Friday, 12 February 2010

MP’s Unqualified Arrogance Sparks Protests

The New Labour party's Minister for Housing and Planning, John Healey MP, opined to an interviewer on the BBC ‘Twats Hour’ programme today that, for some people, having their home repossessed by a profit-grasping bank or building society is the best thing that can happen if they can’t sort out their finances and honour the extortionate mortgage repayments.

Healey, a former wheelbarrow salesman and currently the MP for Wankworth in Crapshire, seems to forget that common peasants don't have the entitlement and security of being able to claim expenses for a second home – or mortgage payments – like privileged nabob MPs do.

Can some hapless unemployed blue collar worker - that possibly made the appalling mistake of voting Labour in the last election - claim mortgage interest payments of £691 per month? Of course not – but Healey does.

How about claiming £1,431 to replace a front door damaged by a bailiff’s boot? No way on expenses – unless you’re John Healey MP.
An expenses claim of £7,612 for the elite craftsman Victorian Sash company to refubish your timber windows? – see John Healey.

£1,317 for a new bed, a sofa and some shelving units; £95 for a swivel chair from Ikea and £25.98 for a couple of pillows – all on expenses – when you’re an MP.
How about £129 for a portable television – even though you claimed £299 for a television the year previously? No prob’s – not when you’re John Healey MP.

The taxpayer even picked up a £16 bill for two days’ worth of Congestion Charge payments made by a locksmith working at his ‘second home’ in London – plus remunerating his regular weekly claims for food, utilities, phone bills, bog rolls and cleaning services.

To cap this disgusting hubris Healey, as a Minister, draws an annual salary of £101,713 – which includes his basic £61,820 MP’s pay – and has expenses galore to draw on from the public purse. No money worries for Johnny from Rotherham.

Nope, Healey and his elitist ilk in Parliament have their bread buttered. They’re not going to have homes repossessed and end up camped in the in-law’s garden shed with the missus and three kids – at best – or squatting in a cardboard box on a canal bank.

For Christ’s sake – even an MP’s pet ducks get secured housing - in the shape of floating pavilions – and all tax-payer funded.

Tory shadow housing minister Grant Shatt told the Scandalmongers Gazette "This proves once again that Labour ministers have completely lost touch with reality and are back to talking through their arseholes."

Liberal Democrat housing spokesperson Sarah Muffrot told Pox News “Mr Healey should just shut the fuck up.”
"Labour has no idea what life is like for victims of the recession and John Healey – especially so as Minister for Housing and Planning - needs to get out more before he starts dismissing the misery of homelessness as being good for people.”

Current statistics indicate repossessions in the UK have reached a 14-year high - whatever that means.
The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) informed Fux News that 46,000 homes were repossessed in 2009, the highest number since 2008.

A doom and gloom forecast for 2010 focuses on the 205,000 arrears cases being adjudicated in the courts - and the 53,000 properties already under repossession orders - just waiting for a bailiff’s boot to kick the front door off its hinges.

Are you out of a job and worried about repossession? Have social workers taken your kids into care yet? Have bailiffs seized your cat? Have you considered a Swiss style ‘assisted suicide’? Do you think John Healey’s a prize twat?

If any of the above points apply to your circumstances why not consider standing as an MP for your constituency in the forthcoming General Election - and putting your housing and money worries behind you.

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