Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What the Scottish Papers (Didn’t) Say

When we consider the fact it is historically proven that scandals and bad news sell gutter press journals like hotcakes, it appears illogical that the Scottish media would ignore a prime commercial opportunity to cash in on the recent reincarnation of interest and focus on the Aberdeen Ferryhill paedophile ring criminally responsible for the sexual abuses in the Hollie Greig - et al - case.

Further proof of them working against their own best business interests is wholly ignoring the coincidental, linked incidence of the Kafraesque style arrest of English journalist / broadcaster – and Holyrood Parliamentary candidate - Robert Green - by Grampian's 'Thought Police' at his Aberdeen B & B on Friday - just before he could attend a meeting to publicise the case – on a concocted ‘intended breach of the peace’ charge to prevent him campaigning for a full investigation into the Scottish government’s Ministry for Muzzling, Whitewash & Coverup tactics regarding this festering leprous sore blighting the very name of Justice north of the border.

So Holyrood’s Department of Graft & Corruption directed the Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court to enact the ‘Sore Thumb’ legal statute and hold its novel 'intended' breach of the peace charge hearing ‘in camera’ – and have now bailed this honest man of social and moral conscience until further charges can be concocted against him – while gagging him with draconian bail conditions to further silence his campaign for Justice for Hollie Greig.

Thus, the gospel according to Nonceland’s Fourth Estate for Tuesday 16th February 2010 concerning their intrepid and diligent coverage of the Hollie Greig case and Robert Green’s hushed and secretive appearance before the corrupt Speculative Society Freemason Sheriff Principal, Fast Eddie Bowen, at Kinkcardineshire’s bog-standard Stonehaven rural courtroom some 18-odd miles south of Scaberdeen reads as follows:

The Press and Journal showed no fear of censorship by reporting the first stage of a fierce ‘Shock n Awe’ onslaught against Taliban Dan and his gang of Jolly Jihadist beardies by NATO forces in Afghanistan’s Bellend Province was hailed a total balls-up.

The Courier also went with the Afghan offensive and reported that an "utterly dedicated" soldier who was killed while ironing his body armour during the launch of this week’s Operation Fuckup has been named as Private Bodybag of the 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment.

The Daily Record reported that Gorbals Willie McTwat, a vicious drunken bottle thug who beat a murder rap after a series of bottle attacks on the general public had been given a 50 hour community service order – picking up empty bottles around Glasgow’s Govan ‘sink or swim’ criminal breeding ground council estate.

The Daily Shitraker barely scrapes close to the truth, stating radical plans by an SNP-led council to install metal detectors at school entrances to prevent further Dunblane-style fish-in-a-barrel massacres by bonkers Masonic kiddie fiddlers with licensed handguns like Thomas Watt Hamilton were being considered – budgets permitting.

The Scottish Sun runs with a story about Chelsea footballer Ashley Scrunt undergoing emergency cosmetic surgery to treat a broken fingernail following an injury sustained during Sunday’s Premier League match against Twatford Wanderers.

The Porridge Wogs Weekly writes that Scallyshire - Scotland's largest local authority - is to pay out £100 zilion in redundancy packages after more than 20,000 people applied – and volunteered to quit under proposed cutbacks and relocate south of the border in Sassenachland.

The Scottish Daily Mail reports that a pre-op’ transvestite couple from Middlesex has won the Lottery's Euro Zillions draw – and are planning to open a haggis farm on the shores of Loch McKuntt - adjacent to Donald Trump's planned Eco-Disaster Golf Course and the planned capercaillie-chopping Alex Salmond Memorial Wind Farm.

The Scottish Daily Express claims a key Edinburgh University ‘Climategate’ scientist has admitted there has been no global warming for 15 years and has rescinded his monthly standing order donation of £5 to the Nigerian-based ‘419 Save the Polar Bears Fund’.

The Scottish Mirror reports that two Dundee boys of 14 had gastric band surgery on the NHS to prevent them drinking more than six pints of ‘Old Headbanger’ lager or ‘See You Jimmy’ tartan keg in any one boozing session – in a bid to stop them getting shit-faced during school lunch breaks and picking fights with passing lamp posts.

The Caber Tossers Review writes that Holyrood Ministers are urging Gordon ‘Incapability’ Brown to brave the wrath of voters in person during the forthcoming general election campaign to help disprove rumours that he’s actually dead and Lord Peter Scandalson took over running Downing Street in October of 2007.

So, what from the iconic news flagship of the UK – the one that only exists on the tithes of the peasant classes - the BBC?
Well, the website's banner headline reads ‘Barklays bankster profits have ‘jumped’ to £11:6 zillion quid’ – with any mention of the Grampian Gangsters / Rob’ Green or the Hollie Greig case most conspicuous by their absence.

