Friday, 12 February 2010

‘Men in Skirts’ Paedo Ring Exposed

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In October 2009 The Daily Shitraker managed to bypass Glasgow-based Levy-McRae's Nonceland media censor, the Wicked Watson (aka the Rasputin of the Glens) and posted a banner headline stating “BBC Hides Truth of Girl’s Sexual Abuse Ordeal”- the shocking story of a special needs Downs Syndrome sufferer, Hollie Greig, who had been subjected to ritual sexual abuse and serial rape at the hands of an Aberdeen-based Satanic paedophile ring over a period of ten-plus years.

After commissioning an in-depth investigation and scheduling an expose documentary the craven BBC hierarchy abruptly did a double take on their actions with the Jimmy Savile expose coverup and under orders from 'on high' dropped the programme project – an action the Scandalmongers Gazette opined was initiated by pressures from ranking members of Nonceland's Edinburgh establishment's Masonic Speculative Society - the Tartan Tadgers - to conceal a decade-long series of ignominious acts of vice by the Magic Circle's BD/SM Violate Club that would cause a Renaissance Pope to blush.

From the age of six years Hollie was repeatedly raped by her scumbag sex addict father Denis 'Ghengis' Mackie - and unemployed bagpipe mechanic and founding member of the Ferryhill Halitosis Society - along with her serial onanist dog wanker and convicted sex offender scumbag brother, Greggie.

Later, Mackie began sharing his wee daughter with a gang of paedophile “swingers” that has been operating in Aberdeen for decades - a cabal of kiddie fiddling deviants that are well-connected, efficiently organised and totally ruthless – and comprised of ranking kilted pederasts and perverts of “high official standing” within the Scottish ruling establishment.

In 2000, after 14 years of terrified silence, Hollie eventually spilled the beans to her Mum, Anne about the abuses. Formal statements were then made to the corruption-ridden Grampian Plod Squad - (whose ranks included the likes of Terry Major - one of Hollie's rapists) - providing all the horrifying details and the names of the kiddie fiddling abusers involved.

These are alleged to have included an Scaberdeen Sheriff and his Deputy Dawg back-up team, senior Plod Squad wallies, social workers, nurses, solicitors, accountants, fire brigade officers, vicars and priests, plus teachers from the now-defunct Beechwood Special School - and a troupe of lesbian nuns.
In fact the list included virtually every profession and trade in the book and across the Four Estates – up to and including the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker – along with Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

The rapes were allegedly carried out at the home of the Ferryhill Witches Coven's High Priestess, code name 'Slimy Sylvia' - and too inside the ceremonial Black Mass dungeons of the local Scottish Rite Freemasons Temple.

Hollie’s original statement to Grampian police detailed how she and seven other young boys and girls were abused in what can only be described as an occult Satanic ritual inside the Granite City-based Church of the Latter Day Catamites on the corner of Ferryhill Road and Cornhole Street - where the helpless kiddie victims were drugged and subjected to ritual blood sacrifices in the wake of the sexual abuse sessions.

The Daily Shitraker has now taken up the banner of justice and is exposing the key issues of the case – particularly the continued refusal by Grampian police to fully investigate the overwhelming evidence of the paedophile rapes, and the wall of silence perpetrated by the corrupt Scottish ‘See you, Jimmy’ establishment to protect their erring - criminal - cronies.

Whilst there has been some general Scottish media coverage, notably in the Daily Shitraker, the Scandalmongers Gazette and the Caber Tossers Review, the media has been conspiratorially silent on what must be one of Scotland’s worst paedophile scandals perpetrated by a clique of ranking porridge wogs known to each other as the ‘Tartan Tadgers’ and comprised of elite establishment figures from both the Axminster and Wilton clans.

A key protagonist in the press silence is purported to be an ex-Lord Advocate, Dame Angelo Dundee Cake – who, in her former tenure as Regional Procurator Fiscal for Scaberdeen in Granite Shitty's real Dark Ages, is alleged to have effectively buried the case as a personal embarrassment to the Masonic Speculative Society and ranking members of Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond's SNP-dominated Holyrood government.

The anti-paedo witch hunters now maintain this was to prevent the exposure and prosecution of her associate and the most influential member of the paedophile ring, Satanic High Priest 'Bummer' Buchanan, from being investigated and arrested, along with the other twenty-plus named members of the kiddie fiddling gang.

Here the egocentric Mrs Angelo Dundee Cake's questionable actions might well present a clear-cut case of perverting the course of justice to protect a bunch of criminal perverts - including serial arsonist and now-convicted international spouse murderer Malcolm Webster who was allegedly involved with the assisted 'pyrotechnic' suicide of Hollie's Uncle Roy

Thus suspicious and angry, many private individuals working directly to obtain justice for Hollie Greig, and joined by a growing number of the general public, now consider that key establishment figures - such as the shameless - untouchable - Dame Angelo Dundee Cake - with direct responsibility for criminal investigations and justice, have made a concerted and continuous effort to conceal the facts from public scrutiny – and the eyes of true Justice.

Corroborating evidence by private investigators and researchers indicates that other than Hollie not one of the twenty-four named child sex abusers – or their victims - has even been questioned by Grampian Plod Squad - a factor confirmed during Robert Green's show trial at Stonehaven in 2012 when such was admitted under oath by a Grampian police officer.

The Scandalmongers Gazette is aware that investigators have just received from the Crown Office, after years of rebuttals, the post mortem report of Roy Greig, the brother of Hollie`s mother Annie. Robert died mysteriously in an alleged car fire in 1997 - with the alleged hit man murderer, McCadger, awarded a medal for bravery. Yep, only in Nonceland - work that fucker out.

Despite extreme inconsistencies in witness statements and circumstances, no inquest ever took place and the cause of death was officially recorded as being due to smoke inhalation.
Conversely the actual post mortem report reveals that the hapless Roy has suffered considerable damage to his skull, several broken ribs and a fractured sternum – injuries normally sustained by being beaten to near death with a pickaxe shaft.

Independent professional medical opinion is of the view that Roy was drugged and had alcohol forced down his throat, battered to death, then shoved into the vehicle and it set alight by the practiced hands of Malcolm Webster and second rate hitman, Sly Cadger McTadger.

Although not revealed at the time, following her uncle’s unexplained death, Hollie told mother Anne that Roy had caught her father Denis sexually abusing her and a confrontation had taken place – with threats of violence made against Roy to keep his gob shut.

In light of the current public clamour for an independent investigation into the heinous deeds of these corrupt kiddie-fiddling establishment figures, one senior whistle blowing Aberdeen policeman revealed to Daily Shitraker journalists that the vice squad had experienced their own paedo’ inquiries suddenly dropped by senior officers as – ‘no longer in the public interest’.

