Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Berlusconi Twatted by Twitter Posts

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A media experiment of feeding live tweets – displaying political opinions and comments about twits and twats - onto giant television screens displayed in the EUSSR summit building in Brussels had to be shut down with ‘extreme prejudice’ after Italian twitterers ‘twatted’ the system with attacks on the zillionaire Italian Slime Minister Silvio Corruptioni and his manky Mafia buddies.

Brussels-based EUSSR officials, including the 27 European leaders meeting to discuss the Rothshite bankster-engineered Eurozone debt crisis, were horrified at the volume of defamatory and obscene insults and taunts directed at the Italian Slime Minister, who was attending the Brussels summit.
"We had the tweet-wall up for two hours in the main concourse, but it wasn't moderated and a lot of the tweets were, well, very naughty indeed and came too close to the truth when they called Signore Corruptioni a cunt in cunt’s clothing," Ms Fellatia van der Gamm, an EUSSR spokeswoman, informed the Scandalmongers Gazette.

"It was insulting. People from all over Europe were calling him a pondscum paedophile, a sheep shagger and a dog wanker. The point of the live Twitter exercise was not to display slanderous messages about Mr Corruptioni but rather flattering ones. Several delegates from the Italian team who saw the comments were very upset – especially the kiddie fiddling members. Obviously this bright idea of feeding live tweets onto the in-house screens isn’t so bright after all – and perhaps, using 20/20 hindsight, is yet another bad idea in a long line of bad ideas."

The tweets appeared in huge letters on 120 inch plasma television screen in the summit press areas and main concourse – visible to all diplomats, politicians, media crew and visitors alike.
"Silvio Corruptioni pays for sex, for votes, for mafia protection, for everything he can buy. What he cannot buy – he’ll steal,” was one tweet about ‘Il Twat’.

Following the embarrassing Twitter screw up in which savvy Italian and other European twitterers bombarded the system at light speed with attacks on ‘Il Douchbag’ – Signore Silvio Corruptioni - Italy was hit with a total news blackout to prevent the public from realising what an utter criminal scumbag their Prime Minister really is – as if they didn’t know already.

Another Twitter user posted old quotes from the Italian prime minister aimed at embarrassing him, including such irrelevancies as: "Mussolini never killed anyone. Mussolini used to send people on holiday in internal exile. Il Duce got the trains running on time – to Auschwitz – and many other Partito Nazionale Fascista-run concentration camps – Rab, Gonars, Padova, Visco, Renicci, Molat – to name but a few. Silvio Corruptioni is not Il Duce – he is Il Douchbag.”

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