Friday, 15 January 2010

New Airport Body Scanners Reveal All

Well, the NWO eugenics genocidists only managed to kill off a mere global handful with their recent Sneezy Pig swine flu epidemic – (apart from in the Ukraine where the WHO spread the bubonic plague-spiked version) - and not many more with the dodgy toxic Grunt-Gone vaccines either.

So, how to kill off five billion useless eating peasants and leave the remaining half billion work-ready and compliant – but sterile?

While the following list contributes to the sluggish end result of reducing the global population – wars, famines, droughts, plagues, depleted uranium, chemtrails, street and pharmaceutical drugs, toxic vaccines, GM and irradiated foods, fluorides, aspartames, hormones in meat, psychotropics, cell phone radiation etc, et al – we now have the long-intended Naked Body Scanner units being installed at airports – to be followed by all immigration points, ports, train stations, shopping malls, schools, public toilets – and wherever.

Thanks to the pathetic – and failed - Merry Christmas false flag airline bombing attempt by a brainwashed Nigerian career numpty – Muhammed bin Patsy and his Crotch Bomb – the Establishment have forced through the excuse they need to keep us all safe from nasty terrorists by introducing the pervert’s delight - virtual strip-search NBS machines.

The soon-to-become ubiquitous NBS units are designed specifically to irradiate the useless eaters / peasants from arseholes to breakfast time – under the false premise of security checks.
Oh yes, these units – basically a T-wave machine – will irradiate the unsuspecting peasantry skeleton deep – making a total fuck of your testicles / ovaries, cause bubbling in the DNA structure – and turn any pregnant gal’s embryonic foetus into Mickey the Autistic Mutant.

So, thinking about a private vasectomy or fallopian ligation? Save the pennies. Just take a couple of trips through your local airport security system and get sterilized for free – plus kick-start a choice selection of nasty cancerous breast or prostate tumours.

Regardless of the Establishment cabal’s denials that the NBS units cannot store or transmit strip-search images – don’t believe a word of it – they can – and will.
Much to the delight of the sicko pervert and paedophile operators this type of job seems to attract – providing hours of masturbation fantasy material viewing nude images of your missus – or your kiddies – or perhaps you.

These Naked Body Scanners transmit a high-energy beam of Terahertz rays that pass through the subject to digitally create a blue alien image of the persons naked figure plus reveal concealed weapons, metal-encased explosives and detonators, Tampax, pessaries, suppositories, butt plugs, enforced chastity devices – and of course – genital piercing jewellery.

While any amount of radiation is dangerous with a Capital D, it is accumulative in the bones and organs – and DNA - thus poses a serious threat to all living cells through which it passes, leaving behind a trail of destruction and genetic mutations.

Hence these virtual strip searches, in addition to damaging our DNA, will be setting the stage for the expansion of a profitable world-wide cancer epidemic – profitable for the big Pharma’ corporations that is.

So, a piece of advice for the frequent flier – get your health insurance doubled up – and fast.

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