Hardly surprising when one of the main offenders and a member of the paedo’ rapist group was senior police officer Terry Major – along with his podgy bottle blonde skanger of a wife Sylvia - a former haggis strangler and reputed to be the High Priestess of the Ferryhill Black Mass Club.

Here we are presented with a classical case of public officials, while entrusted with protecting the public’s welfare, are consciously and conspiratorially working against the public good.

The officer candidly – and disturbingly – is alleged to have concluded “Scaberdeen’s Chief Constable Colin MacKerracher doesn’t give a shit and is covering up for his Masonic pals. If you want to really get to the paedophiles and sexual perverts you should start around Westminster, Whitehall and Parliament – then work north to Granite City.”

However, if rumours are to be believed, then as Aberdeen’s former Regional Procurator Fiscal, Mrs Elish 'Voldermort' Angiolini, has since become Scotland’s Lord Advocate, in charge of all criminal prosecutions – interested parties in the pursuit of justice for Hollie Greig and the Beechwood ‘Special’ School victims of the Ferryhill paedophile rapists are advised not to hold their breath.

While corrupt official parties of self-interest continue to stall and inhibit the required investigation and prosecutions, the shit will eventually hit the fan - and as shit has the habit of doing once it starts getting thrown around – will be found sticking to more than the usual suspects - as would the Thomas Watt Hamilton (Masonic fraternity paedophile pimp) of Dunblane massacre notoriety had not ranking Mason Lord 'Dirty Douggie' Cullen slapped a 100 year 'under wraps' gagging order on the inquiry report.

Thus for posterity, and too the protection of vulnerable children in Scaberdeen, below is a list of the alleged Hollie-abusing paedophiles thus far named on various websites.

DENIS GHENGIS MACKIE (Father of Hollie Greig, Masonic pal of Buchanan)
GREG MACKIE (Brother of Hollie. Both Mackies fled to Praia da Luz in Portugal to run a EUSSR-affiliated child kidnapping agency franchise)
SHERIFF 'BUCKY BOY' BUCHANAN (Hanging Judge / Satanic High Priest)
SLUTSY BUCHANAN (Sheriff`s Moll)
EVELYN BUCHANAN (Aberdeen Coven Admin)
TERRY MAJOR (Expired Grampian Plod / all-round kiddie fiddling scumbag / lowlife shitbag / Doorman - Gates of Hell)
SYLVIE 'SNAKE EYES' MAJOR (Ferryhill Broomstick Merchant / High Priestess of Au pair Girl Ritual Rape n Sacrifice Ceremonies / Danish Bacon advert / all-round ugly fat fuck)
ANNIE 'GORGON FEATURES' ROYAL (Masonic Apron embroiderer / all-round ugly fat fuck)
WINNY 'NEUROSIS' DRAGON (Black Cat taxidermist / walking halitosis advert / ugly bug troll)
DAVID SMITH (Butt plug mechanic)
GRAEME MACKIE (Dog wanker)
JACKIE MACKIE (Cat wanker)
GILLIAN MACKIE (Colonic Cleanse Nurse / paedo victim druggist)
MICKIE MACKIE (No relation - wanabee kiddie fiddler / Tapas Five volunteer)
EILEEN SIM (Social worker, Bellend Crescent))
ROBERT LYND (Condom Recycling Technician)
HELEN MACDONALD (Social worker / licenced child abductor / Bridge of Don Juan)
IAN MACDONALD (Reporter for Aberdeen's Paedo Review tabloid)
CAROL LOW (Prostate Massage Therapist)
IAN MACDOUGALL (Pimp / solicitor of underage tottie)
ATHOLL SCOTT (Firewood salesman - Bridge of Don Juan, Dos, Tres)
ANDREW YOUNG (Beechwood ‘Special’ School admin / headmaster / discipline committee chairman / paedo pimp)
JOHN TAYLOR - (Holyrood stooge / disinformation agent / black propaganda shill / all-round cunt)
MAGG 'THE SLAG' O'NEIL-SHAW - aka RACHEL KEELEY (MI5 GCHQ troll / Crown Office disinformation agent / paedo scandal coverup merchant / three hole twat rot skanger / all round drunk / venereal disease connoisseur / lowlife cunt in cunt's clothing)
JON 'PYRITE' STEVENSON (Serial onanist / Paedo inquiry Gatekeeper / Satan's little helper)
SARAH 'SKELETOR' MCLEOD (Holyrood disinformation agent / paedo protector / all-round vile shitbag)

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry 'felching-sized' mammals - otters or voles – or Palestinian refugees - were harmed in posting this insurrectionist epistle. However, a large number of Scaberdeen-based paedo ring hoaxters, Magic Circle Speculative Society sodomites and kiddie fiddling Satanist members of the vile Violate BD/SM Noncers Club were suitably cyber-harassed and caused fear and alarm by the TRUTH being publicly broadcast across the global ethernet.

Rusty’s Skewed News Views (Purveyors of Bespoke Satire) - enhanced with a modest touch of Yeast Logic and a piquant dash of Political Incorrectness: a news sheet and media source not owned by Rupert Murdoch and the uber-racist Zionist kikester lobby, committed to the relay of open source information – and immune from litigation under the statutes of the ‘Fair Comment in the Public Interest’ defence - (unless one has the audacity to dare expose, name and shame the membership ranks of Scotland's Masonic Speculative Society 'Nonce Ponce' Magic Circle / Violate BD/SM Club kiddie fiddling cabal – along with their Holyrood Parliament / Crown Office sodomite / paedo-enablers and cover-up protectors).


Anonymous said...

remove this nonsense, it breaks the law.

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Why 'Anonymous'- is your name mentioned in those listed?
Oh my, you term the Truth as 'nonsense' when those named are the breakers of the law.
This 'nonsense' stays posted - and if you consider it breaks the law- then sue me for libel.
I refer you to Arkell vs Pressdram 1971 - 'Fuck off'.

Anonymous said...

Get Interpol to investigate state corruption and cover ups.

Even the UN have a convention on corruption.

The British People need fair unbiased investigation.

The days of getting away with it, are over. Those who fear detailed investigation. WHY ? Everyone else is subjected to it and YES it does ruin lives.

Deal With It . Justice must be seen to be done.

Anonymous said...

This true and factual account and naming the dirty,filthy perverts that abused this vunerable young girl are nothing but vermin scum
and what do you do with vermin, you exterminate them. I am pleased that someone has found out who they all are, and named them, now we know who they are, we can be sure that the dirty criminal paedophiles in Geampian Police will protect them day and night, the present and past Chief Constables of Grampian Police were known to be practicing pedophiles, the Labour Party, the SNP and most of the present SNP Ministers are Paedophiles, so will do nothing to these dirty vermine, what is needed now is to exterminate them as soon as possible. Sheriff Buchanan is throwing out cases of paedophiles being brought to court, he is the protector of paedophiles in Aberdeen, along with that dirty, filty crook the Lord Advocate, she has an overseas Bank Account where paedophiles pays in money so she can protect them, she is vermine scum.

