Thursday, 4 February 2010

Mossad Caught in the Act – Yet Again

The assassination of a Palestinian citizen – the 96-year old Mahmoud Al Mabhouh – a devoted father of fifteen - in Dubai last week – was the third in recent months of top Hamas leaders little known outside the aegis and purview of human rights bodies such as Amnesty International and online Islamic Jolly Jihad terrorist websites – and serves to reflect Israel's perennian total disregard for international law – and conversely their success in snuffing out Hamas' top leadership structure.

The Beruit-based Genocide Gazette claims the killing of yet another of Hamas’ top military commanders was a further post-Arafat poisoning reminder from the political thugs and war criminals running Israel that Palestinian leaders have no immunity – which threatens to increase the occurrence of punitive military actions beyond the Palestinian-Israeli borders.

Hamas leaders have accused Israel of murdering Al Mabhouh - one of the founders of Hamas's military wing Kess Emakk Brigades - in a Dubai hotel – where he was staying while receiving medical treatment to cure a chronic ingrowing foreskin condition.

"The assassination in Dubai is a sign that Israel is attempting to goad Hamas into carrying out military attacks so they can justify retaliations and pave the way for yet another of their kiddie killing military incursions into Gaza," Palestinian analyst Abdul Ibn Himar informed The Gas Oven Review.

Mahmoud Al Mabhouh was aware he was a longtime Israeli target after blowing up a halal condom factory in West Jerusalem in 1992. While never quite achieving the glorious rank of Jolly Jihadi Terrorist #1 on Mossad’s hit list he did briefly reach the #6 spot on their Public Nuisance bulletin board after setting fire to Rabbi Porkstein’s beard in 2003.

Hamas spokesman Shaheed bin Dogmeat told Pox News that the Mossad killers had entered Dubai on EU passports – thus proving that Brussels-based EUSSR officials were complicitly involved in the murder.

On the 20th January Mr. Mabhouh was murdered in his Al-Bostan Rotana Hotel by two teams comprising the Mossad death squads – who injected him with a drug which induced a heart attack.
They made copies of all his documents – including the room service menu, TV schedule and the Gulf Times - and then departed, thoughtfully hanging a sign on the door with the words “Please do not disturb – heart attack in progress.”

Meanwhile Dubai immigration and military intelligence officials informed the Holohoax Gazette they had been able to identify the suspects who killed the Hamas leader from CCTV footage - stating they all held European passports and were posing as a mix of art students and removals men who were observed in the Al-Bostan Rotana Hotel bar having a celebratory drink together and giving each other congratulatory high fives before leaving the crime scene in a white Urban Moving Systems van.

Israeli news agency ‘Scumwatch’ later boasted the Mossad death squad had interrogated Al-Mabhouh in his hotel room before killing him, and that they returned with “precious information” – which equates to a typical brazen admission of torture and murder in cold blood.

Amnesty International today posed questions that require answers from certain European governments. Which EUSSR country violated international law and gave the Mossad assassins passports for the commission of this murder, and in the process violated the sovereign integrity of another country?

Did the EU passports originate in the UK from the desk of Foreign Secretary and career Israeli apologist David Millipede?

Or is it Germany, the same European nation which – after being yet again reminded of their culpability and guilt for the Nazi Holohoax - recently gifted Israel with U-212 nuclear-weapons capable submarines built fully at the expense of German taxpayers to facilitate the attack and invasion of Iran?

UK High Street betsters Shit-or-Bust Bookies today announced that Germany is the joint odds-on favourite and prime suspect accomplice in this sordid little crime – alongside Mrs. Millipede’s pride and joy.

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