Saturday, 28 February 2009

Jack Straw Targeted by 419 Scamsters

Slack Jack Straw, now Injustice Secretary after assuming more positions for the Labour government than a Kama Sutra houri in Paradise, has become the victim of 419 scam fraudsters who sent out thousands of e-mails in his name asking for money.
Original suspects Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, interviewed by police officers yesterday, have denied any involvement in the affair.

The Nigerian advance fee fraud or '419' scam (named after the relevant section of the Nigerian Criminal Code) is a popular sting with the West African organised criminal networks who are now also operating from UK and European bases.

The scam e-mail, which was sent to Labour party members, council chiefs and Ministry of Injustice officials, said Mr Straw was travelling in Africa to see how the other half lived, and was sent from an address in Nigeria's largest city of Peckham.

The e-mail claimed Straw had his wallet lifted while enjoying a traditional Yoruba holistic reflexology session at one of Lagos’ local Rub and Tug massage parlours and was left destitute, begging for scraps to eat and sleeping in a cardboard box.

Mr Straw confirmed the e-mails had been sent to a ‘significant number of people’ in his e-addy book but he said there were no security issues as it was his Blackburn e-mail address rather than his ministerial account that was targeted, so no scandal cover-ups or MI6 false flag operation details were available to the scamsters.

However as Straw is renown around Westminster and his Blackburn constituency as a ‘right scrounging cunt’, many recipients of the begging e-mails responded and sent him money via a Western Union office in Lagos.

Straw told his local newspaper the Lancashire Shitraker: "I started getting phone calls from various constituents and Labour MP’s asking if I was really stuck in Nigeria and needed $3,000.

The fraudsters, suspected by police to be from the local O’Dinga Contract Cleaning Services, are thought to have hacked into computers at Mr Straw's Blackburn constituency offices while they were carrying out their scheduled floor polishing, light dusting and flower arranging duties recently.

Internet fraud police have now traced the IP computer source address of the e-mails to a certain Mr. Rastus Umboka of 419, Nigeria Terrace, Peckham.

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