Even the crusading anti-establishment (sic / shill mag) satirical rag Private Eye had been suspiciously reserved and silent on an issue that would normally tempt those possessed with the spirit of Paul Foot to dive in head first – to expose and be damned - regardless of intimidating letters from Levy & McRae's Peter 'Wicked' Watson - the Rasputin of the Glens.

No stranger to legal threats the mag’s traditional reply to such is to refer would-be offended parties to Arkell vs Pressdram 1971 – and have been the nemesis of many an offending establishment figure who was brought to book before Lady Justice’s scales.

Conversely now they are curiously silent on what irks them the most – a clear-cut conspiratorial criminal abuse of official power.

As to caustic references of the Aberdeen / Ferryhill kiddie fiddling scandal from the hallowed ‘brimstone and fire’ pulpits of the ‘Kirk’ – the Scottish Presbyterian or Episcopal churches - nary a single peep, never mind a vocalising of those long overdue diatribes of outright fulmination and revilement at the blatant instances of establishment abuse in concealing the very worst of criminal offences – child sexual abuse.

Such unfortunately applies to the UK press and media – and establishment officialdom throughout - and this is the kicker.
A once independent and vociferously rabid Fourth Estate baying at the moon and lusting the blood of offending authority – that brought down governments past in a blaze of ignominious scandal - is now owned and controlled by a tight cabal of wealthy ruling class Masonic elitists that scratch each others backs – and other anatomical parts – and utilise said media to control the public perceptions of reality and fiction.

Fortunately we have the independent intrepid alternative cyber news websites and blogs – and the valiant, unique ilk of Robert Green – whom would martyr themselves for the cause of Truth and Justice in bringing down the criminal elitist fraternity of this world and censoring their absurd sense of entitlement - the Ferryhill pederasts and their establishment protectors.

This so-called ‘elite’ should never forget the Truth itself doesn't fear investigation nor the light of day. The Truth is feared only by those who would obscure its manifestation to conceal their own crimes and inherent guilt.

Like Agents Mulder and Scully always say – the Truth is out there – but in the case of Hollie Greig it’s just that Scottish officialdom doesn't want its damning revelations to see the light of day.
Unfortunately for them the Truth’s ‘day’ is coming – and to mis-quote Sam Clements: ‘Bad news can get its proverbial arse around the world and back while good news is pulling on its boots’.

Hollie Greig and the other disabled Ferryhill / Beechwood ‘Special’ School victims in Scaberdeen have had justice denied for too long - but their day of reckoning cometh – and the sinister, contrived arrest of Robert Green and ‘breach of the peace’ gagging of the independent candidate for the Aberdeen South Parliamentary seat – might just be the fortuitous catalyst to trigger the necessary tsunami of public outrage and reaction required to flush out Scotland’s Augean stables.

The clock is ticking towards ‘Comeuppance Day’ and ‘WE’ - the common peasant class - can apply our numerical advantage to force the issue to a critical mass state and invoke a massive chain reaction – and compel some bugger and their dog running this nation of ours to order an official investigation into the criminal issues at hand – and not one involving dodgy House of Lords apologist peers such as Harry Hutton or Charlie Chilcot.

Let this be to the shame of every Parliamentary MP who did not stand up in Holyrood or Westminster of his own volition and sense of duty and ask – “WTF is going on?” – cos something stinks in Denmark and it isn’t Hamlet’s socks?

So, if you ever wondered why Hadrian and his lads built a wall across the Scottish border – now you know – to keep the tartan-skirted kiddie fiddlers out of England’s green and pleasant land - because we have more than our fill of the scum already permeating the Westminster / Whitehall establishment’s ranks.

Luke 8:17 - ‘For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known’

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals - otters or voles – or Palestinian refugees - were harmed in posting this insurrectionist epistle. However, a large number of Scaberdeen-based paedo ring hoaxters, Magic Circle Speculative Society sodomites and kiddie fiddling Satanist members of the vile Violate BD/SM Noncers Club were suitably cyber-harassed and caused fear and alarm by the TRUTH being publicly broadcast across the global ethernet.

Rusty’s Skewed News Views (Purveyors of Bespoke Satire) - enhanced with a modest touch of Yeast Logic and a piquant dash of Political Incorrectness: a news sheet and media source not beholden to Nonceland's Masonic Speculative Society or Scaberdeen-based Devil-worshipping paedo-scum - nor owned by Rupert Murdoch and the ZioNazi kikester lobby - but committed to the relay of open source information – and immune from litigation under the statutes of the ‘Fair Comment in the Public Interest’ defence.