Anonymous said...

You will find paedophiles in Aberdeen Housing Benefit Office, in the Neighbourhood & Noise Control Departments, in the Social Services, Grampian Housing Association staff and Committee. the present Chairmnan of Grampian Housing Association and the past two Chairman were known and practicing paedophiles, you will also find paedophiles in Aberdeen Asset Management, and in Raeburn Christie Clark & Wallace Solicitors
all in Aberdeen. This place is full of paedophiles including the Masonic Lodge, which is a dirty paedophile heaven.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen is criminal heaven, the paedophiles, drug dealers, Bank Robbers, thugs, and gangsters are all protected by the Corrupt Grampian Police, the Corrupt Procurator Fiscal's Office, and most of the Sheriffs in Aberdeen are the criminals best friend, they love the criminals, paedophiles, drunks, drunk drivers, gangsters that carry knives, watch how they continually let them get away with their crimes, are they getting brown envelopes of money from the criminal scum in Aberdeen. Criminals are moving to Aberdeen from all over the UK and Europe, as this is the best place to get away with crime and get protection from a corrupt Police Force and a defunct Criminal Justice System, and we have also a criminal loving Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill. What more could a criminals wish for, they even get Criminal Legal Aid in abundance, welcome to criminal heaven. Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

to the above poster, are you able to name names of the people in the SNP you say are paedos ?

Anonymous said...

Is our Lord Advocate a Paeodophile
and protecting all paedophiles in Scotland. Sheriff Buchanan and the Aberdeen Procurator Fiscals Office are in collusion with each other to have accused Paedophile cases thrown out of court, the Paedophile Buchanan has thrown cases out of court because they had taken three years to come to court, but Paedophiles and sex abusers have been convicted sometimes up to thirty years after the offences. Remember Grampian Police has many Paedophiles working in the force, men and woman.

Anonymous said...

One of the professions that has the most Paedophiles is the Legal Profession, Solicitors, Advocates,
Sheriffs and Judges, next is the Police Forces, then the Procurator Fiscals Offices, then Westminster and the Scottish Government, you can then find them in the Zionist Masonic Lodge controlled press. This is where they can conceal everything from the public, if you control the Legal System and the Press you can do as you like, except for the internet and sites like this that will print the truth. But remember the Masonic Zionist Media is not working hard to try and take control of the internet, and like the Press and Media censor the truth, facts and evidence being made available to the public.

Anonymous said...

Rusty keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Is a FATWA appropriate to be issued on all the Paedophiles named on this site, just like the one that was issued on Salman Rushdie. As the scum Grampian Police will not even interview these dirty Paedophiles, perhaps if they were interviewed one of them may admit what they did to Hollie. So if justice is not done to Hollie perhaps a FATWA is appropriate. You would then see the Criminals Grampian Police jump into action, do you think they would wait ten years to give these dirty paedophiles protection. no chance, they always protect their own right away. It is time we had Justice for Hollie, it will not be done by the Paedophiles that run our country, so it may have to be done by others.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see a website that has people commenting on it that have a good grasp and knowledge of what corruption and criminality is going on in Scotland, the evil and corruption that is being protected and covered up by the Police and Judicial System, the complicity of our MSP and MP in refusing to do anything about this dreadful abuse of Hollie, none of our MSP will even comment or take up the case of the abuse of this innocent child victim. Why do we have or need MSP they do nothing for us, that is unless you are a criminal or paedophile, then they will help them, just like Salmond with the Chinese illegal immigrant who was also a drug dealer, now another SNP Minister is helping another Criminal, is it the criminals the SNP are getting their money from, and is that why they are helping them. One thing is for sure, we have a corrupt government in power in Scotland. But is would make no difference if we got a change of government, as all the Political Parties are corrupt, and have no guts to stand up to criminals or eradicate the criminality in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

It is great to see that you do not have a mederator like the News Papers. They have a moderator, which is effectivelly someone that removes the truth, facts and evidence from your comment, effectively a censor that protect the corrupt. You can get the truth detailed on the Comments page. Obviously no Masonoic Zionists censors employed to remove the truth, fact and evidence to protect the corrupt, and act as a State Censor.

Anonymous said...

There are always moderators, and in this case it is Google. Using Blogger to publish personal details without consent is a breach of the terms of use. I bet you did not ask them?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Get Interpol to investigate state corruption and cover ups.

Even the UN have a convention on corruption. "

Are you kidding man?

UN Child Summit Tells Kids To Have
Sex With Kids, Adults, Animals

UN Child Sex Slave Scandals Continue
Wave after wave of child abuse reports pour forward from all over the globe

UN-backed Troops Accused of Killing & Raping Civilians

The last one has links to more.

We have a problem in the upper echelons.

I think arresting and gagging Robert Green, and issuing a "D-notice" on the corrupt affair is going to boomerang.

I believe more that a dozen Robert Greens have been created in its wake.

IRONSIDE said...

Good job Rusty..So it was Annes husband and son in Portugal that she reported to Police when the alleged abduction of Madeleine had taken place.

Dark Lochnagar said...

You wasted a serious story with shite talk. Leave that for the non-serious stories.

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:03 - it may not have created a dozen Robert Greens but it certainly has spread it far & wide across the blogosphere - and some of them outside the UK so the UK & Scottish Establishment won't be able to gag us.

thelunaticarms said...

Absolutley sickening abuse of power and trust and the main reason I've no problems with State executions for those that deserve it.

Have dugg this item but have put alledgedly due to the fact I've already been banned from Dugg once before and don't fancy another round of their shunning.

Old Holborn said...

Let the noise begin

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

16 February 2010 18:16
Dark Lochnagar said...
You wasted a serious story with shite talk. Leave that for the non-serious stories.

No so - obviously the Truth hasn't worked so far in bringing this scum before Ladt Justice's review - thus I castigate them with satire to expose an establishment system rife with graft n corruption that believes it can get away with arresting Rob Green on a connived charge of breach of the peace and hold the hearing sub rosa.
Amen. Pax vobis.

Fausty said...

Great post. It seems the press are in fear of the law - in the form of a D notice.

Surely, if they all published it, they could defeat any prosecution brought by the government?

As usual, it's down to bloggers to get the truth out.

I'll be nicking your list of offenders for my own post on the subject.

Anonymous said...

The dirty filthy scum Grampian Police the Paedophile Protectors had a warrant and went to Roberts House in England and took his computer and other articles from his home, they are now going to harass and threaten all those Robert was in contact with about Hollie, and will be taking them into custody and threatening them also, welcome to the SNP Nazi state that protect child abusers, criminals,paedophiles, drug dealers, fraudsters, thugs and gangsters.Welcome to corrupt criminal infested Scotland, the world leader in child abuse and paedophilia.

