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UK & Frogs Conspire to Arm Syrian Terrorists

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Following a right round robin of conference call bollockings from their Zionist Edomite Mafia and Rothshite crime syndicate masters that the Syria campaign stepping stone to the attack on Iran is taking too fucking long, the Brussels EUSSR hierarchy and leaders of France and Broken Britain are ‘heads down for a full house’ intent on conjuring some legal loophole to allow them to bypass their own arms embargo on Syria and supply the Free Syrian Army Salafist rebels (read ‘terrorist groups’) with the necessary hi-tech weaponry to kill every fucker old enough to scream and bleed – and hopefully snuff President Basher al Assad in the process.

Now we see the UK’s stooge of a Prime Minister, Dithering Dave Scameron cuddling up all close and confidential to France's President Hollande to field a Tony Bliar style semi-convincing 'dodgy dossier’ argument that the civil war could drag on for what horologists refer to as ‘a very long time’ – and unless the myriad factions of rebel groups received top class Western weapons then there's a scary possibility of the conflict developing into a bloody stalemate – or even worse, that Assad might just come out on top.

Canny military observers are of the opinion that neither side can currently win, and the longer fighting continues then the more of a Balkanised mess Syria will become, with the likes of offal-eating Turkey and Jordan - and the parasitic Israel stealing bits of real estate from round the edges as it all turns into a horrific humanitarian catastrophe and the conflict spills over into a regional war involving Hamas’ Gaza Gangsters, Al Fatah’s Saracen Scallies and Lebanon’s Hezbollah Mujahideen – along with every other Jaysh al-Shaab Jolly Jihad crazy and their dog that can pack a shaheed suicide vest and shout ‘Allahu Akbar!’ at the top of their voice as they self-harm detonate and go to the arms of their promised 72 perpetual virgins in Paradise.

With this being yet the latest in the Great Satan’s proxy wars, and not wishing to see a result like the catastrophic mess of order into chaos that Libya has now become since the US-driven NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’ campaign was approved by the muppet nodding dog United Nations, the Syrian regime’s key allies, Russia and Iran, on the one hand are opposing the Western alliance arming the rebel groups – while themselves supplying the incumbent Assad’s military with anything they can pay for – up front.

Juxtaposed to this we have the barbaric regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar supplying small arms, assault rifles and grenades via third parties but not the heavier anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons sought by rebels – who incidentally haven’t a fucking clue how to use them.

Specifically this applies to the Jabhat al Nusrah (Jabhat an-Nusrah li-Ahl al-Sham) - the most dominant of the loose knit al Qaeda groups supported by the US and Britain in Syria – but directly funded and steered by the Saudi Arabian intelligence (sic) agency with the aim of turning the secular state of Syria into an extremist Wahabi-style Islamic society ruled by the draconian tenets of Sharia law.

Now we’re faced with the pathetic likes of Scameron and Hollande publicising a sob story that more than one million people have fled the country since the hostilities kick started – and are further applying the morally bankrupt argument that ‘perhaps’ up to 70,000 people might have been killed in Syria since the uprising began two years ago – which is fuck all of a headcount when you consider the Nazi Holohoax, or all the multi-millions of Russians who croaked from lack of care / starvation in Stalin’s gulags – and under Mao’s Cultural Revolution – or Pol Pot’s little clamp down on ‘know-it-all’ intellectuals. Yet such is the demographic price of socio-political re-education.

But the real $64,000 bucks question at the end of the day is what difference would such arms supplies make as there’s no shortage of weaponry in Syria – just a dearth of knowledgeable, cohesive leadership and sense of strategic end game purpose amongst the myriad terrorist rebel groups of foreign funded mercenaries who are hell bent on killing each other as much as Assad’s forces.

Conversely, several of the Pentagon’s warmongering armchair military strategists (sic) informed a press hack from the Barbarians Gazette that it was their collective unqualified opinion that specific high tech’ weapons systems such as Mk W54 SADM tactical battlefield nukes could help to turn the balance of advantage on the ground in the FSA rebel’s advantage – if any of the cartridge-belt festooned homicidal maniacs had the brains to use them without inflicting collateral civilian casualties on a Biblical scale – and blowing themselves away in the process.

However there exists a third party opinion that, applying basic mathematical formula, genuinely believe a greater array of weaponry – advanced or otherwise, will simply result in further bloodshed - whereas the British and French view is one that the crisis should be brought to an end – in the favour of the rebel forces who can kick out Assad or kill him, then get on with their own little civil war conflict of deciding – the democratic process besides - who the fuck is going to be in charge and rule the roost from Damascus.

The European Council President Herman ‘Catweazle’ van Rompy, took time off from his scarecrow impersonation duties to announce that EUSSR foreign ministers would re-assess the embargo status during a meeting in Dublin next week - while Flatbrokes, the UK’s ubiquitous High Street bookies, are giving top odds on sensible shoes members Germany, Austria and Sweden leading the states that will vote against any move to lift the embargo and advance the Zionist’s Protocols agenda towards global domination by starting World War Three and claiming the still-inhabitable bits when the radioactive dust settles.

Thought for the day. Fuck the Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, the Edomite Mafia and the New World Order – and old Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Amen.

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