Monday, 11 March 2013

Sulu Psychos Declare War on Malaysia

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In what has got to constitute as a late season Third World basket case pantomime of homicidal proportions, inept Malaysian military forces in Sabah are currently hunting for a gang of heavily armed Muslim bandit infiltrators from the neighbouring Republic of the Philistines southern Sulu Archipelago - who to all intents and purposes appear hell bent on causing a shed load of trouble and strife for all concerned by laying a territorial claim to the eastern Malaysian province which was leased in perpetuity to the North Borneo Chartered Company in August, 1881.

The actual lease document, scribed in blood on the tanned hide of a Visayan aardvark and bearing the thumbprint of the Sultan of Sulu, Datu Ratu Tatu, ‘and’ the signature of the NBCC Chairman, Sir Arthur Dent (the notorious inter-galactic hitchhiker), was agreed and sealed on conditions of a payment of six rolls of copper wire, three cases of Blanco, an album of nude photographs of Queen Victoria and a gross of ribbed Durex prophylactics.

And all has been in a tranquil state since - until one of the dozens of bogus claimants to the Sultanate of Sulu, Jamjar Krismas Kracker III – now living in a Manila slum - was recently stricken with a dose of the greedy bug while praying at the altar of Mammon and decided to demand the return of the entire province of Sabah – or a whopping cut of the oil and gas – and hardwood timber - natural resources income that the Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur governments rake in annually – and improve the material quality of his life as a penniless ne’er do well pretender to the Moro royal throne.

Basically with the KL government telling the impostor Sultan to stick his ridiculous claim and go and get fucked, he spit the proverbial dummy and dispatched – with promises of heaps of filthy glittering lucre - a gang of Al Qa’eda-linked Abu Sayyaf guerrillas, assorted homicidal Tausug window lickers and like-minded imbeciles – along with a horde of generalised dingbats - in an armada of pirate boats from the Sulu Sea islands of Basilan and Tawi-Tawi to the coastal Lahad Datu area of Sabah to execute a campaign of armed repossession.

Conversely, the gospel according to the international online whistle-blowing snitch and grasser group Wicked-Leaks, this ‘out of the blue’ preposterous demand to the KL government and ensuing armed invasion of Sabah has been funded and instigated by agents provocateur working for the Qatari and Saudi Arabian warmongers who are currently supporting a campaign of armed Islamic insurrection and terrorism around the globe at the behest of their ZioNazi kikester bosses in the Great Satan.

US diplomatic cables hacked by the Anonymous group and published via Wicked-Leaks reveal that Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer, the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the Philippines, is the scumbag responsible for funding the bonkers 96-year old Sultan Jamjar Krismas Kracker III and his army of would-be bailiffs bent on repossessing Sabah – all designed to kick start yet another concocted proxy war of convenience to stir the shit in some other hapless fucker’s bailiwick and end up with UN sanctions and ‘humanitarian intervention’ by NATO.

This time around the aim is to set Philippine Muslim crazies against Malay Muslim moderates – to give the Sulu Moros a worse reputation than they have already (if such is possible) and cause KL’s Barisan Nasional Party hierarchy a massive headache – and hence create a military destabilisation opportunity for Western muppet stooge / opposition politician Anwar bin Ibrahim and members of his Pakatan Rakyat Sodomites Party to seize political power in Malaysia’s imminent 2013 general elections.

And here we see the real hand of evil at work – the Great Game conjuring of extensive regional implications specifically aimed at facilitating a proxy confrontation with China.
Using the good ole compliant US of A as their vehicle of choice, the Illuminati plan is to push the global domination / New World Order (read Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion) agenda by forcibly installing muppet regimes in Myanmar led by Aung San Suu Kyi, Thailand led by Foreskin Shitawaterat’s terminally corrupt political dynasty, and in Malaysia led by convicted arse bandit Anwar bin Ibrahim – a front that will be turned against Chinese interests as part of the 19th Century strategy of Albert Pike and his Zionist Freemason / Knights of Malta bottom feeders to encircle and contain the Middle Kingdom.

However this burgeoning fiasco – a comedy of Keystone slapstick proportions and content when viewed from a safe, out of ballistic range distance - is simply the latest in a long line of Pinoy money-grubbing scams, with the week ending as a crowd of protesters composed of both Muslins ‘and’ Christians - on hire by the hour from Renta-Mob – gathered outside the Malaysian Embassy in Salcedo Village – in the heart of Manila’s Makati central business district, to demand that KL cede Sabah back to the Philippines – or else.

Ah well, that’s Mang Pinoy as a collective force - inveterate masters of holier-than-thou self-delusion where matters of entitlement are concerned – and in this case obviously suffering from a spot of cognitive dissonance as they simply are not getting the fucking message: specifically that no matter how many Jolly Jihad mujahideen fighters land in Sabah to meet an early death on foreign soil, Sultan Jamjar Krismas Kracker the Third is shit out of luck.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, encircle and contain China? Napoleon once stated “Let China sleep for when she awakens the world will tremble.” Good advice if these meddling Khazar Jews of convenience who seek to control all aspects of global life – commerce and societal - would heed such wisdom.

But no, through some aberrant fault in their congenital issue, deep in their DNA, they cannot resist the manic impulse to make great industry of meddling in the affairs of others and cause Operation Gladio style false flag mischief on levels of destruction as visited on New York on 9/11 and London on 7/7 – all of which work against the common good for the benefit of the few but to the detriment of the many - inevitably leading to wars of aggression and suffering and the spilling of the blood of others in the name of the Golden Calf.

So too with these devious Arab world power wannabes, the regal heads of the Qatari and Saudi despotic dynasties, alike their ersatz Semite neighbours, the Ashkenazi kikesters, thrive on deceptions and foreign intrigues - an act that will turn against them with exacting vehemence and bring their houses tumbling down.

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