Anonymous said...

You can see how silent th gutter press and media are about the arrest of Robert Green. The Masonic Zionist Press and media are also full of dirty paedophiles and part of the corrupt Criminal Justice System in Scotland. The Criminal Justice System has now be renamed the Criminal Joke System.
and here are the top Jokers. The Lord Advocate, The Chief Constable of Grampian Police, the Justice Minister Mr MacAskill. The Criminal protecting Sheriffs in Aberdeen. The Social Services in Aberdeen who are stealing children with the help of the Corrupt Court
system in Aberdeen.

Levy- McRae said...

Levy & McRae

Solicitors and Notaries Public



With reference to the two ‘news articles’ posted on this weblog on the 12th and 16th February 2010, regarding what you term ‘The Hollie Greig’ case.

The former article dated the 12th inst. has listed within its content the actual names and addresses of certain individuals who are being unjustly accused of wrongdoing with regard to this matter.

Acting upon instructions from those named we thus direct you to remove both these articles from this weblog forthwith and to further cease and desist from disseminating this libelous information elsewhere.

Likewise all attached libelous comments that now accompany these aforesaid posts are to be summarily removed.

Failure to immediately comply with this directive will result in punitive and costly legal action being taken against the author responsible for this weblog.

Peter Watson
Solicitor Advocate

Levy- McRae said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Peter Watson
Solicitor Advocate
Levy & McRae
Solicitors and Notaries Public

Dear Sir,

Apropos your above Levy & McRae communication of the 18-02-10, I am inclined to refuse to comply on the grounds that the Truth – even adorned in a cloak of satire - is a vital ‘sine qua non’ constituent of the wellspring from which Justice should flow.

To wit, and in response, I respectfully refer you to the legal reply contained in Arkell vs Pressdram 1971 – specifically “Fuck off.”


Rusty the Boddington’s Badger

balaclava said...

Peter Watson from that curious law firm was on the panel of inquiry into Dunblane. The results of that "public" inquiry have been locked away from public view for 100 years. This odd fellow has also written a book on Dunblane.
He also has a handy sideline selling powdered whitewash from the back door of his office in Glasgow. Just mix it with water and slosh it all about!

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Ref balaclava's comment viz Watson and Dunblane.
When the excrement starts hitting the fan over Rob Green's contrived arrest and Hollie's case is spread before the public view, then Dunblane and Thomas Hamilton will present issues to be explained also - just connect the dots.

Anonymous said...

This gagging order from Levy and McRae only has jurisdcition within Scotland. So this blog, based in USA is exempt. Tell them to bring it on, the more light that is shone on dark corners the better and lets see if we can get justice for Hollie and the other victims.

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant blog
Keep it up folks, I can smell the seepages of their foul appendages.
These psychopaths are now on the verge of doing something completely stupid, the harder we push, the quicker they will be seen running screaming into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

I see that SCUM BAG Peter Watson from Levy & McRae has threatened the site. That Scum Bag Peter Watson was thrown out of University in Glasgow by the Professor and his papers torn up and was told he was a disgrace to the Profession, he then went to Edinburgh University who take all the SCUM BAGE. Peter Watson threatened me with Legal Action and I told him I will see you in Court, I am still waiting. He is just a bully and a thug, I told him to FUCK OFF. He loves criminals and Paedophiles, I believe he is a Paedophile, and again I say FUCK OFF you dirty Paedophile Peter Watson, go screw Sheriff Buchanan, and the Paedophile Chief Constable of Grampian Police.

Anonymous said...

What we need is strength in numbers.
People who have the attributes of decency, love and caring about others.
This is POISON to the heirarchy. If you are reading this, please give your support to Hollie.

Anonymous said...

I have just found this site when following the Hollie Greig story.
I see Peter Watson is involved in trying his usual tactics of threatening people, Peter Watson has connections with criminals, murderers, crooked and bent Police, in the Police Forces in Scotland, and uses retired corrupt Police to do his dirty tricks on people in Scoland and England. The Death of Hollie Gregs Mothers brother stinks of Peter Watson, that is the type of thing he would be involved in. He will do anything to pervert the course of justice, do anything to protect criminals, and would participate in murder to protect paedophiles in Scotland. I knew him years ago and believe me he is a very unpleasant person, he would not think twice of getting his criminal friends or corrupt Police connections to have you killed. All you supporters of Hollie beware you are all in danger of being murdered on the instructions of Peter Watson and the Chief Constable of Grampian Police and the Lord Advocate, and behind all of this is the Justice Minister MacAskill, and Scotlands First Minister has been made aware of murder attempts and he also will take no steps to prevent further murder attempts. Watch out all you
kind people fighting for justice for Hollie, you are all targets of the Corrupt State. Robert Green was targted on instructions from the highest level in the Scottish Government.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rusty,

I have today been told about your site and have just been reading about Hollie and the Paedophile ring in Aberdeen. I see that Peter Watson has been thteatening you.

Remove everything that he attempts to put on your site, close him down right away.
The Masonic Zionist Gutter Press will print anything and everything Peter Watson says, and will give him as much coverage as he wants in any Press release he does or wishes to do. But the Gutter Press has Solicitors that monitors all reports before they are printed, and what firm do you think that the Gutter Press uses to clear all stories before they are printed. NO PRIZES FOR THE NAME OF THAT SOLICITORS. The Gutter Press will not print or allow our comments to be placed on the comments pages of any reports, and will not allow our
stories to be printed. So Rusty shut down Peter Watson's lies and threats. Remove all of Peter Watson's comments from your site.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how silent the Press is on the Holly Greig story, can you imagine if Sheriff Buchanan's daughter had been abused by a Paedophile ring in Scotland, then the Masonic Zionist contolled Press would have giving that story
front page coverage every day for years.

Anonymous said...

What is amazing about this story, the Sheriff is still sitting on the Bench. He is throwing out other cases of Child abuse, what the Paedophiles in Aberdeen have got is one of their own on the inside, so effectivelly with Paedophiles in the Police protecting them, in the Procurator Fiscals Office, in the Scottish Legal Aid Board, and the Legal Profession, and on the bench, they are untouchable as we have seen in this Hollie Greig case, and our MSPs are also silent on the issue, well that also tell you something about the kind of people that is in charge of Scotland.

Anonymous said...

I see that Sheriff Buchanan has taken out a Civil Interdict against Robert Green in the Court of Session in Edinburgh, that was on the 11th February 2010, and it was delivered to Roberts home that day in England, but he had already left for Aberdeen and had not got or seen sight of it, but when Grampian Police searched his home when he was in custody in Aberdeen they removed the Interdict that was granted in the Court of Session.

dylan said...

