Thursday, 26 February 2009

Another Cultural First for Dark Ages Saudi ?

It would be bizarre in any country to find that its sexy lingerie shops are staffed entirely by blokes: especially blokes dressed in bed sheets with gingham tea towels on their heads.
But in the topsy-turvey Dark Ages culture of ‘Wahhabi Islam’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where a low-cut burkha’s the closest thing to a naughty nightie and cross-dressers are stoned to death, the rules of Never-Ever Land apply.

The ‘Ann Summers’ lingerie franchise in Jeddah was recently closed by the Gestapo-tactic forces of the retard Muttawa religious police after some errant male had his libido so stimulated after peering into the store’s window he became priapically aroused and sexually assaulted a passing goat.

The ‘Victoria’s Secret’ line of sexy lingerie stores in the kingdom go under a local franchise name ‘Houris of Paradise’ but are not allowed to carry the brand’s famous line of peephole bra’s, crotchless panties or slit-slicing thongs. Still, even erotic boxers and jockey shorts for ladies are a first step in cultural evolution.

While single females are barred from buying such salacious articles of underwear as worn by the Babylon whores of the Great Satan, married women are allowed their purchase to emulate those voluptuous dark-eyed Perpetual Virgins of Paradise and stimulate the erogenous delights of their husbands to become the sexiest little shag in the harem.

"The way that underwear is being sold in Saudi Arabia is simply not acceptable to a female population living anywhere in the modern world," says Mrs. Reamed bin Sodom, a three hole sex lecturer at Dar al-Dickme Women's College in Jeddah, who is leading a campaign to get women working in lingerie shops rather than men.

"Girls don't feel very comfortable when males are selling them lingerie, telling them what size they need, and saying 'I think this might be too tight around those cute little buns’ or, ‘Me and my brother think the gusset on this tiny thong might pinch your pussy lips'.”
"These guys are totally checking the women out! It's just not appropriate, sizing and eyeing the women up and fantasizing what the woman would look like naked; viewing us as Heavenly Maiden virgins to fuel their sordid masturbation fantasies.”

Mrs. bin Sodom’s campaign began on Saudi’s social networking equivalent of Facebook : their Islamic-own ‘Sandbox’ website, and is gradually getting larger.
Even Mohammed al Numpty, Chair Sheikh of Saudi Arabia's male-dominated Press Club is starting to take note, with several newspapers reporting on her fight.

However the situation is all the more frustrating because the relevant legislation is already in place.
In 2006, Sheikh Well Before Using, the incumbent Minister of Slavery and Women’s Rights, passed a law stating women should be allowed to staff any shops that sell women's items, be it clothing, personal vibrators, Ben Wah balls or underwear. But the law has still not been properly implemented due opposition from the die-hard Muttawa religious fundamentalists

While this is denied as being the official reason, another probable contributing cause is that hiring female staff would put a lot of men out of work - not a popular move in a country where 99.9% of Saudi men are unemployed and refuse to get off their lazy fat arses while the oil-rich nation can afford to import cheap Muslim labour from around Asia.

There are also Saudi Arabia's Mad Mullah Muslim clerics to contend with, to whom any form of change is total anathema.
They, and the Muttawa religious Inquisition, wield a great deal of power in the kingdom and still believe a woman's natural environment is either in the kitchen : cooking - or bent over the kitchen table, legs akimbo (goat bonking fashion) ready to please her husband 24/7.

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