Thursday, 11 February 2010

Chilcot Inquiry Denounced as Anti-Semitic

While the British public might be baying at the moon and demanding of the Chilcot Inquiry a copious letting of blood and for heads to roll in rapid staccato guillotine fashion for the illegal invasion of Iraq, an unlikely broadside of distractive ‘we’re the perennial victims’ hysteria has targeted the Government-appointed investigative commission from the whingeing whacky Shylock front.

Britain’s long-overdue inquiry into the legality of kick-starting the Iraq war on the basis of a caboodle of concocted lies – solely to serve neo-colonial commercial ends - has been dealt a severe blow by a pro-Israeli activist on the inquiry committee who has given an interview to a Jewish West Bank land grabbers radio station accusing his critics of the usual hackneyed sin of 'Anti-Semitism'.

The Iraq Inquiry - led by former civil servant John Chilcot, was set up by Prime Munster Gordon Broon in June 2009 in order to – quote - “identify lessons that can be learned from the Iraq conflict” – and began its foot-dragging deliberations last November.

On 22 November 2009, as the inquiry was finishing its Nth cup of tea and pondering how far the apple cart could be tipped before someone had a nasty accident and was found dead in the woods – courtesy of MI6 and Mossad - a former British ambassador - the respected Arabist Oliver Miles - wrote an article for The Daily Shitraker expressing concern at the fact that two out of the five members (40%) of the inquiry’s committee, Sheldon Scumberger and Maurice Barfmann, were "strong supporters of Tony Bliar and the Iraq war".

Miles further pointed out that both Scumberger and Barfmann were Jewish and active supporters of Zionism – and correctly questioned their objectivity and possible conflicts of interest.

Writing in the Scandalmongers Gazette the following week the celebrity Arabist and Islamic political philosopher Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer hypothesised whether the US Zionists' links to the Iraq invasion would be brushed aside by Chilcot & Co - or nailed to the fence for all to see.

The Sheikh further drew public attention to the nefarious fact that Rupert Mudrock’s News Corporation UK-based gutter press rag - The Times – had savagely castigated Ambassador Miles for sapiently focusing on the Israeli / Zionist dimension in the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq in 2003 - a factor that hitherto had scarcely been mentioned in polite social circles in case someone upset the historically fragile ‘Jewish sensibilities’.

Yet it remains an established fact that the campaign to overthrow Saddam Hussein was initiated - well before 9/11 - by a group of influential American kike neo-cons – most notably Cheney, Bumsfelt, Perle, Kissinger, Rove, Libby, Wurmser, Feith and Wolfowitz - the godfather of the Iraq war.

All members of this money-hungry Satanic cabal were ardent Jewish Zionists – and co-authors of the Project for a New American Century who prayed to their god Mamon for ‘another Pearl Harbour’ – and were more concerned with preserving the security of Israel than that of the US – and achieving the ultimate Zionist ambition of the Greater Israel – stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates - and beyond.

Thus focusing on that undeniable fact, the pro-Israeli bias of the Chilcot Inquiry members Sheldon Scumberger and Maurice Barfmann, both of them supporters of the 2003 ‘Kick Saddam’s Ass’ invasion of Iraq, was a perfectly valid point for Ambassador Miles to raise – and it is equally legitimate to inquire if at any point Chilcot & Co will have the balls to investigate - or even refer to - the UK and US neo-con hawks and their links to Israel.

While even with the current nightmare of global warming adversely affecting the Northern Hemisphere - and weather forecasters prophesying there’s a good chance that Hell might freeze over – don’t count on any such similar Earth-shattering revelations from the Chilcot corner.

On 28 January 2010, Whinge Radio’s "Holohoax Now" programme reported that Sheldon Scumberger, whom it described as a "proud practising Jew and a career Zionist", had expressed "deep unease" at the November news article authored by Ambassador Miles questioning the motives and objectivity of himself and Barfmann.

Critics were quick to point out this was a typical well-worn Jewish / Zionist pre-empting trick to label Miles as a rabid anti-Semite - and by association – Chilcot himself – if he dared even mention Israel and Iraq in the same breath.

The broadcast extracts were taken from an interview given by Scumberger to an internet radio station run by Jewish land grabbers in the occupied West Bank in which he decried Miles’ speculation as ‘getting too close to the truth’.

Scumberger then went into total idiocy mode and referred to anyone who questioned the wisdom of including pro-Israel activists in an inquiry whose purpose was to investigate an Israeli-instigated war as not only vehement anti-Semites but also as neo-Nazi Holohoax deniers.

He further emphasised that more leading figures should speak out against what he described as the crude anti-Israel sentiments circulating in Britain due them turning the besieged Palestinian enclaves of Gaza and the West Bank into Polish-style Nazi ghettos by encircling them with ten meter high Apartheid Barriers – then using this forced containment to practice a political policy of military genocide by applying the ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ philosophy to ‘achieve their ethnic cleansing objectives’ regarding the Palestinian population.

To the amusement of attending media hacks Scumberger went on to level further criticism at UK-based Palestinian sympathisers and the British judge who had recently issued a warrant for the arrest of the dour-faced Israeli PPM (Palestinian Persecution Minister) Tipzi Livid on charges of ‘war crimes’ for her part in the 2008 Christmas festive seasonal slaughter of Palestinian civilians, when she landed in the UK.

He closed his harangue with mention of ‘dire consequences’ for the British government if they embrace the UN’s Goldstone Report on Israeli atrocities – or if any member of the Israeli government was arrested on war crimes charges – regardless of how many Palestinian brats they’ve run over with tanks or barbequed with white phosphorous.

So, what are these threatened ‘dire consequences’ that await us all if Universal Jurisprudence is enacted and Tipzi Livid or any one of her fellow Israeli career war criminals are arrested for ‘crimes against humanity’ if they set foot on sovereign British soil?

Can we expect Mossad to pull another 7/7 false flag bomb attack on the London Underground tube train system and murder more innocent commuters? Perhaps settle for blasting the top off one more double decker bus in Tavistock Square.
Maybe a Bali-style Sari Bar micro-nuke detonated in the drain outside a London nightclub – then blamed on Abu Bakar Bashir and his Jemaah Islamiyah Jolly Jihad patsies once again.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be another set of 9/11 WTC style remote controlled aircraft being flown into the BT Telecom Tower – or the Millennium Wheel - or Norman Foster’s ‘Erotic Gherkin’ – all filmed in 3D Imax by a gang of high-fiving Israeli art students and removals men from the top of St Paul’s Cathedral.

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