Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Israeli Bully Boys Explosives Haul Missing in Gaza

A large stockpile of unexploded weapons dropped onto, or fired into, Gaza by the Israeli bully boys over the Christmas holiday has disappeared before United Nations experts were able to dispose of it safely, the BBC has learned from an eBay auction site selling depleted uranium shrapnel fragments as souveniers.

The explosive military ordnance, including aircraft-borne cluster bombs and white phosphorus and fragmentation shells, were deployed by the Israeli military during its recent festive season ‘Peace and Goodwill to all Men’ offensive in the Gaza Strip.

UN officials said they were urgently trying to establish where the arms had gone and have called for their return, searching around last weekend’s Gaza-based car boot sales and the Gaza City charity shops for clues or traces to the weapons' whereabouts.
Israel has accused Hamas’ Gaza Gangsters of purloining the stockpile, which was reportedly under Hamas and Al Fatah guard.

General Sheldon Scrunt, one of Israel’s most senior military war criminals, said: "We are anxious to secure the return of this ordnance. It's extremely dangerous and could explode and kill someone, which is why we dropped it on Gaza in the first place.”

Two weeks ago the UN unexploded ordnance team was given access to a storage site in Gaza where more than 7,000 kilos of explosives were being housed.
The cache included three 2,000-pound bombs and eight 500-pound bombs, which had all been dropped from aircraft, and while slightly dented, had failed to explode.
There was also a large number of defective 155mm canister shot for delivering the incendiary chemical white phosphorus and fragmentation shells.
Many of the explosives had been collected by the Hamas Girl Guide troop for their St. Valentine’s Day fireworks display and forthcoming Jolly Jihad in Jerusalem protest.

However Western intelligence observers consider the Israeli military are more concerned that their new highly secret DIME (dense inert metal explosive) aerial bombs and artillery shells are among the unexploded ordnance, and forensic examination of the core materials will allow the Gaza Gangster’s science squad to replicate the extreme-velocity / high temperature explosive-tungsten particle mix and fabricate a new order of highly dynamic energy impulse suicide vests; replacing their current Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) / focused lethality munitions self-destruct waistcoats.

Conversely, certain media reporters are speculating that the Israeli military are more concerned that their highly carcinogenic faulty unexploded ordnance containing DIME, depleted uranium and white phosphorous might be patched up and catapulted back in their general direction in the very near future.

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