Friday, 24 December 2010

Palestinians get Merry Ethnic Cleansing

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The Israeli Defence Force’s Renta-Thug Brigade is getting off to an early start with their customary Season of Goodwill and Peace to all Men on Earth (except Palestinians) with an ethnic cleansing campaign aimed at the hapless residents of the illegally occupied West Bank - by demolishing homes and shops - and kidnapping children for their internal organs to feed the kikester's transplant donor black market.

While the decadent Christian West busies itself preparing for Yuletide, Israel’s Chosen People have accelerated their campaign of ethnic cleansing in the Occupied Palestinian Territories - to advance their manifest destiny ‘Children of the Covenant’ drive for lebensraum - living space – at the cost of more Palestinian lands being subverted and stolen.

During the Christmas holidays two years ago, the-then Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, delivered a personal racist-inspired festive season message to the population of Gaza when he launched a massive artillery and aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip - besieged behind Israel’s Great Apartheid Wall - followed by the 22-day long Operation Kill Every Fucker’s full-scale invasion. This year, it appears that a pre-Christmas offensive has started with an aerial missile attack on a Gaza dairy - and a spate of insidious home demolitions around Bethlehem - heralding a repeat of the ‘no room at the inn’ scenario.

So, has there been a single word of condemnation uttered by the AIPAC-Shylock controlled US government – or the nations of Europe – or the UN? Nary a squeak.
Nobody seems to give a flying fuck that Israel flaunts UN resolutions and carries on in its habitual manner - regardless of international laws and conventions, committing crimes against humanity and further running up its war crimes account to surpass anything the Nazis supposedly did to them during the Holohoax.

This wave of bad news coming out of Israel wasn’t fabricated by a shit-stirring PLO or Hamas propaganda unit but sourced from a report issued yesterday by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Occupied Palestinian Territory) - which announced for the public record that hundreds of homes and shops were demolished – and agricultural lands and crops, along with orchards of fruit trees, palms and olive groves bulldozed in the occupied West Bank during the first two weeks of December – to make way for Israeli settlers.

While demolishing the homes and destroying the farm lands of impoverished Palestinian villagers is tantamount to evil, then the Kikester scumbags are confiscating their property including all livestock - sheep and other animals – and just to demonstrate the magnanimity of Israeli justice and rub salt into the wounds, the owners are being coerced to pay the expenses incurred by the confiscations.

Khara ibn Himar, a shepherd in the Nablus village of Aqraba who refused to pay for having his home demolished was beaten to a pulp by the usurping settlers, who then doused his sheep with gasoline and set them afire. Nice people eh, God’s Chosen and their unqualified chutzpah and the guiding motive for these criminal actions being the Judaisation of Aqraba, the same notorious call that is used for the racially-motivated Judaisation of Jerusalem.

Hmmm, the highly questionable moral attitude of Judaism towards those they term ‘goyim’. So much for that old time religion.

Conversely if these barbaric acts were to take place in any other part of the world, Europe included, they would be condemned as the genocidal ethnic cleansing crimes they constitute – with examples of war crimes and crimes against humanity charges filed against African leaders and too those of the Balkan states – with offenders tracked down, rooted out, rounded up and tried before the International Courts.

While the German Nazis war crim’s who missed out on Operation Paperclip and the Vatican ratline escape routes to South America, ended up getting tried at Nuremberg, obsessive fanatics such as Wiesenthal’s ilk are still on the trail of surviving Nazi SS geriatrics to this very day.

Justice seems to work okay on non-Zionists as just yesterday the former Argentine military ruler Jorge Videla has been sentenced to life in prison for crimes against humanity. Merry Christmas, Jorge.
Serbian Slob’ Milosevic; Kosovo thug and ex-PM Ramush Haradinaj; Liberian kleptomaniac and mass murderer Charles Taylor; President Paul Kagame in Rwanda, and Sudanese shitbag Omar al-Bashir – to name but a sampling of the homicidal psychopaths heading governments around the globe who stand accused under International Law of war crimes or have been tried for such.

However Israel carries out illegal acts, false flag terrorist attacks on Western – and Indonesian / Australian targets - and murders Palestinians in Dubai hotels, then murders peace activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla, then the 22 day slaughter of Palestinians across the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead – yet faces no sanctions, no rebukes, nor censures. This is the Democratic Jewish state, and this alone qualifies it to treat international law with contempt and act with callous impunity for its nefarious sins.

So, why are the world’s custodians of human rights and international law silent where Israeli war crimes against humanity are concerned? The fact that Western governments are infiltrated to the top establishment ranks with pro-Zionists and Jews of convenience – with the US Congress and White House riddled with Scattsteins and Scumbergs and dominated by AIPAC lobbyists.
Complacency, coupled with bribery, blackmail, corruption and craven immorality are at the heart of the matter.

Moral conscience aside, in Britain we have protesters demonstrating for animal rights against Big Pharma research lab’s, against vivisection, with the RSPCA bringing a court case and prosecution against some sociopathic old bag who wheelie-binned a moggy in Coventry – and no fucker or their dog say ‘Booo!’ to a goose when a shedload of Palestinians get mutilated or murdered by the IDF’s thugs in uniform beta-testing prototype DIME ordnance on civilians.

To add insult to injury, our current incumbent Tory party has cabinet members in its ranks publicly declaring themselves Friends of Israel (Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron and William Vague) – along with Lib-Dum leader Mick Clogg, and the new Labour muppet leader - Kim Jung Ed’ - or Ed Millipede as he’s known to his Mum – another self-declared Israeli Zionist toady and a man who gets a top marks rating on the political Scumometer.

Fact - our entire government and establishment structures are infested with pro-Zionist ‘Friends of Israel’ – a sovereign state run by criminal interests.
Now these guys in Parliament are in the process of fielding legislation to have British law modified so the current International Jurisdiction statutes cannot be invoked by a private citizen as in the past – to thus enable Israeli war criminals to enter the UK without fear of arrest for their sins against the Palestinians – with ex-Israeli Foreign Minister Tipzi Livid being a perfect example of this criteria.

Really, is this what the British voters went to the polls in May 2010 for? To hoof out the war criminal incompetent Labour government that illegally invaded Afghanistan and Iraq – only to end up with a sham coalition comprised of blue-nosed moneyed Tories and disingenuous Librarian-Dummercrats who are so far out of touch with the mood and sentiments of the public that they not only support but also endorse the criminal state of Israel – an outlaw and rogue nation that was founded on terrorism, with lands stolen from the Muslim Arab population of Palestine?

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Thought for the day: Odd that the Jewish recipients of stolen transplant organ don’t seem too bothered about receiving a liver or heart or kidneys from a non-kosher Muslim infidel, specially murdered for their benefit.
Alas, these are not good Jews that follow the Torah, their ranks are composed of the pondscum evil Jews that follow the Talmud and Kabbalah and are Satanic Pharisees – alike their leader, the Rothshite's chief kikester, Prime Minister Binman Nuttyahoo.

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