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Israeli Politico Gives Dubai Murder Thumbs Up

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The outlaw state of Israel’s Kadima party opposition leader - and ex-Foreign Minister – Tipzi Livid has applauded the controversial torture and subsequent murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamas militia commander, in Dubai’s luxury 7-star Jolly Jihad Hotel.
The political assassination is suspected to have been carried out by a group of Israeli art students and furniture removers working for the terrorist state’s psychopathic intelligence agency Mossad.

Livid, a rabid Israeli Sabra jingoist – who is know to her colleagues and foreign diplomats alike as ‘Zippy the Nutter’ and for ‘not being a full shilling’ - informed the Genocide Weekly "The fact that a scumbag Palestinian who supported Hamas was killed - and it doesn't matter if it was in Dubai or Gaza - or Vatican City - is good news to those of us committed to fighting Islamic terrorism. This man was an anti-Semite and a Holohoax denier and deserved to die for wanting his homeland back.”

This is thought to be the first occasion a top Israeli politician has been so blatant - and stupid - as to make such arrogant comments since the 1992 death of the motor-mouthed ex-Slime Minister and Skeletor look-alike - Manky Menachem Begin.

However the coprophagous Livid, a controversial hard-core Zionist who is labelled with a well-established reputation for opening her big gob to rant and rave before engaging brain - was recently forced to cancel a trip to Britain due an international arrest warrant being issued against her in the UK under the statutes of the Universal Jurisprudence legal code for her part in the execution of war crimes against the Palestinian civilian population of beleaguered Gaza during the IDF’s 2008 Christmas festive season Happy Homicide ‘fish in a barrel’ attacks on the illegally blockaded enclave.

Diplomatic tensions between certain European countries and the rogue state of Israel have swollen like a septic carbuncle on a baboon’s arse since it was discovered that the bottom-feeding Mossad agents working for Dominic Suter’s ‘Urban Moving Systems’ – and students from Tel Aviv’s ‘Hi-Fivers Art College’ - had travelled to and from Dubai on a mix of forged British, Irish, Dutch, French and German passports (all countries that bear a past history of backing Zionism and being serial Israeli apologists) to interrogate and snuff the hapless Mr. al-Mabhouh.

Immigration and police officials in Dubai are further incensed that the Israeli death squad lied on their entry visa forms by listing the reason for their visit to the UAE as ‘Tourism’ and not ‘Political Assassination’.

Dubai’s Immigration Minister Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer told Lech Tiezdayen, the editor of the Psychopaths Gazette “This was a highly illegal act which could have resulted in their being arrested and deported - and stamped ‘persona non grata'.”

Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was found dead in his hotel room on the 20th January, having been repeatedly electrocuted through the skull with a high-voltage Taser gun – plus his scrotum stamped on by a size 10 Israeli army boot - then suffocated with a Greedy Grocer ‘Bag for Life’ – just to make sure he was really dead and not faking the issue.

The current Israeli Foreign Minister, the xenophobic Sheldon Rosenscum, responded to allegations of a Mossad plot last week by telling the Orla Guerin Review "Israel never responds, never confirms and never denies – even if we did do it – which we might have done – but we’re not saying, so fuck off you goyim twat."

The Israeli secret service Mossad has been widely accused of expediting the torture and murder but Israeli Slime Minister Binman Nuttyahoo has repeatedly asserted there is no proof its agents were involved.

Even the porcine Tipzi Livid – once her kibbutz' shapely ‘Miss Sharlila’ contestant - deferred from boasting that Mossad was behind the killing – stating instead that "The entire world must support those fighting Islamic terrorism.”
“Forget the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan of Palestine - any comparison between terrorism and those fighting it is immoral. We are God’s chosen people."
“This is why we have built the Great Wall of Apartheid around Gaza and the West Bank – to keep the terrorists inside.”

Were you in Dubai on the 20th January? Have you recently had your passport cloned by dodgy Shylock types? Do you support Islamic terrorism? Where were you on 9/11? Are you a kike art student? Have you even worked for Urban Moving Systems? Do you have any personal knowledge of who killed Cock Robin? Do you know the current whereabouts of celebrity nanny-basher Lord Lucky Lucan?

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Once you have ticked the terms and conditions box a selection of your comments may be sent to Mossad displaying your name and address unless you meet the blackmail payments demand on schedule.

Thought for the day: If a bear shits in the woods and there’s no-one around to smell it, does it still stink?

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