Saturday, 16 January 2010

US of A : Mother of all Hypocrites

In a most disgusting display of total hypocrisy the US State Department (that’s the one run by the bottom-feeding Mena Mafia’s matriarch Hilarious Rodent Clinton) has called on the United Arab Emirates to review a court ruling which acquitted a member of Abu Dhabi’s ruling royal family of torture charges against a common landless peasant.

The court found Sheikh Ibn Zamel Kahara al-Nastygit not guilty of abusing an Afghani peon - on grounds of justifiable assault and battery.

However PJ Crowley – a US State Department jobsworth informed the Hypocrites Gazette that questions had been raised inside the Oval Office by the Kenyan Bossman – who as acting Global Policeman and Arbitrator of all Human Rights & Wrongs around the known Universe - would welcome a careful review - or else.

US television channels broadcast a YouTube video last year of the hapless Afghan merchant being violently slapped around the head with a stocking full of ripe camel shite – then getting a live conger eel shoved up his back passage without the aid of KY lubricant.
The tape showed Sheikh al Nastygit apparently torturing the man, named as Ibn Himar Kess Emakk, in the desert at night – kicking the living shit out of his worthless hide, then driving over him with an SUV.

The sheikh, who is the half-brother of the UAE's president and ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Bala’a il A’air al Shite Sharmuta, was acquitted on Sunday while five other defendants were found guilty and sentenced to death by goat buggery.
The case marks the first – and most probably last - reported investigation of a UAE ruling family member.

The State Department’s Crowley announced to anyone interested enough to listen that all members of Emirati society "must stand equal before the law" and President O’Barmy was concerned to obtain justice for the poor Afghani victim of this horrible crime.”
“We desire a careful review of the wrongful decision to let this royal scumbag off Scot free – and to ensure that the demands of justice are fully met in this case."

The judge delivering the verdict in the trial did not bother to explain the quite obvious reasons for the acquittal –Sheikh Ibn Zamel Kahara al-Nastygit is the ruler’s brother and the judge personally didn’t fancy being run over with a 4 x 4 SUV or see his grand-kids nailed to the front door – or get a conger eel enema.

Conversely Wheelie bin al Garbage - the official press spokesman for Abu Dhabi’s ruler - Sheikh Bala’a il A’air al Sharmuta - informed the Hypocrites Gazette “Who does this Kenyan Yankee impostor - this Mister Teleprompter O’Barmy think he is? – commenting on our human rights record when he gets a Nobel Peace Prize for sanctioning the murder of Afghani civilians and providing arms to the Zionist scum of Israel so they can butcher Palestinian children in Gaza with impunity.”

“The United States is a rogue outlaw nation founded by sodomite Satanist Freemasons – and financed by the profits derived from the opium trade and human suffering: black African slaves and the genocide of the true owners of America – the Red Indians.”

“They boast to the world they are the Beacon of Democracy, the Land of the Free, and in their sanctimonious duplicity have the audacity to question someone else’s human rights and justice record.”

“Just look at Abu Ghraib Prison and Guantanamo Bay – and joining hands with the Israelis to murder 3,000 of their own citizens on 9/11 and blame it on the illusionary al Qaeda so they can invade Afghanistan and have their precious gas pipeline and control the opium crops.”

“Their shameless Republic is run by Zionist Shylock scum bankers who try to control the world like global bullies – with their Project for a New American Century to dominate the Middle East and steal our natural resources.”

“Oh yes – their credo; “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
“What God – Satan? What liberty and justice? What hypocrisy!”

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