Friday, 19 February 2010

UK U-Turn on Israeli Relations

The use of six counterfeit British passports by the alleged killers of a Hamas commander is an outrage, according to Rothshite stooge and career Israeli / Jewish / Zionist apologist David Millipede.

The UK Foreign Secretary who last week vowed to get the law changed so Israeli war criminal politicians could visit Britain to negotiate their arms shopping lists with BAE Systems - and help MI5 bomb the London Underground and double deckers buses at will – yet not fear arrest under the statutes of Universal Jurisprudence - has today vowed to get to the bottom of the scandalous assassination in Dubai’s luxury 7-star Jolly Jihad Hotel, no matter who is responsible – as long as it’s not his good mates in Tel Aviv.

Dubai's police chief, Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer, told a reporter from the Psychopaths Gazette he is 99% certain of the involvement of Israeli Mossad agents in the torture and subsequent murder of Hamas military commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

The international police agency Interpol has issued arrest notices for all eleven suspects, although it admitted their true identities remained obscure – even though the Dubai police department’s collated eye witness reports and CCTV camera footage clearly indicate all eleven suspects looked very ‘Jewish’ – a statement the Shylock Chronicle was quick to castigate as wholly unacceptable and being fraught with anti-Semitic racist sentiments.

British Tory party leader Posh Dave Cameron called for Israel's ambassador to the UK to be asked "some pretty tough questions" – such as “Whodunnit?” - and perhaps be poked with sharp sticks and tormented with a bag of pork scratchings.

Meanwhile, shadow foreign secretary William Vague told Pox News that Israel should issue a "robust statement" announcing its government would never sanction the cloning of British passports – regardless of it having a long and chequered history of sanctioning the extra-judicial killing of political opponents anywhere in the world – especially Bolshie Palestinians complaining about the theft of their country by a bunch of greedy Zionists.

Mr Millipede informed Fux News he "hoped and expected" Tel Aviv would co-operate fully with the investigation announced by ailing Prime Minister Gordon ‘Incapability’ Broon.

The inquiry will be headed by New Labour favourite Lord Mutton of Whitewash and be tasked with seeking to explain how UK passports bearing the names of six British citizens who are not the persons pictured, came to be used by the assassins.

Further to be investigated and established is the truth of why all six were subsequently found dead in the woods the following day – apparently having committed a joint suicide pact with a shared blunt penknife and a bag of pick n mix Co-proxamol tablets – apparently to hide ‘someone’s’ guilt.

While Mossad’s porcine chief Meir Dagan has been accused of organising the torture and murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in his Dubai hotel room, FS Millipede refused to reveal what was discussed – admitted or denied - at the four hour meeting between Israeli Ambassador to Britain Hymie Scumstein and Sir Irwin Bogbrush, the head of the UK's diplomatic service – at Whitehall’s Pit Bull & Pikey Arms pub on Wednesday evening.

However speculation is rife that Sir Irwin has been promised the Chairmanship of the Tesco Greedy Grocer chain - or Mamon & Snobfords Supermarket – if the Mutton Inquiry acts with its customary sloth-like approach to diligence and prudence during the investigation and enforces a 100 year ban on publication of the inquiry's report.

Rispect Party MP George Galloway – anxious to get his personal two-pennyworth in - opined to the Beruit-based Genocide Gazette that assurances of complete innocence from Israel could not be trusted as the "rogue state" had been proven to be run by a bunch of career liars and psycho’s in the past.

“These Zionist gits are rubbing the goyim’s noses in it yet again – displaying their customary brazen arrogance that they can get away with anything - and when the fickle finger of fate points at them they turn on their accusers and label them anti-Semites and Holohoax deniers.”

“They have a long history of knocking off dissidents and rebels that dates back to them murdering Jesus Christ when he got a bit too close to the truth and called the Sanhedrin a bunch of scally twats.”

Conversely, the gospel according to Tipzi Livid – the Israeli ex-Foreign Minister wanted in the UK for war crimes against the Palestinian population of Gaza during the IDF's 2008 Operation Ethnic Cleansing military campaign – told the Jerusalem-based Pogrom Review “The murder was most probably carried out by the Iranian’s Revolutionary Guard – just stirring up trouble for Israel as usual – bumping off Hamas leaders and sticking the blame on us by wearing Jewish disguises – then spreading nasty rumours that we have nuclear weapons.”

The latest news from Al Jazeera reports that one of the suspected Israeli Mossad agents travelling on a forged British passport was arrested by police last night for acting suspiciously while sniffing at - and masturbating over - ATM cash machines in the Abu Dhabi Airport – and has since been flown to Dubai for questioning.

The latest news from Al Jazeera reports that one of the suspected Israeli Mossad agents travelling on a forged British passport was arrested by UAE police last night for acting suspiciously while loitering and sniffing around - then masturbating over – a row of ATM cash machines in the Abu Dhabi International Airport and has since been transferred under heavy guard to Dubai for questioning.

The suspect, Fred Smith of Wigan, confronted with his original immigration entry visa form when coming into Dubai the day prior to Mahmoud al-Mabhouh’s murder - plus CCTV footage of he and his ‘accomplices’ enjoying a celebratory round of drinks and hi-fiving each other in the Jolly Jihad Hotel’s ‘Assassins Bar’ after snuffing the Hamas leader – claimed they were all on a group tour which consisted of ‘art students’ and vacationing furniture shifters who worked for the Jerusalem-based Urban Moving Systems.

However, following a fun Wii ‘water sports’ gaming session in the Dubai police interrogation facility, ‘Smith’ confessed to his ATM cash machine fetish and further admitted his name was actually Seymour Weaselberg and his companions all Mossad agents - but they were only there to witness and record an Iranian Revolutionary Guard death squad snuff the Hamas commander – just as they did with the al Qaeda / WTC terrorist attacks in New York on 9/11.

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