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SoKors Provoke War with North

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In response to the South Korean (US puppet) government’s current campaign of sabre-rattling via the mediums of live-fire tank and artillery drills around the demarcation zone border – set to provoke a violent reaction from the paranoid NorKors – Pyongyang’s Minister for War, General Ping Pong Fong, issued a classical fiery Merry Marxist Christmas rhetorical declaration to the international media that they were ready for a "sacred holy war of justice" to counter the South’s belligerence and unleash their nuclear kimchi arsenal upon the US and SoKor aggressors if they so much as set one foot north of the peninsula’s 38th parallel.

Conversely, the South Korean Minister for Aggression, General Pak Lunch, claims that the military exercises were simply a part of their annual ‘Season of Goodwill and Peace of Earth’ drills - but threatened immediate retaliation to any form of radiological kimchi attack or bombardment on Seoul.

The drills are yet another US-instigated South Korean ploy to provoke the Pyongyang military, following the contrived false flag sinking of the SoKor warship ‘Cheonan’ – off Bunghole Island in the Yellow Sea close to the demarcation parallel - with a SoKor torpedo – during joint naval exercises on the 38th parallel in March - and come a month after North Korea shelled the tiny islet of Threetwoone on the peninsula’s maritime border - killing four goats and laying waste to the annual rice crispie crop.

Both Russia and China have dispatched strongly-worded communications to Washington to keep their noses out of the confrontation and to stop shit-stirring – with the NorKor Supreme Beloved Leader Kim Jong Il, sporting his customary Sesame Street ‘Bert’ hair-do and telling Pox News “They better back the fuck off – or else.”

The Pentagon’s Order of Battle (Or-Bat) still has 28,500 US troops stationed in South Korea – purportedly to deter the flow of Pyongyang’s Communist ideology down across the 38th parallel as the US banksters running the West’s military-industrial cabals simply cannot brook any opposing political ideology to their established faith of ultra-commercialised Capitalist consumerism that might threaten the worship of their voracious God, Mammon – the model for geo-political world domination via their economies – and violent military invasion where and when required.

The Pentagon’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Moronsky, told one reporter from the Warmongers Gazette “We’ve had thousands of troops in South Korea since the 1950’s, just keeping those Commie bastards north of the 38th parallel and South Korea safe for our sweatshops and providing a safe haven for Western banksters to bleed debt out of the population.”

Unfortunately the military-industrial complex’s rapid development of high-tech weaponry has directly influenced the arrogance of ultra-Zionist US and Israeli foreign policy so they consider themselves the Alpha-Dominant martial forces on the planet and able to intimidate and bully all and sundry at will. (Smart bombs galore – but no-one smart enough to trust with them).

Hence this Zionist insanity being promoted by the Rothshite crime capital of Tel Aviv – to force the Project for a New American Century (read 'Protocols of Zion') onward via engineering multiple conflicts on a swathe of global battle fronts – like Iraq – Shock and Awe into a total chaos rent-fuckup.
Same in Afghanistan –the Graveyard of Empires – and now extending that conflict into Pakistan to force a violent regime change and secure control of the only Islamic nation with a nuclear arsenal. Some hope.

Now they’re into Yemen and Somalia to secure the Horn of Africa and the strategic Red Sea waterway into the Indian Ocean. And these people are burning the mid-night oil, scheming up ways to initiate a legitimate excuse for a pre-emptive first strike against Iran?
What a fucking joke, this demonisation of Islam and their war on the Muslim world. It’s all going to turn into Groundhog Day – without the happy ending.

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Oh, and by the way, fuck the Zionist US and their New World Order.

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