Friday, 10 December 2010

Royal Parasites ‘Kettled’ by Student Mob

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The man who might, God forbid, one day be King of this once green and pleasant sceptred Isle of Albion last night copped the sharp end of our nation’s student ire over a duplicitous Libservative government’s decision to treble university tuition fees in a bid to either dumb down future generations to the level of apathetic sheeple – or saddle them with a lifetime of debt.

Prince Chazzer and wife, the Duchess of Cornhole, fortunately experienced first hand the wrath of an angry mob of youthful protesters when their shit-for-brains security detail imprudently decided to drive along Regent Street through the centre of the tuition fees hike demonstration cum riot rather than take the long way round to the Palladium on Argyll Street in Soho for Gorgonzilla’s regular Thursday night bingo session.

When their Rolls-Royce Phantom became stuck in the surging pedestrian traffic, radical elements were quick to take up the offensive to make a political point, and employed the Plod Squad’s tactic of ‘kettling’ the luxury vehicle, then bombarding it with a hail of missiles, including litter bins, bricks, paint, empty cider bottles, dog vomit and a bucket of over-ripe pigeon shit.

While Gorgonzilla went into headless chicken hysterics and shit her knickers, howling "off with their heads!"- Chazzer held up his hands in one of his customary slack-jawed gestures that exclaimed “What the fuck - I’m innocent” – much as the moronic King Louis XVI of France did in 1793 as the tumbrel rattled across the cobbled streets of Paris towards Madame Guillotine.

While attending a reception earlier that afternoon at Clarence House, the bat-eared prince and his chain-smoking partner apparently joked about the futility of the demonstration, with Gorgonzilla issuing a typical Marie Antoinette politically-incorrect comment of “Let them attend the University of Life”.

Hopefully experiencing a mob of marginalised and discontented common peasant types adorning their Roller’s bodywork with a gallery of artful dents might serve to at least illuminate these privileged parasites – leeches sucking on the lifeblood of British society – of the temporal and precariousness of their position as Royalty – as that established buffer between the wretched, vengeful poor and the Nobility of the Second Estate – the middle class - is hounded and ground into extinction.

They would do well to remember 1789 and the blood-soaked violence and Great Terror of the French revolution which saw the end of the Bourbon scum - and 1918 when their Russian Romanov genetic mongrel contemporaries copped for it in a cellar in Yekaterinberg – compliments of the Bolsheviks.

Yet one ponders if such would occur to an inbred clot like Chazzer, who’s never had to put his hand in his own pocket in his entire life – and why so when some asinine superstition and divine dictate allows him to stick it into the public purse at his convenience.

So too with this shambles of incompetents that constitutes the human resource components of our Libservative coalition government. Have these morons wholly overlooked or forgotten the tenets and lessons of history? – to ‘invest in their nation’s youth’.

Hence, little wonder at this display of student and public discontent concerning the total mismanagement of public affairs and finances – plus the breaking of election manifesto commitments, then denying us the right to the twice promised referendum that would see the British electorate veto our membership of the draconic and graft-ridden EUSSR in Brussels and become an insular and sovereign state once again.

This is the same government that is currently working against the statutes of established British laws and Universal Jurisprudence to accommodate the whims of Zionist Israeli war criminals - just to please Baron Ja’ackoff Rothshite and his cabal of kikesters. The Tory Party ‘Friends of Israel’ indeed. How about a Tory party Friends of Britain?

Britain is not only ‘Broken’ but also now stands ‘Betrayed’ by the corrupt politicians tasked with conducting the affairs of state. However, while we can’t cure stupid we can vote it out of office come the next election – and stick a cross – en masse – in the UKIP box.

Were you involved in yesterday’s student protests and the tuition fees demonstration? Do you agree with the government’s decision to shackle and yoke you to a lifetime of debt simply because you want to get an education that was once for free to all tax-paying citizens under the welfare state? Did you manage to put the boot into Chazzer’s Roller? Do you have any cellphone pix of Gorgonzilla screaming her wrinkled head off?

Send your comments using the online reply form below and you could win a visit to the Tower of London – as an inmate.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Thought for the day: Tory PM Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron, London Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense and Met Plod Squad chief Sir Paul Stephenson might well condemn the harsh treatment eked out on the Royal convoy last night by rioting students and other assorted political radicals and social anarchists, and launch ‘an immediate and full inquiry’ etcetera, et al, into ‘what went wrong’ with the crowd policing effort.

Conversely it’s a pity they don’t apply the same criteria and official leverage to the assault and murder of innocent news seller and passer-by Ian Tomlinson by one the Met’s Plod Squad thugs – specifically PC Simon Harwood – during the G20 demonstrations in London last year. Almost two years on and still ‘a case of ‘justice denied’ – just like the Dr David Kelly assisted suicide fiasco – and the MI5-Mossad executed 7/7 false flag terrorist attack London tube bombings.

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