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Anonymous said...

This blog is well worth a look, although anon comments have been made if a fraction of it is true and can be proven, there had better be some very fast runners !

Anonymous said...
The following are people known to abuse children regularly, and some of the names will shock you, but i can assure you i would not name them if i were not sure of the information.

Lord Graville Jenner(Labour Peer)

Jenner was accused of raping a 15 year old boy at the holiday in in Glasgow, the night before the boy was due to give evidence, the judge was taken out to dinner by the defense team for Jenner, and it was arranged that the boy was not allowed to Jenner in court as his rapist, or he would be in contempt of court. Jenner won his case and he walked in to the house of commons to a standing ovation by MP's. I stand by what i have said for many years, the house of commons and Lords are filled with perverts and rapists, and the police and the courts will defend them all the way, as they are all in the same private club.

Lord Kaufman(Labour Peer)

He is well known to police in London for sexually abusing young boys, he likes them under 12 when he can get them.

Lord Britton(Leon, former home sec when Maggie was in power)

He is very well known for raping young boys. The police raided his house when a young boy staggered in to the street half naked, and when police asked what happened he told them about Britton and his friends and took them to the house. When they called in to report what happened , they were ordered to take everyone in, and when they got there there were 2 officers from the security service waiting. The boys were paid off, and a short time later, Leon Britton was summoned to meet his fellow MP, William Hague on the beach in Brighton at 5.45 in the morning, where he was told that he was to be made commissioner for the UK, and he would not be allowed to be in politics again in the UK. That was how he became commissioner and he stayed there for many years, until the corruption inquiry went ahead, which saw a large number of people from different countries being made to resign.

Brown is known for sexually abusing numerous boys, as well as girls. He is known for a particularly vile rape in Aberdeen in the 70's, when he and 2 others paid a prostitute for access to her 9 year old daughter. They all raped her several times, and some years later the girl went to court to get custody of her little brother because of her mother's abuse, and drug use. She won the case and has had custody of him ever since. The records have vanished from court, but the victim still remembers what happened, and who did it.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair(Tony Blair,former PM of the UK)

He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street magistrates court for importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual favour from the other man, little did he know that the toilet was being watched by police. Blair was fined £500, and walked away with nobody knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover who he was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court got him off with a fine, because he is one of them.

Edward Heath(former PM of the UK)

He is very well known for his perverted abuse of young boys. I spoke to one of his victims and he told me about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him. The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference. Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP's with children for them to sexually abuse.

This is the first part, i will reveal more tonight and tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
This is the next part of MP's who abuse children.

Lord Robertson(Former head of NATO)

He is very well known to police in the UK. He was removed by the US government because they found out about his perverted taste for boys. They were going to expose him if he did not resign, so we got the"I'm resigning for family reasons bull shit)Robertson is a dangerous predatory paedophile, but as bad as the one i am about to name next.

Lord Hardie,
The former Lord Advocate for Scotland, is a known paedophile, who some years ago had his BMW stolen by 2 victims, when they were caught, Hardie told the police to let them go, and he did not bring charges against them. Why would a judge not charge them with theft, unless they had information which would destroy him.

Lord McAlpine,
Former treasurer of the conservative party.
He is known to the police in the UK and abroad, for sexually abusing young boys, including using a coffin to put the boy in, then they simulate burying him by sprinkling gravel on the top of the coffin, the child is screaming with terror and will do whatever he is told due to being so scared of being put in the coffin again. This person is alleged to have murdered at least 2 boys and buried their bodies on his estate. I got this information from a police officer who was involved in investigating McAlpine, and he is certain that he has committed murder several times, but he is to well protected to get him.
Anonymous said...
Micheal Portilo(former MP Kensington & Chelsea.

Portilo is well known within the conservative party, as are others for his perverse abuse of children. He also likes adults now and again, particularly his friend and fellow MP Peter Lilley. He was giving portilo a good time in the DTI building on the day of the 92 election, he was on his knees, (I'm sure i don't have to paint a picture for you.
He also like Morocco Del sol, where he delights in having young boys for sexual abuse. He used to go to the same hotel and on one visit, he left top secret documents behind in connection with the UK's defense systems, was it an accident, or was he being blackmailed? He also goes to the Isle of White regularly with Lilley and other friends where they have access to children. He is disgusting and i want him in prison where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The post entitled all the sick perverts sums up the state of this country, and the vile abuse suffered by innocent children and families every day.I will now continue to name those we are aware of who are involved in sexually abusing children in this country.

