Thursday, 21 March 2013


Well, apart from the Aberdeen courthouse staff being on strike yesterday due throwing some sissy fit over the ‘system’ knobbling their pension rights and the entire shambles being confined to one courtroom – then shut down at 13:00 hours for the day, Rusty’s ‘pleading diet’ court appearance was tactically brought forward as the PTB 'VIP kiddie fiddling ring' and local Plod Squad didn’t like the embarrassing presence of the Hollie Demands Justice campaign brigade outside the courthouse – led by the stalwart anti-paedo abuse campaigner Belinda McKenzie who’d travelled up from London to demonstrate and protest on Rusty’s behalf.

Braving the falling snow and howling wind, Belinda’s crew were top notch, handing out flyers and displaying both ‘Hollie’ and ‘Justice for Rusty’ placards - with a big thanks to Malcolm, Paul and Les for their support.

Apparently, through the postings on Robert Green’s blog and both the David Icke and Hollie Demands Justice websites calling for support against this latest travesty of justice gone mad, the Aberdeen court and Crown Office have been inundated with protest e-mails and dead cats / doggy poop bags shoved through their letter boxes as expressions of the public sentiment and ire concerning the venal and vindictive actions of You Know Who - the dodgy Dame - to prosecute (read 'persecute') anyone who dares mention it's craven name in connection with the notorious Hollie Greig scandal - or any other of her alleged scandals for that matter - especially Operation Planet, 'Cadder' or Lockerbie and failing the 'Semtex Challenge'.

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Anonymous said...

I heard and read that once again the fucking scum of Scotland is the snp and its whore dogs the Grampian,well lets not call them police they are so far removed from being police lets call them what they are neo nazis,have broken into rudtys house without a warrant terrified his young son and taken rusty back up the road without a goodbye. How do these bastards keep getting away with this.more on Hollie demands justice.avidfan