shit, then eh?”

During the security conference Scameron argued the UK needed a stronger national identity to prevent people turning to all kinds of extremism – like voting for UKIP – or Labour - but avoided mentioning the obvious ‘cure’ of kicking out all non-Anglo-Saxons - specifically those who came to reside here as Empire’s Day ‘British subject’ immigrants.

He also signalled for a tougher stance on groups promoting Islamist extremism, which he kindly pointed out for the benefit of any oicks and real thickies in the audience, were more likely to be Jolly Jihad Muslim-orientated types than aligned with the Church of England or the Salvation Army.

In what critics have labelled a blatant display of sore thumb obviousness, the prat purposely, and with malice aforethought, avoided mention of Sinn Fein or the Real IRA (or the False IRA), or radical Welsh Nationalists or Scotland’s SNP ‘PĂ rtaidh NĂ iseanta na h-Alba’ para-military wing - ‘Jocks with Rocks’ - or the shit-stirring Zionist Jews (Heaven forbid), or swan-roasting Albanian pikeys or job-thieving Polacks – or Rockall's marauding Viking scallies - and instead concentrated on Muslim Paki bashing and demonising Islam yet again.

Scameron then went into total demagoguery mode and informed the Munich conference that in his personal unqualified opinion an innovative brand of ‘muscular liberalism’ was required to deal with Islamic extremism more forcefully – such as shooting Brazilian electricians as a warning to would-be suicide backpack bombers and any other Pinko scum with Bolshie anarchist ideas.

Reports of Posh Dave’s prejudicial speech have angered many Muslim groups, while others tut-tutted, in typical copy-cat British Raj fashion, and questioned its inopportune timing amid an ultra-racist English Defence League ‘Hate-thy-Neighbour’ rally being held in the Muslim Mecca of Luton on Saturday. (The EDL’s skinhead ‘theologians’ are known, alike the British National Party, for their venomous racist ideology and dedication to seeing Britain shut of all ‘shifty foreign types’).

Our feckless leader, whose ego is so inflated it’s measured at the top end of the Beaufort scale, further outlined his vision for a ‘terror-free’ Britain by suggesting there will henceforth be greater scrutiny of manky Muslim groups which are sponsored and subsidised with public funds but spend it all on prayer mats, DIY chemistry books and 'Hurt Locker' DVD's - and do sweet FA to tackle the extremism in their midst.

He further stated for the public record that his ministers will henceforth be directed to refuse to share platforms or engage politically or socially with such groups, which will be denied access to public funds and barred from spreading their radical message in the UK’s universities and immigration prisons.

Alas, Scameron, aka ‘The Emissary from the Planet Fuckwit’, and his elitist fraternity with their absurd sense of entitlement – the motley cabal of upper class twits and oicks who now compose this Chinese fire drill pantomime of a coalition government - seem to be blind, or indifferent, to the fact we can see through their coordinated racist and sectarian black propaganda and attempted manipulations of the public sentiment to create religious divisions and foment Islamophobia.

The successive governments of the UK, whether New or Old Labour, or Tories, or Whigs, or Raving Looney Party or Pancake Tuesday Fucking Adventists – have been tasked by the ‘hidden hand’ of the Rothshite Zionist Illuminati with the wholesale disruption of the British socio-cultural order, and the establishment of a totally dysfunctional society topping their agenda – which keeps us all in wilful ignorance and tip-toeing towards the reality of a dystopic New World Order – and the slandering and alienation of Islam and its Muslim adherents is simply another step along the agenda’s path.

Thought for the day: Posh Dave, a man whose head is so far up his own arse he gets his underpants made-to-measure by Twattbury & Sons (Bespoke Tailors) of Saville Row. Never forget, just because silver spoon zillionaire Dave opines it - (he of the generations-diluted mongrel blue-blood genes, and who thinks ‘Reality’ is a TV game show - and wood still grows on trees) - that doesn’t make it right by anyone’s rhetoric – especially so when it stirs up racist and sectarian sentiments.

Hmmm, back in February 1933, with Dutch Communist Marinus van der Patsy torching the Reichstag, this was where Hitler’s Nazi black propaganda manifested into false flag operations - but directed against Communists – followed by the “Die Kristallnacht” attacks against the hapless members of der Fatherland’s Jewish community – which kick-started the Holohoax. How history repeats itself – not so much ‘Order out of Chaos’ but ‘Order into Chaos’.

Ah well, while we can’t cure stupid we can vote it out of office come the next election.

Britain’s leading Muslim cleric and globally-renowned Islamic scholar, Imam Sheikh Fizzy Al Kaseltzer, told one reporter from the Chauvinists Gazette “This entire ‘muscular liberalism’ tirade against us is wholly ill-conceived – just as Scameron was himself - and a point his parents should have considered the ramifications of prior to engaging in five minutes of carnal lust and producing bigoted offspring.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

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