Monday, 20 December 2010

US Warmonger Gates: Fuck Public Opinion

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In a live televised press conference at the Shite House on Friday, Secretary of Sleaze Hilarious Rodent Clinton (the Mena Mafia’s murderous Matriarch) played her usual ‘appeal to fear’ card in trying to bolster public support for the 'Hunt al Qaeda / Kill the Taliban' Afghan War, even as polls clearly demonstrate that the American public are overwhelmingly opposed (sic – read “totally pissed off”) to continuing the occupation, already in its tenth year and as near to being won as President O’Barmy ever producing his real birth certificate.

The Rodent’s comments urged Americans to see the war as “patriotic and protecting their families from Infidel barbarians who hate our Democratic freedoms” – (plus ensuring the military-industrial cabals warmongering profits keep flowing in)

Conversely, as it was obvious to any fucker and their dog with two brain cells to rub together that Clinton’s pep talk was more at scent than substance and just another pile of bureaucratic bullshit, the Secretary for Overseas Aggression, Robert Gates, had a somewhat more frank piece of advice for Americans and the media when he stood at the lectern.
Specifically, that advice amounts to the fact the AIPAC-controlled O’Barmy administration in Washington DC (District of Criminals) doesn’t give a flying fuck what the American voting public think – because the Afghan – and too the expanding Pakistan - conflicts aren’t going to end in the foreseeable future - no matter how unpopular and costly to the tax-payer the whole fiasco gets.

Gates, a former CIA scumbag, and a man with profound learning difficulties, whose bloated ego far surpasses his limited intellect, insisted that the government was more interested in the long-term benefits of the war than its massive unpopularity – with ‘long-term’ being construed as per the original Project for a New American Century’s forecast – a century of warfare on a global scale - protecting the interests of the US arms industry; guarding vital Socal gas pipelines, having a vice-like grip on Afghanistan’s opium crops – plus, most important of all, keeping the body bag manufacturers in work.

While the moronic Gates didn’t actually indicate a time scale for “long-term” – both the RAND Corporation - and the Hudson Institute’s Department for Advanced Guesswork – believe this will perhaps be a lot more than the nine years the US has already been in Afghanistan since the illegal invasion in 2001.

That kick started their pantomime ‘War on Terror’ - which to this very day is still short of one vital ingredient: lashings of good old-fashioned ‘terror’ – apart from that provided by Mossad’s false flag op’s to scare the West into “Save us all!” mode - and bovine compliance to accept a CCTV camera on every street corner – and get your DNA unzipped and shredded by the insta-tumour tetra-hertz radiation emitted via the full body scanners - or suffer the perverted indignities of TSA-style grope-searches by some lard-arsed moron in a uniform.

In this regard Gates is continuing with the Dubya Bush administration’s (AIPAC’s) belligerent kikester rhetoric (unqualified arrogance) - that massive unpopularity really doesn’t matter when the ruling Shylock elitists have decided that bad war or good war – it’s going to continue, and the bleeding heart humanist critics of administration policy will inevitably be drowned out by the enormous echo chamber of ultra-Zionist-owned media and Israeli-American US government officials who see an endless, failing war as politically and financially expedient – and to their benefit. Win or lose – the banksters win – just like Vietnam.

Alas, as they expand their profitable war in Central Asia from Afghanistan into Pakistan – chasing bogey men and non-existent terrorists - do they not realise - these ultra-Zionist kikester moronic klutz’s – AIPAC and Co, the crew controlling Project RAND and the US PNAC - that just as they clandestinely supplied the Taliban Dan Gang in the 1980’s with technical training and military ordnance – specifically shoulder-fired ground to air Stinger missiles to bring down the Soviet’s choppers – that today someone – from somewhere (Axis of Evil) – might just be supplying the same Taliban mujihadeen with similar weapons to fight NATO’s Infidel Zionist invaders who would spit on Islam and grow opium on their lands – just to control the global drug trade?

Oh my, this entire Protocols of Zion cum Project for a Jew American Century scam is going to turn out like Groundhog Day – but without the happy ending.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck AIPAC and their Jew World Order.

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