I was advised that the internet is alive with articles about Hollie Greig, and I have been perusing through the internet sites on the story. This case of Hollie Greig is unbelievable how the establishment has protected these alleged Paedophiles for over a decade, and the Police have not even interviewed the alleged perpetrators, as far as I am aware the Police must interview everyone in a complaint, so why have most of them never been interviewed by Grampian Police. Grampian Police and how they behave is not surprising to me, they are just corrupt, I have a friend who had his flat raided by a Police Armed Response unit in Aberdeen in August 2008, they were in his flat for hours, he was unwell at the time and was not in his flat, they spent hours in his flat, neighbours heard the Officers smashing up his property, they then left and the Armed Response Unit arrived at his relatives home where he was staying because he was unwell, they arrested him and took him into custody, he was held for four days, he was charged with having a firearm, they stated they had a witness and a statement. He was released on bail by the Court as he had no criminal record. The Procurator Fiscal refused to give his Solicitor a copy of the witness statement, or the name of the alleged witness, after almost a year it came to trial in the Aberdeen Sheriff Court, and the Procurator Fiscal could not produce the witness or the statement and the case against him was deserted, my friend had no firearm, never had a firearm, The Police refuse to process his complaint against them through its complanits procedure, the Procurator Fiscal refuses to process his complaint against them, and the Lord Advocate refuses to process his complaint against her. MPs and MSPs refuse to take up his case, MacAskill is involved in this case, the First Minister is involved in this case, and Stewart Stevenson is involved in this case, three of the top members of the ruling SNP Government, so what has happened to Hollie and Mr Green does not surprise me. People should be concerned at what is going on in Aberdeen, with Paedophiles and a complete breakdown of Law and Order here. The Police and the Procurator Fiscal in this area are clearly involved in perverting the course of justice. I believe Grampian Police were trying to kill my friend, on fictitious, trumped up and fabricated evidence, as they could not bring any witnesses to court, and refuse to investigate the complaints of perjury and defeating the ends of justice of his arrest and charges. He never had a firearm, this shows a Police Force completelly out of control. This is how a Police State behaves, we are now clearly a Police State, and I believe have been for many years now. It will not be long until the Police are shooting us on the streets.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at the site to see if that dirty paedophile Peter Watson had made any further threats
on your site Rusty. It appears that you have shut up the Scum Bag.
He is probably busy being the Bum Boy for Buchanan & McKerracher. Watch out in Aberdeen for them all at Buchanan's sister's house in Aberdeen, the Paedophile Home.

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Anonymous said...
I was just looking at the site to see if that dirty paedophile Peter Watson had made any further threats
on your site Rusty. It appears that you have shut up the Scum Bag.
He is probably busy being the Bum Boy for Buchanan & McKerracher. Watch out in Aberdeen for them all at Buchanan's sister's house in Aberdeen, the Paedophile Home.

19 February 2010 09:08

Cheers matey, I'm pretty safe down here with the penguins - but I appreciate the empathy.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

join this group to be kept up to date on the progress to bring the scum to justice,"We won't allow the state to coverup the Hollie Greig paedophile scandal", thanks.

We have to let everyone know, join and send a request to everyone on your friends list to join, x

dylan said...


dylan said...

Hi Rusty.

Great site, keep that Peter Watson censored, we do not want to hear from that bum boy. Some great comments and many people with good experience of the corruption and criminality in Aberdeen. The corrupt Police Force, Government etc.

Anonymous said...

It has now come to light that Martin Greig a Councillor in Aberdeen that is also the convener of Grampian Joint Police Board is alleged to be a Paedophile. he persistently refuses to challenge the Chief Constable Mckerracher about consistent complaints upheld against the Corrupt Police Force in Aberdeen, it looks as if he is also the Chief Constables Bum Boy.
Between Sheriff Buchanan, McKerracher, Martin Greig and Peter Watson bums are red hot in Aberdeen just now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fausty.

You are quite right about the Gutter Press, they do not have the guts to print anything other than Government Propaganda. But it is the Solicitors that advise them what they can publish, so the Corrupt Legal Mafia keep the press under control. As you said if all the Newspapers published the story about the Paedophiles that abused
Hollie then they would a great victory, but none of the Masonic Zionist Editors have the BALLS to do that, they are all SPINELESS WIMPS, doing what the Lawyers tell them.

Anonymous said...

Visit the Grampian Police website and use the 'Contact Us' page to ask them when they are going to fully investigate and prosecute paedophiles operating in Aberdeen and Scotland.

Also, give Beechwood Special School a ring and ask to speak to the paedophile head teacher, Andrew Young. Make any person you speak to aware of what he has done.

Beechwood School
Heatherwick Road
Aberdeen AB12 5ST


Andrew C. Young
Tel: 01224 238750
Fax: 01224 895452

Ring them, email them, fax them etc. Make it as uncomfortable for him as we can.

Anonymous said...

Further leaking news on Sheriff Buchanan at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.
We have been receiving reports that Solictors were blackmailing Buchanan. If he did not hear certain cases and make the decisions and judgements they wanted him to make they were going to expose his child abuse which was well known in the Legal Profession in Aberdeen, as the Legal Profession is well known as having many practicing Paedophiles. So many cases in Aberdeen over the past 12 years have been a total stitch up by Crooked Lawyers gaining an advantage over the Paedophile Buchanan. Was your case heard by Buchanan, and did you loose it when you should have won it, did Buchanan make an order to take your children into care. Did he make sure you had no further
contact with your children. Did he place your children with foster parents who you may not have known were Paedophiles, were your children placed in care, and which
care homes were they placed in. Get this information up on his site as a matter of urgency. Also coming to our attention another Paedophile Sheriff in Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

Anonymous said...

I see someone has said to visit Grampian Police website which states, CONTACT US. This is good advice, but here is the reality of this CORRUPT POLICE FORCE.
Letters to the Chief Constable McKerracher and other Senior Officers about failure by the Police to respond to 999 calls. They refuse to process that complaint, refuse to investigate that complaint under the Regulations. They refuse to investigate drug dealing and one of the top drug dealers in Aberdeen distributing drugs from his BMW car to other drug dealers all caught on CCTV tape. What everyone must remember THIS IS A CORRUPT POLICE FORCE HEADED BY THE MOST CORRUPT CHIEF CONSTABLE IN SCOTLAND AND ASSISTED BY OTHER CORRUPT SENIOR OFFICERS, and what does the corrupt Justice Minister MacAskill do, rewards him by giving him commendations every two or three months, propaganda to try and distract us from what is actually going on. Probable commendations on the recommendation of the drug dealers in Aberdeen. Remember Oliver back in the 1990s, he was found in the woods in his Range Rover with another married woman. Oliver was just a low life SCUM BAG. A recent report in the P & J in Aberdeen showed that in a survey the people of Aberdeen had lost faith in this Corrupt Police Force. But our corrupt Justice Minister MacAskill will give the corrupt Chief Constable another commendation for that, MacAskill rewards failure, just like the SNP is failing Scotland. Remember Salmond and the SNP government rewards failing Public Services, and pay them more money, give them commendations, and refuse to critisize them, restructure them or close them down, all the snouts in the same taxpayers trough.
So contacting the Criminal Protectors Grampian Police is about as much use as a chocolate fire guard. They are CRIMINAL PROTECTORS, a corrupt Police Force.
Remember we in Aberdeen have to live with the crime here day in day out, and a Police Force that is irrelavant to us the victims of crime.

