Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Anti-Semitism Flag Now Waved By Jewish Criminals

In what is becoming a burgeoning tool of political convenience, anti-Semitism, now patented and claimed by the Jews exclusively, is being thrust into the face of Justice as a defence against conviction for criminal offences.

Zionists have been working towards claiming anti-Semitism as their personal and private reserve since the end of WW2 and the collapse of the Nazi regime, eventually forging the lie into one of the pillars of their Holohoax fiction to justify the theft of Palestine and the illegal establishment of the state of Israel. (Palestinian and Arab Semites have been disenfranchised from using the term, especially when Israeli Zionist pseudo-Semites invade Gaza for a spot of ethnic cleansing and a Rwanda-style practice genocide run).

Now they seem to have evolved their nauseating routine into a counter against criminal charges and convictions too, claiming if they look Jewish then courtroom juries will discriminate against them. Obviously if the jury is composed of Jews and they find against the defendant, then they’ll be labelled as self-hating kikes and Holohoax deniers.

In Smegmadale, attorneys for a kosher abattoir and the former CEO, charged after the plant was raided by immigration officials, demanded a federal judge dismiss the case or move the trial to Yid-friendly Israel, claiming anti-Jewish bias in the grand jury that one lawyer compared to Roman-era Judea.

Shnozzer Slimeberg, the former CEO of Rothschild Spam Inc., faces 97 charges, including immigration-related counts and bank fraud.
Slimeberg, three other defendants and the company were indicted after 389 people were arrested in an immigration raid at the Shitsville plant, at the time the nation's largest kosher abattoir

Slimeberg himself, the type of man who makes you want to count your fingers after shaking hands with him, is accused of helping illegal immigrants get fake documents so they could work at the plant for what court accountants termed ‘a pittance’.

His attorney, Gus Crook and Rothschild Spam Inc. attorney Billy Joe Crappenheim, asked U.S. District Court Judge Fatima al Burkah, to dismiss the charges against Slimeberg and the company because they claim the grand jury developed prejudices based on whingeing Jewish stereotypes and the fact Slimeberg has a shnozzer like a toucan’s beak.

Crook put a trial consultant from Talmud Law Inc. on the stand to testify about the bias the grand jury allegedly formed because of comments made by witnesses during the grand jury proceedings last year such as ‘yid kid’, ‘hymie’, ‘kikes’, ‘sheeneys’, ‘fuckin’ Fagins’, ‘slimy Shylocks’ and ‘Red Sea pedestrians’.

The consultant, Miriam Twatenstein, of suburban Haifa, testified that references to Jewish stereotypes left grand jurors no other option but to form prejudices. She noted references to whether Jewish bankers charged usurious interest to other Jews and joked about the practice of some Jews of growing long beards, and wearing silly hats to prevent dandruff snowstorms.

Defence attorneys in the case also argued over why the entire jury was composed of devote Zionist-hating Moslems and no goyim Gentiles or fellow Jews were included in the jury selection process.
They further argued that the case should be moved to Jerusalem or the new US capital of Tel Aviv, where Mr. Slimeberg would be guaranteed a fair trial by his fellow Jews.

However, the press montage of anti-Semetic rhetoric launched by the Zionist-owned media against the Judge and jury in the Slimeberg – Rothschild Spam Inc. case was roundly contradicted by prosecuting District Attorney Mohammed bin Goebbels, who claimed the anti-Semitic remarks and Jewish stereotyping had been generated by the self-same Zionist media as a defence tool and were black propaganda.

"This indictment was not based on the defendant's religion," DA bin Goebbels told the court. "It was based on hard evidence. The fact the defendant has the look of a smarmy scheming Shylock and has been referred to by every witness as a ‘thieving twat’ simply substantiate his character flaws. "

Conversely, Slimeberg’s lawyer pushed his claim that the jury were all anti-Semites, pointing out that the Palestinian-American foreman of the jury, Mr. Rashid al Hamas was wearing a Taliban Dan suicide bomber cartoon character t shirt and several other jury members came into court with 'Al Qaeda' and 'I Love Gaza' baseball caps.

Have you been subjected to anti-Semitic remarks because you have a big nose or are missing a couple of inches of foreskin?
Do you have a long beard and wear a daft hat?
Do you shy away from pork chops, bacon burgers and bangers at barbeques?
You might be suffering from closet Judaism even if you are a baptised Christian.
If in doubt why don't you inquire at your local synagogue or drop us an e-mail to

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