Sunday, 1 February 2009

Wildcat Strikes : Hellboy Warns on Protectionism

Gordon Brown’s recently-appointed chief hatchet man, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson of Sleaze, (aka the Prince of Darkness / Hellboy) last night issued an eleventh-hour hysterical warning that protectionism would be a "huge mistake" ahead of talks to try and end wildcat strikes over employing foreign workers.

Obviously Mandelson employed his practiced ‘selective memory’ technique when Gordon Brown's pledge to create 'British jobs for British workers' was exposed as more at scent than substance, with wildcat strikes spreading across Britain in protest at the use of foreign labour.

Since the Prime Minister made his promise in September 2007, the number of migrants employed has risen sharply while the number of Britons has dropped. The Government's own statistics show that, in the 12 months after Mr Brown's speech, the number of foreign workers rose by 275,000 as the number of British in work fell by 146,000.

Poor Gordon, his promised EU / Globalism golden goose didn’t even make it to lame duck status. If this is the best New Labour’s government can produce, then we’ve seen better organised riots.

But Baron Handy Mandy, with his Muppet show haircut and Pinocchio shnozzer growing an inch every time he opens his septic mouth, has a political agenda of his own on the line and under threat.
Mandelson, regarded by many as the type of man who makes you want to count your fingers after shaking hands with him, has earned a reputation of being more bent than a corkscrew and wouldn’t tell the truth even if he didn’t have a lie ready.

In the current exposure of corruption in the House of Lords anything Mandelson, or his Vermin in Ermine noble collegues say, must be regarded with the deepest of suspicions as all are parties of self-interest, acting towards the detriment of the many and benefit of the few : themselves.

The British worker, hit by a recession of New Labour’s alchemic conjuring, faces reduced working hours and redundancy. His quality of Life is about to take a sharp downhill turn. He thus rightly protests against work on England’s green and pleasant lands being awarded to foreign companies and such work undertaken by the import of foreign labour.
If this is to be the outcome of our membership of the EU, then we don’t want need it. Britain needs the EU, Globalism and the New World Order like a fish needs a bike.

Now we have the banksters and financial anoraks, with more degrees than a rack of thermometers, who engineered this mess (and are still earning annual bonuses that exceed the GDP earnings of some Third World countries) telling us that our woes weren’t really caused by de-industrialisation, and the road to economic recovery lies in allowing local industries to be run by our foreign competition, and the work done by foreign labour. Que?
Protectionism, they spout, would turn the recession into a depression. At this moment in time we ponder if there is much of an actual difference.

This current crisis erupted when sympathy strikes broke out across the country after workers walked out at the Lincolnshire-based Lindsey Baby Oil Refinery when ‘French’ owner Total gave a £200m contract to Italian firm Spag-Bollo-Nasty. The Italians intend to staff the project with their own nationals.

Lord Sleaze of Foy & Hartlepool considers Total’s actions to be tip-top and simply can’t comprehend the striker’s ire at the Italians bringing in cheap foreign labour. Obviously the term 'Red rag to a Bull' isn't a part of Hellboy's vocabulary.
How much faith can the strikers put in the opinions or words of a man who’s been fired more times than the Greenwich noonday cannon and expects, as though through Divine Right, that British workers should obey his every command.

While Hellboy maintains it would be a huge mistake to retreat from a policy where, under EU rules, UK labour can work in Europe and European labour can work here, he seems to miss the point that Brit’s don’t want to work in Europe for less that their regular UK salary rates.

But Mandelson, who doesn’t know shit from shinola and has never done an honest day’s work in his life, still believes ‘Manual Labour’ is a Spaniard.

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