Sir Paul McCartney

During operation Ore, his credit card details were found to have been used several times, so any claim by him that either it was accidental(Peter Townsend, claimed it was research)
or that someone had used his details is totally without foundation. The police took a great deal of time to research all those involved, but due to the influence this person has, he has never been prosecuted or even cautioned for downloading child pornography.

Sir Cliff Richard.

He has been on so many watch lists for child pornography that he probably has a filling cabinet all to himself. He sold his mansion in Surrey and went to live in Italy at the height of the investigation into celebrities and child porn. He is very dangerous indeed, and the fact that the police will not touch him is a disgrace.

Kevin Keegan(former England football Captain)

He was stopped in a lay by in Reigate in Surrey, (At the top of Reigate Hill) When police arrived Keegan claimed he had been assaulted and robbed by strangers. The truth is he was stopped by a young girl's family and told to stay away from her and the area for good. The police found that he was having a sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl, and the family found out. There was a journalist from a very large national newspaper at the scene, and the editor decided not to run the true story because, in the editor's words"he is such a national hero, that any paper printing the story would be put out of business because no one would buy the paper ever again. What a pathetic excuse for covering for a child sex offender.

Anonymous said...
David Jason(Actor)Known best for Del Boy in only fools and horses)

I received information on this one from a very reliable source, who has nothing to gain by telling me. The police have been trying to get him for over 20 years but no one will talk, and without the victims coming forward they cannot touch him.

Martin Clunes(Actor)

He was seen paying a young boy who is known as a rent boy in the Kings Cross area, and they then left in a taxi. It was one of a number of incidents i have been told about concerning him, but like so many in the TV, acting profession, he is allowed to get away with what he does and no one will say anything.

Anonymous said...
village of Zennr, cornwall area, children have gone missing, secret operation to exume a mass grave to find children and bodies. police didnt look in the right area.

Levy- McRae said...

Levy & McRae
Solicitors and Notaries Public



With reference to the two ‘news articles’ posted on this weblog on the 12th and 16th February 2010, regarding what you term ‘The Hollie Greig’ case.

The former article dated the 12th inst. has listed within its content the actual names and addresses of certain individuals who are being unjustly accused of wrongdoing with regard to this matter.

Acting upon instructions from those named we thus direct you to remove both these articles from this weblog forthwith and to further cease and desist from disseminating this libelous information elsewhere.

Likewise all attached libelous comments that now accompany these aforesaid posts are to be summarily removed.

Failure to immediately comply with this directive will result in punitive and costly legal action being taken against the author responsible for this weblog.

Peter Watson
Solicitor Advocate



Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Peter Watson
Solicitor Advocate
Levy & McRae
Solicitors and Notaries Public

Dear Sir,

Apropos your above Levy & McRae communication of the 18-02-10, I am inclined to refuse to comply on the grounds that the Truth – even adorned in
a cloak of satire - is a vital ‘sine qua non’ constituent of the wellspring from which Justice should flow.

To wit, and in response, I respectfully refer you to the legal reply contained in Arkell vs Pressdram 1971 – specifically “Fuck off.”


Rusty the Boddington’s Badger

Anonymous said...

The corrupt scottish establishment are wetting their knickers over this if exposed and it will be exposed big time.

I see Mr Watson is doing his bogus threats. You don't need the laxatives when Peter Watson is around as the brown stuff is everywhere. If people go to these lengths then one smells a rat.

A lot of people are going down when this all comes out including Peter Watson and his Levy & McRae empire.

Seems he has an interesting CV see here:


Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

TO: montague.hunter@hotmail.com
Well, Ali or Monty - whatever yer name really is - heres' yer reply to yer threats.

Jockland's Masonic Mafia & abuse of official office & powers

Funny old world - our Tim will be right pleased to see his name in the press - good bit of libel there for a wee earner.
Just been chattin to Rob Green n Davy Icke on the old IM viz yer 'threats'.
Now wouldn't it be the height of fucking irony if you can get a nasty hatchet job about me Skewed News Views blogsite splattered across the media and we, for the merry Hell of us, can't even get the Hollie Greig sexual abuse case a single mention in the south of the border UK press.
That's when yer sorta know something major's fucked with the law and justice system in this once sceptred isle of ours.
Anyways, apologies fer libelling yer 'deceased' buddy - but he did keep bad company - probably jest like you - Tut.
So, keep up the abusive n threatening comments on me blog site - at least someone's reading it.
Oh, and the e-mails if yer not too busy covering up scandals.
I always fancied me own personal stalker - especially a deranged weirdo in a kilt - followin' me with his skean dhu drawn..
But hopefully not a kiddie fiddler too are ye - like the rest of yer associate clan up there?
Might catch ye in Berwick-upon-Tweed this Sunday.
Jake - the other / right Rusty.