Thursday, 14 January 2010

Katz Amongst the Islamic Terrorist Pigeons

Who says Big Bad Al Qaeda takes credit for a bombing? Rita Katz. Who gets us copies of the latest and greatest newly released bin Laden homilies on Blu-ray DVD? Rita Katz. Who gets us pretty much all information telling us Muslims are a bunch of terrorist suicide bombers who hate our Western freedoms and Democracy? Rita Katz. Okay, so who der fuck is Rita Katz?

Rita Katz is the Director of the Washington-based SITE Institute – the primary source for intelligence used by Western news services, Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA – and your friendly neighbourhood psychopaths: Slackwater / Xe. And what, you may well pertinently ask - are her qualifications for manning such a prestigious post?

Well, while she was born in Basra (Iraq), she’s an Ashkenazi Jewess, claims both US and Israeli citizenships, once served in the IDF as an infantry groundsheet, is a brainwashed member of both AIPAC and B'nai B'rith - and has a Dutch Uncle called Seymour Weasleberg.

Further she has a classical kike beak, eyes like pissholes in the snow, and looks – from a distance- like a reject from Auschwitz. Actually, up close, she more resembles a week-old corpse with chronic kidney problems.

Readers might recall her younger brother Bob Katz – an ex-art student who worked for Urban Movers - getting court marshalled for certain deviant sexual offences while employed as a greeter at Iraq’s infamous R & B Hotel (Rape & Buggery) - Abu Ghraib Prison.

Katz’ SITE company – the Search for International Terrorist Entities - has more critics than enough – most of whom maintain she gives terrorists a bigger platform than they would otherwise have – or deserve - and that her immersion in the world of ‘spies’ has removed whatever grasp on reality she may have ever possessed when it comes to inflating terrorist threats and scare-mongering the US public into crying “Help - save us! – and fuck the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

As Washington’s MI6 station chief, Sir Woodruff Thort-Nott opined to Pox News “I’m convinced the little Shylock bitch believes her own intelligence inventions – which I blame totally on Tom Clancy for his novels – those Katz has adopted as a terrorist hunter’s Bible – or maybe a Torah in her case.”

“Seriously we find her obsessions disturbing – always eager to find plots where they don’t exist – and she never lets hard facts get in the way of selling the next impending al Qaeda strike to the intel’ agencies.”

“Really, most of it is Mossad-generated self-serving bullshit to keep us all on our toes – scarified and constantly looking over our shoulders and suspicious to the point of paranoia of what the foreign beardie type sat opposite us on the bus - fingering his worry beads - has in his backpack – a halal Spam sandwich for lunch or a nuclear device.”

“Then we get presented with the occasional false flag terrorist attempt – like the pathetic Xmas Day fiasco on the Amsterdam – Detroit flight which will now serve as an excuse to invade Yemen. Wholly transparent, with Mossad’s dirty little fingermarks all over it – just the same as 9/11 and 7/7.”

While Katz might boast of achieving an NVQ 1 Diploma in Office Stapler Maintenance, and with a great many investigative journalists convinced Israeli intelligence “helps” her with her information – accurate or inventive – no evidence exists that she is qualified in the field of Spookology – in fact a bartender has more intelligence gathering experience.

However nobody verifies the substance of her reports. SITE claims Al Qaeda did it again and it hits the papers as gospel truth to the gullible Islamophobes.
Katz’ SITE agency says Israel only snuffed a couple of thousand Palestinian schoolkids in Gaza as they were a direct threat to the IDF – and that’s gospel too.

Psychological manipulation to induce mass hysteria. The sheeple hearing what they’ve been conditioned to believe.

So, what does Katz’ SITE Institute really do? Apart from act as PR for the outlaw Israeli state, promote their perennial ‘Victim’ image – and maintain the Holohoax myth – plus castigate and label any and all who might question Israel’s Zionist motives or actions as Holohoax deniers and anti-Semites.

Katz and her snoop dogs browse the internet for information - invariably information that Israel has invented or manipulated and wants disseminated globally – which is then – veracity unchecked - sold off as news, seen on Rupert Mudrock-controlled TV, reported in the gutter press and passed around the internet as though it were actually true.

Did the information come straight out of Mossad HQ – or from some fantasist dog-wanking triple-K redneck hater in Texas - or from a terror cell in shitty Surabaya – or Yemen?
Nope, we don’t have an effin’ clue. But can you imagine buying information on Islamic terrorism from a split-arsed Israeli amateur spook whose father was executed as a spy by the Iraqis? Well, that’s Ms Rita Katz for you – warts and all.

Due the service it does for Israel, perhaps the SITE Institute might be better renamed the Zionist Propaganda Institute.

As we are all aware, propaganda attempts to achieve a dual role. It fabricates phoney reasons to justify acts of barbaric cruelty or insane greed – and it blames people for things they didn’t do because the people doing the blaming really did it themselves.

Just what the Zionist scum running the US and Israel require to justify their neo-colonial Century of War against Islam and the Third World.

So, the next time you see a group of Palestinians dancing on top of a white van and hi-fiving each other and someone tells you they’re celebrating a terror attack, it’s more than likely they’re attending a birthday party.

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