Friday, 17 December 2010

22 SAS Have Moved to Wales!? WTF?

To: Pengiun Books, UK.

For the attentions of publishing editors and proof readers responsible for oversight:

Currently reading your copy of Tom Clancy's new book 'Dead or Alive'.
Quite surprised that for a man who is usually so meticulous concerning fact and detail that he's located the British 22nd SAS barracks in 'Wales' and not England.
There might be certain aspects of secrecy attached to the Regiment but not to that extent it's hidden in a foul and foreign land.

The 22nd Special Air Service Regiment Barracks address is : Stirling Lines HQ, Credenhill, Hereford, HR4-7DR, ENGLAND.

(Geographical coordinates: 52° 6' 0" North, 2° 48' 0" West)
Just off the A480. Close to Welsh border, maybe - but still in the arms of Mother England.

Please pass this correction on to Mr Clancy - so his Rainbow Six team of die-hards (led by Americans, obviously) might find their way home again and not get lost in the sheep-shagging wilds of the Brecons or Welsh Hills.

Right, pout over - carry on.



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