Anonymous said...

Grampian Police now considering using the terrorism act to protect Paedophiles from being exposed, that is on those that report or expose Paedophiles, and are victims of Paedophilia. Another commendation most likelly on the way from MasAskill.

Anonymous said...

All the homes of the paedophiles named on this site are having regular Police partols in. unmarked Police cars, the Police are keeping in regular contact with them through the Paedophile Officers in the force.

You will see in the Interm Interdict Buchanan has got against Robert Green, Buchanan does not disclose his address, and is care of the Crooked Lawyers Simpson & Marwick. If an individual in Scotland tried to get an Interim Interdict against Buchanan in Scotland, no Solicitor or Advocate would do it for you, or even help you do that. That is how the Legal Profession protects its own in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rusty.

I see you have had nothing further from that Paedophile Peter Watson at that SCUM LAW FORM LEVY & MCRAE.

I see that another page on your site lists the following Child Abusers and Paedophiles.

Lord Granville Jenner (Labour Peer)
Lord Kaufman (Labour Peer)
Lord Leon Britton (Former Home Secretary)
Antony Charles Lynton Blair (Tony Blair, Former PM of the UK.
Edward Heath. Former PM of the UK.
Lord Robertson (Former head of Nato)
Lord Hardie (Former Lard Advocate for Scotland) He is the Judge that has the most cases overturned on Appeal. Does he sit on Paedophile cases, and how many Paedophiles has he helped get away with their crimes. Probably 100s. The dirty Paedophile.
Lord McAlpine (Former treasurer of the Conservative Party. He has been a known Paedophile for years.
Sir Paul McCartney.
Sir Clif Richards.
Kevan Keegan.
Martin Clunes (Actor)
I wonder if that dirty Paedophile Peter Watson is going to represent all these dirty Paedophiles in Interim Interdict Court Actions in the Court of Session, and will that Paedophile Lord Hardie be hearing the cases, I bet he will.
Just in case nobody knew this one Roy Martin the last Dean of the Faculty was also a Paedophile. He likes boys under 8 year old.

Anonymous said...

The Criminals Grampian Police who has that Paedophile McKrracher as Chief Constable. They had over a thousand telephone calls about Robert Green while he was in Police custody. Obviously that Crook MacAskill will send the Paedophile Chief Constable of Grampian Police another commendation, he will soon need a barrow to moved around all his
commendations. McKerracher is now Chairman of the Child Protection Agency in Aberdeen, he will not help protect Hollie because he is a dirty Paedophile, does he have access to Children on the Child Protection List, and does he take any of them home, or does he have any of them staying overnight in his home, how do we find out about this, can anyone help us with this, perhaps McKerrachers neighbours would know about this, please leave any information on this site.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for further threats from that SCUM BAG AND PAEDOPHILE PETER WATSON. He has his Paedophile Murdering Goons monitoring the internet sites to monitor all the truth, facts and evidence of all the known Paedophiles in the Government, Legal Profession, Police, Procurator Fiscals Offices, Crown Office, Courts, Social Services, MPs and MSPs. Come on Watson do not disappoint us, keep threatening this excellent informative truthful site, and let us all get into Court, remember all the Paedophiles will have to appear in Court, what a great day that will be, Including your Bum Boys, the exposure of the filthy scum who have abused children in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

I see that our Criminal & Corrupt SNP Government who has one of the most dishonest, incompetent and corrupt Justice Ministers Scotland has ever had. MacAskill is now going to change the law to protect the Paedophiles, drug dealers, rapists, and every criminal in Scotland, by changing the law so that you cannot name or expose these criminals, or you will go to jail if you do, he is a psychopath, he is going crazy at the moment about these Paedophiles being exposed, his wife even left him, now that tells you something about what he is like. MacAskill is the criminals friend, he will do anything and everything he possibly can to protect these dirty Paedophiles and criminals in Scotland. As you will have seen in the Sunday Post Scotland has more junkies, drug dealers and crime than anywhere else in the western world, thanks to our criminal loving Justice Minister MacAskill. The Police in Scotland are all involved in drug dealing, and senior officers in most towns control and profit from the drugs trade, they get a cut of the drug dealers profits, the drug dealers that get caught are the ones that will not give a large cut of their profits to the corrupt Police. MacAskill wants to silence everyone, silence the internet and allow crime and criminality freedom to flurish in Scotland, unhindered and free from exposure, they have already silenced the Press, Radio and Television, once they have silenced everyone and everything, then the criminls will fully fund the SNP, and we will not be able to say or print anything about that, as everyone knows the drug barons control vast sume of money, and MacAskill wants their funding and he will protect them. Freedom of thought, speach, printed matter is now dead, they have silenced the Press now they must silence the People of Scotland. The Nazi Communist control of Scotland is now almost complete, State controlled censorship almost complete under an SNP criminal funded Government. We are now fighting the enemy within. "A GOVERNMENT ABOVE THE LAW IS A MENACE TO BE DEFEATED"

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

A few more contact e-addy's to report the Aberdeen Mafia's crimes to - for whatever good it may achieve.

Who will investigate these disgusting crimes and coverups and bring justice to the victims?
Is there not one honest man left within the UK's officialdom who will upturn Aberdeen's can of festering worms?

This post is tagged Aberdeen child sex abuse cases, hollie greig, kidnapping, paedophilia, police coverup, robert green,

To boot, one damning leaked internal e-mail sent from the PM’s office computer states that any member of staff who filed a complaint about bullying with the NBH or ACAS was going to get their fingers broken.

Further, it was mentioned that if anybody got ideas about whistleblowing, grassing up, or snitching about Gordon’s violent outbursts and daily tantrums to the tabloid gutter press then Lord Scandalson would arrange for a couple of career paedo’s from New Labour’s Grampian Ferryhill office – such as celebrity Scottish kiddie fiddler Aberdeen Angus MacAskill - to call round with a Social Care Order and snatch their children.

Anonymous said...

Leaking out of the SNP in Peterhead, now known as the SECRET NEW PAEDOPHILES. It is alleged Stewart Stevenson in a Paedophile.
That may be why he refuses to help
anyone with complaints against the Paedophile Police Force Grampian Police, and its Paedophile Chief Constable and Senior Officers

dylan said...

