Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Why Haiti?

Yes, why indeed are the Illuminati elitist fraternity thugs – possessed by an absurd inherited sense of entitlement - targeting poverty-stricken Haiti with their nasty HAARP arrays to cause a devastating earthquake and thus generate a ‘disaster zone’ scenario wherein they can invade the island republic en masse in the name of delivering “humanitarian aid’?

Believe it or not a table-rattling 7.0 reading on the Richter scale isn’t that strong a quake – but every fucking thing around Port au Prince fell over and collapsed due the shithouse structural strength of the buildings and lack of rebar and quality cement in the concrete – not to mention the lesser mud hut habitations and squatter shanties.

But the Yanks were on the ball with aid relief in the form of thousands of assault troops kitted up like an army of occupation all ready and raring to go several days before the quake struck. Now there’s Occidental foresight for you.

Thus it’s little wonder President O’Barmy needs an extra 30,000 troops to reinforce General Billy Bob McChrystal’s US Cannon Fodder Regiments in Afghanistan if he’s diverted 15,000 to Haiti to help dispense Shock n Awe Red Cross food parcels – and establish permanent military bases.

So, what has Penury Island got that the greedy grasping neo-con Zionists running the US want so badly?

Well, apart from the massive deposits of unexploited offshore oil and gas around the island, terrestrial geological survey reports indicate the presence of huge accumulations of rare earth elements and minerals – the so-called hen’s teeth mega-bucks Unobtaniums – with a very nuclear ‘uranium’ topping the list.

But for that group of Mamon-worshipping Imperialist inbred mutant scum that uses far more than it needs to live at a higher standard than those they are suppressing and stealing from it’s not just about the mineral wealth and natural resources.

Actually it’s all symbolic and the black Haitians will never be forgiven for their ungrateful audacity in kicking out their rightful white Masters – the cheese-eating French surrender monkeys - in 1791.

This was the year the negroes of the colony of Saint Domingue – under the leadership of Rastus O’Dinga Jaffacake – who had risen up in unison in the first successful slave rebellion since the time of Spartacus – defeated and duly evicted the French barbarians and brought about the elimination of slavery - plus the establishment of Haiti as the first republic ruled by people of African ancestry.

Now they’ve been taught yet another belated lesson – ‘Don’t fuck with Whitey – or else’.

Obviously the US-generated acts of brutal bio-warfare experiments - specifically infecting the majority of the Haitian population with AIDS in purposely contaminated World Health Organisation hepatitis vaccinations during the early 1980’s - wasn’t considered punishment enough for their earlier 18th Century transgressions.

From the corrupt kleptocratic leadership of US puppet Papa Doc Duvalier – followed by that of his porcine basket case son Baby Doc – Haiti has been subjected to continual privations by a grudge-bearing West for the heinous crime of throwing off the yoke of extortionate and suppressive servitude from the cradle to the grave.

Ah well, magic is as magic does, so being the West Indian home of Dahomean voodoo they can always cast a few Baron Samedi type curses on their Kenyan brown brother in the White House – and his gang of career criminal kike underlings. Ain’t payback just a real bitch.

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