Monday, 4 March 2013

NATO: Very Sorry for Murdering Afghan Kids

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In what has, to the undying shame of the conscienceless Western infidel invaders (and subsequent military occupiers) of Afghanistan, become too much of a regular occurrence since 2001, the Kabul-based NATO-led ISAF high command last weekend issued a yet another official apology for civilian deaths – this time around relating to the murders of a group of seven-year old children, killed when a US AH-64 Apache gunship pilot overdid his prescribed battle fatigue medication and mistook them for Jolly Jihad insurgents, then launched a barrage of AIM-114 Shitehawk missiles into the midst of their school playground soccer game.

In a statement released last Saturday to the Warmongers Gazette, ISAF Commander Gen Joseph Dumfuck stated for the public record that: "We offer our personal apology and condolences to the families of the children who were accidentally snuffed by our troops when mistaken for a platoon of the Taliban’s Midget Mujahideen fighters.”

NATO forces claim it’s not their fault that combat missions result in what they callously term ‘acceptable collateral civilian casualties’ – due the fact the Taliban refuse to play fair and wear hi-viz uniforms, hence ISAF troops can’t tell who they fuck is who – which has manifested as a one hell of a stumbling block in trying to achieve and maintain the hearts and minds moral high ground objective in this warlord-dominated Third World basket case arena of aggressive conflict.

This latest atrocity follows on the heels of the St Valentine’s Day Massacre incident where an earlier NATO air strike called in by shit-for-brains Afghan forces killed a total of ten non-combatant civilian types, including five women and four children – only to be outdone by a unit of the 1,500 Australian forces from the 14th Body Bag Brigade, deployed in Bellend Province on poppy crop guarding duties, who were involved in an ‘operational incident’ – (the ISAF terminology for a ‘clusterfuck’) - and lost their cool, opening fire on trio of boys tending their family goat herds who were issuing catcalls of “Ozzie dingbat infidels go home!”

President Hamid Karzai and his ruling Kleptocracy Party government recently put the block on Afghan troops calling in foreign air strikes as they invariably resulted in the targeting of hospitals and schools – and the deaths of every fucker old enough to scream and bleed.
Karzai told media reporters “Is it any wonder we have these green on blue sneak attacks by our national troops against NATO’s foreign heathen soldiers when they kill more of our civilians than they have Taliban terrorists – and this ‘Whoops sorry’ attitude of theirs is no longer acceptable – nor the current compensation scale of a couple of goats per dead child.”

Thought for the day. Is it just me – as I thought Dubya Bush and Barney announced the Afghan thing with al Qa’eda and the Taliban crew was done and dusted back in 2003?

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