I see the first comment states,
"IT BREAKS THE LAW" What law, are you Sheriff Buchanan the Paedophile. If you have abused children and the corrupt state will do nothing, then you have done nothing wrong or broken no laws by exposing THAT PAEDOPHILE SHERIFF, AND ALL HIS OTHER PAEDOPHILE MASONIC LODGE FRIENDS IN ABERDEEEN THAT ABUSE CHILDREN

Anonymous said...

To Peter Watson,

Hi Scum Bag, what has happened to your threats, have you gone CHICKEN SHIT.We can always get 5000 people to call your paedophile friend Sheriff Buchanan a paedophile one at a time on the streets of Scotland. Then that could be a nice little earner for you, do you think the Paedophile Buchanan has the money for that
interdicts, or 10,000 Interdicts.
He would need to earn extra money to fund the court actions, and again that would be a nice little earner for you, and your
paedophile and Child abuser friend

Anonymous said...

Latest News.

The Paedophile Buchanan is in contact with the following Paedophiles in Scotland on a daily basis. The Lord Advocate, Mrs Currie Regional Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen, MacAskill our corrupt criminal protecting Justice Minister, Peter Watson the Solicitor for the Paedophile Sheriff Buchanan, the paedophile Chief Constable in Aberdeen, and now Scotlands top Criminal Alex Salmond is helping protect the Paedophile ring in Aberdeen that has abused numerous children.
Remember paedophiles always protect each other. Breaking news Stewart Stevenson is now helping to protect the Paedophile Buchanan. All the above will protect the dirty paedophiles but will do nothing to protect these vunerable children that have been abused, this shows you the evil people are in charge of Scotland, they will do everything in their power to protect child abusers in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Hi paedophile Peter Watson. Are you in contact with the paedophiles in Grampian Police, are you colluding with them and the criminals they employ to have further people who are exposing the paedophile ring in Aberdeen
murdered, car fires is the favourtie way that Grampian Police
use to kill people, another way is to kill them and leave them in a field and say the overdosed on drugs, when they had no history of drug misuse, hanging people is another one they use, them say they committed suicide or are you going to use more imaginative ways, like drowning in a bath, jumping from a tall building, or being thrown from a tall building, like Grampian Police headquarters, or just disappearing. Which is your favourite Peter.
As Alex Salmond and MacAskill are now discussing the Hollie Greig case on a daily basis, is Alex Salmond a Paedophile also.

Anonymous said...

I have just been reading his site on the recommendation of a friend of Rusty' comments page.

I see Peter Watson from that firm Levy & McRae was making threats on the site on the 18-02-10. What action has he taken so far other than blowing hot air. I like other people on your site have had dealings with him, and I see others have stated what kind of a pig he is, believe me he is much worse than any comment on this site. If you see anything filthy in the gutter, you will find Peter Watson sitting next to it. He is in his element in the gutter, that si where he came from. I see what happened to him in the University in Glasgow when he was training to be a Solicitor, they found out what he was like way back then.

Anonymous said...

Peter Watson at Levy and McRae.

Some interesting observations and information on Mr Watson, what is the Law Society of Scotland saying about all his, remember Yelland is a paedophile so he will be have his ear close to the ground, his telephone hotline to all those paedophiles will be active day and night, always eager to help a fellow paedophile.

Anonymous said...

Great site Rusty.

I see Levy and McRae have been threatening you with legal action, Peter Watson will try to move heaven and earth to protect that Paedophile Buchanan. I wonder what he would do if his daughter was abused by a paedophile, would he threaten to take anyone to court that gave him the identity of the perpetrator who abused her. Perhaps if it was Sheriff Buchanan
he would allow him to abuse her,
and he would probably tell his daughter she should feel privileged to have been abused by Sheriff Sheriff Buchanan.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeenshire. 27/02/2010 14:01:38
I see the Nicola Sturgeon wrote a letter to help the person accused of Benefit fraud, Alex Salmond wrote letters to help an illegal immigrant who has been charged with growing and distributing cannabis. But not one MSP or MP will comment or do anything to help HOLLIE GREIG. Well that silence sums up Scotland. Under this SNP Government we have become a haven for Criminals, Drug Dealers, Fraudsters, Paedophiles, Knife Crime. Our Police Forces are corrupt, we have a Corrupt Lord Advocate, a Corrupt Justice Minister, Corrupt Sheriff's and Judges. People from all over the world should consider very carefully ever visiting Scotland, or having any dealings with this dark country. But criminals and paedophiles are coming from all over Europe to live in Scotland, it is the best place for criminals to live and flurish, they will be free to do as they like here. Our banks are bankrupt,
the Bankers are still paying themselves bonuses, our money when they are still making massive losses. That is how the Civil Service and Government work, steal our money and pay themselves whatever they want. RBS and the Bank of Scotland are now effectivelly state owned, so they can now do as all the rest of state controlled organisations do, steal as much taxpayers money as possible for themselves. More snouts in the taxpayers trough

Anonymous said...

I see that Paedophile protector Peter Watson has not been able to shut down the site. So the Paedophile Peter watson ofb Levy & McRae has been defeated again. Thuth always triumphs ove evil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rusty, I see that Peter Watson of Levy & McRae has not been able to have your site shut down, I think he is to busy protecting that Junkie Paedophile Steven Purcell at Glasgow City Council to do anything about your excellent and informative site, one of the very few places we can read about State funded abuse of vunerable children Scotland, with the full knowledge of our First Minister that Crook Alex Salmond, and his Crooked friend Kenny MacAskill, and all Scotlands corrupt MSPs who have refused to comment on this abuse of Hollie Greig, so effectivelly they are assisting in the cover up, and have not given any support or assistance for Hollie, this is the SCUM that represent us in Scotland, a bunch of dirty paedophile loving thugs.

Anonymous said...

Whilst reading through your excellent blog my virus scanner was called into action three times.

I am in Germany and a number of us here are aware of this story and much more. We are directing who we can to this and other sites dealing with this subject.

Keep up the good work. It is a question only of time and perseverance before these people are in court.

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 10:17:15 -0800
Subject: [Rusty's Skewed News Views] New comment on ‘Men in Skirts’ Paedo Ring Exposed.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "‘Men in Skirts’ Paedo Ring Exposed":

Whilst reading through your excellent blog my virus scanner was called into action three times.

I am in Germany and a number of us here are aware of this story and much more. We are directing who we can to this and other sites dealing with this subject.

Keep up the good work. It is a question only of time and perseverance before these people are in court.

Cheers for the support. No viruses attached to any of my articles or blog as far as I'm concerned.

Perhaps the Powers of Darkness might have embedded something nasty.

Check out the attached blog links of my articles - all of which reference the same - including the latest Glasgow-based criminal politico burgeoning scandal.

Keep the Faith,


This post is tagged hollie greig, kidnapping, paedophilia, police state, robert green

dylan said...

Let us now look at the dirty paedophile junkie Purcell of Glasgow City Council, and the protection that the Corrupt Labour Party in Scotland & England has given him. Was Purcell Brown's bum boy. And where you have paedophile junkies in Scotland you will always find that piece of vermin slime Peter Watson of Levy & McRae. Peter Watson has been involved with Purcell in the theft of millions of pounds of Legal Aid over the past few years. A fraudulent sham they worked together in stealing money from SLAB. How many junkie paedophiles inside SLAB are involved in this scam, and how much has Peter Watson given them in commission for assisting him and Purcell with this fraud, which involves the labour and SNP governments at the highest level, both north and south of the border.

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

With reference to Dylan's comment above viz Glasgow Council and Purcell's sudden departure see this post - already hit with threats :

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Well, Ali or Monty - whatever yer name really is - heres' yer reply to yer threats.

Jockland's Masonic Mafia & abuse of official office & powers

Funny old world - our Tim will be right pleased to see his name in the press - good bit of libel there for a wee earner.
Just been chattin to Rob Green n Davy Icke on the old IM viz yer 'threats'.
Now wouldn't it be the height of fucking irony if you can get a nasty hatchet job about me Skewed News Views blogsite splattered across the media and we, for the merry Hell of us, can't even get the Hollie Greig sexual abuse case a single mention in the south of the border UK press.
That's when yer sorta know something major's fucked with the law and justice system in this once sceptred isle of ours.
Anyways, apologies fer libelling yer 'deceased' buddy - but he did keep bad company - probably jest like you - Tut.
So, keep up the abusive n threatening comments on me blog site - at least someone's reading it.
Oh, and the e-mails if yer not too busy covering up scandals.
I always fancied me own personal stalker - especially a deranged weirdo in a kilt - followin' me with his skean dhu drawn.
But hopefully not a kiddie fiddler too are ye - like the rest of yer associate clan up there?
Might catch ye in Berwick-upon-Tweed this Sunday.
Jake - the other / right Rusty.

dylan said...

Hi Rusty,

I see that the dirty Paedophile and criminal protector Peter Watson appears to have been involved is silencing the Herald Newspaper in Glasgow in the past.
That piece of vermin Peter Watson of Levy & McRae appears to be at the centre of all paedophilia, drug dealing organised crime and suppressing the media from exposing the murder and abuse committed by his alleged clients. He most likely has a share in all this slime and filth in Scotland. It is about time the Serious Crime Unit investigated him, but they are controlled by the dirty paedophiles in Westminster, this can put a stop to by Ministers, but we could get Customs & Excise to investigate Peter Watson, but again the paedophiles in Westminster control Customs & Excise, perhaps we need a Fatwa on Peter Watson. The Professor who tore up his papers and threw him out of Glasgow University and stated he was a disgrace to the profession, obviously had him sussed out long ago, pity Edinburgh University was not so cleaver as to have thrown him out also.

Anonymous said...

The paedophile Sheriff Buchanan is still on he bench in Aberdeen Sheriff Court, helping the corrupt Procurator Fiscal Mrs Currie and the Corrupt Lord Advocate Elish
Angiolini protect Paedophiles in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. The Lord Advocate, Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen along with other Sheriffs and Court Staff are making sure Sheriff Buchanan is hearing all Paedophile and Child abuse cases, and either throwing them out of court, or giving the perpetrators suspended sentences. This has been given the green light by Scotland's corrupt Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill
and Scotland's top crook Alex Salmond, Remember SNP stands for
Scottish National Paedophiles,

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent blog on this and also the other links posted. Thanks, for making this information available. I'll be posting links from this site on face book soon.

With the scottish election imminent what can we do to move this forward? I live in Toronto and want to get involved in some way to expose this. I'm sure similar corruption is occurring all over the world. Any suggestions please?

I'd like to draw people's attention to X-Ray scanners being used in Airports. As the images of naked children with name and details will surely get into the hands of these vultures whom seem to be getting more desperate. Now with X-Ray scanners, politicians will no longer need to download child porn on the Net using their credit card details and thus being on the FBI watch list.

Now these guys can do it all for free without risk of exposure and completely protected by the state!

Is this the real reason for X-Ray scanners but being promoted under the guise of protecting airport security???

Anonymous said...

With regards to McAlpine there are more allegations below. If any of this is true, and I hope it isn't, then he really needs to be brought to justice. He's a dangerous man and could still be harming children out there.

Tiny Puddles said...

The OFFICIAL Greg Lance-Watkins Blog!

Anyone wishing to promote GREG LANCE-WATKINS 'STORY' and lies about Hollie (whom he has never met), or Anne Greig (who he has also never met) and the lies he continues to trell is encouraged and requested to read the facts & details on the blog below. Thank YOU for any links or help YOU can give to exposing Greg Lance-Watkins for the old fraud he is.

~ EVERY Posting was Approved By "Fans of Greg Lance Watkins" until 30-Apr-2010


In a Quest for the truth and desire to ensure Justice is seen to be done and that Anne & Hollie get the care they need to protect them and the dishonest and corrupt like Pabs Diabs, Gabe Nelson, Elish Angelioni, and others that are hiding the facts about the high-level pedophile ring in Scotland and their like are dealt with by the law - Do read the whole of this site and if you wish to discuss it in an adult and courteous manner visit: HOLLIE GREIG/ROBERT GREEN AN OPEN DEBATE ON THE EVIDENCE The ONLY site that is posting establishment lies and distorting the truth.

CAVEAT - Please beware of ALL other sites NOT bearing these links & caveat.

inchirieri apartamente cluj said...

It is a great article that points out the suffering that Hollie was put through. I cannot imagine throught what she has been through. And for several years. It must have been so hard for her to tell anyone. Shame on all "Scottish Sheriff, senior plods, social workers, a nurse, a solicitor, an accountant, a fire officer, vicars and priests - and lesbian nuns." Nobody couls stand out for her! Shame on you! Monsters! These people should be punished. They are definitely sick people, evil people!

Anonymous said...

Another Paedo for your list, William Alexnder 29c Clifton Court ,

Anonymous said...

andrew said...

LIVE TONIGHT friday AT 7PM gmt 2pm eastern standard time ON CRITICAL MASS RADIO


visit the cmr site and join in the chat room


The Earth needs rebels shows on cmr.

Hollie Demands Justice Campainer.


Rusty Jnr said...

Come Tim's contrived trial in Aberdeen in February for being responsible for the posts on his son's weblog - just because his name is on their home phone bill and internet broadband contract then this elitist paedophile ring and their protector - the complainant in this case - will be fully exposed'

Malcolm said...

See the latest expose post:

Exposing the Hollie Hoax 'Hoaxters'.