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Fortune 500 Run Broken Britain

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Yep, like the banner headline says – the Fortune 500 corporations run Broken Britain – that’s why it’s fucking ‘broke’ with a large capital B – and all thanks to the mad menopausal old trout, Maggie Twatcher and her 1980’s mismanagement of the affairs of our once-sceptred isle – getting a cob on with the miners and unions and de-industrialising the very nation that put the E in Engineering and was the genesis of the Industrial Revolution.

Maggie the Maniac besides, the ‘real’ rot set in at the end of the last Ice Age with the tax on woad, and came to a head during the First World War - then festered on under a succession of dog wanker governments – Tory, Liberal and Labour. And let’s not forget that hot on Twatcher’s heels the UK suffered the incompetent Major years – what a fucking disaster that clot was – followed by career war criminal and serial hypocrite Tony Bliar and the useless Gordon ‘Incapability’ Brown’ – and now this ridiculous pantomime of a Con-Dem coalition government – with all 649 dipshit MPs being adherents of the Golden Calf cult and having the Mammon-worshipping Fortune 500 lobbyists as their primary concern constituents – and not the hapless demographic who voted them into Parliamentary office – putting them in breach of their contractual compact of trust and duty of care with the masses.

To continue with this diatribe of condemnation, new research by the anti-poverty campaign group Kunt-Watch has revealed that 32% of House of Conmans politicians in the UK government, including top cabinet ministers, are not only linked to child pornography website download offences and under investigation by the Met’s Operation Paedo – plus guilty of referring to Plod Squad officers as ‘Plebs’ - but also influence peddling on behalf of UK finance and energy company lobbyists still driving the discredited Chicken Little global warming scare-mongering scam to sell the carbon credits cap n trade exchange and grab lucrative subsidies for wind farms and fracking operators.

Chlamydia Mingerot, director of Kunt-Watch, informed one press hack from the Environmental Pillagers Gazette that they condemned the finance-energy complex at the heart of government, which links big finance and energy corporations like British Polluters, Scatt Oil and Russia’s Wankprom Energy and Gulag Gaz to UK ministers at the very top of the government - including Dithering Dave Scameron, Willy Vague, George Osborne, Michael ‘Pob’ Gove, Oliver Leftwing and Vince Cobble - all conspicuously pro-ZioNazi Friends of Israel stooges ‘and’ secret handshake brotherhood Monday Club bottom feeding scumbags.

Speaking at the Tory party’s spring conference in London under an Eden / Macmillan chronic pessimism era Winds of Change banner, Scameron informed the bored assembly that he was determined to stick to the traditional Nasty Party values – and continue screwing the working class for all they are worth – which since May 2010 is less than under New Labour - thanks to Gordon Broon’s Money-Go-Round spend-a-thon policy driving the economy into Debtocracy mode – for which he, Bliar, Darling and Balls should all be charged with treason and burned at the stake whether found guilty or innocent – or mentally unfit to plead.

The UK would be better off with Wallace and Gromet running the show than this stand-up tragic-comedy farce of a Scameron and Clegg coalition – and Dithering Dave doing his Dick Dastardly ‘Austerity Measures’ act – and not only shitting kittens over the possible revelations of Operation Fernbridge ending up with the collaring of half the cabinet and a goodly section of the Lords, but falling over their own feet to dissociate themselves from the resulting scandal relating to the publicising of the scale of lobbying and revolving doors that exist between the world of banks, hedge funds and stockbrokers and the Shitehall and House of Conmans corridors of power – with this influence peddling reaching into the royal domain and Prince 'Porkbarrel' Andrew up for selling his soul to the highest bidder – and thirty pieces of filthy lucre being the going rate.

The regulations covering conflicts of interest besides, a legion of ministers have exited government to walk straight into lucrative careers and highly remunerative directorships in the bankster and energy industry sectors.
Examples of super-scumbags would include Tony Biar (former slime minister): JP Morgan, Zurich, UI Energy Corporation, the Rothshite crime syndicate and Body Bag Industries – along with his partner in crime Lord Peter Scandalson of the Fudgers (aka Vermin in Ermine) who slithered into various senior posts, including one cosy niche at the Lizard Investment Bank.

Since Scandalson started influence peddling around The City, the value of fossil fuel shares on the London Stock Exchange controlled by his pals at Jurassic Investments and Dinosaur Drilling have shot up to £900 zillion quid – higher than the GDP of the whole of the Third World’s basket case nations lumped together.

But here we see the vagaries of human nature at work, and what we need is to throw out the bathwater ‘and’ the fucking baby – and the bath as well – along with the IMF and Bank of International Settlements and their instruments of Debtocracy. The whole shebang needs casting asunder and the template rethinking for a basis for trade that does not involve the fatally flawed Crapitalist model - and such being monopolised by a cabal of usurious kikesters who are devoted to the cult of the Golden Calf and pray before the altar of Mammon.

But that's been the same throughout the course of history and we, the common herd - the sheeple - are so dense and apathetic that we keep putting up with it. We need to take a leaf out of the French or Russian 'Revolutions for Dummies' handbooks and clear out the ruling scum - and criminalise all manner of bureaucracy.

* Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, or small furry mammals - otters or voles - were harmed in posting this message. However, the bee populations of Europe – both wild and domestic – suffered a extinction level event massive die off - known as Colony Collapse Disorder – thanks to the graft and corruption-ridden European Food Safety Authority okaying the use of the Big Agri’ groups neonicotinoids.

Multiple global studies have implicated these pesticide sprays in massive bee kills since 2006, causing a great debate in the EUSSR – yet the two-year ban demanded by the European Commission failed to pass muster last Friday thanks to the likes of the UK and Germany refusing to vote on the ban - thus generating finger-pointing accusations that they’re kissing the arse of the Big Six agrichemical industrialists - Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Agrosciences, BASF, Bayer, and Pioneer (DuPont).

The same goes for the pushy Big Pharma industry with their shitty mercury / toxin-loaded vaccines doing the opposite of what they’re purported to do and screwing up kids (and adults) immune systems. Then we have the fluoridation of drinking water, cellphone masts and ELF / EMF smog plus food additives (aspartame, etcetera, et al), preservatives and colourings being the principle cause of cancers – whereas a raw green diet loaded with chlorophyll will kill any cancer.

Our society has been so manipulated and corrupted at the core anthropological level for centuries that it’s hard to even begin with the top of the list – when our musical scale was purposely defiled to have a negative effect on the spiritual health and psychological well-being of all living creature when the standard tuning for the note of A above middle C was corrupted to vibrate at the unnatural standard tuning frequency of 440 cycles per second as opposed to the existing frequency of the Earth – with A set at 432Hz – at which Mozart and Verdi composed their masterpieces - the same as C=256Hz pitched – and Stradivarius violins crafted to resonate at 432Hz.

Really, I kid you not, where do you read any National Ill-Health Service announcements, flyers or pamphlets informing the public to simply ‘whistle’ or hum themselves into the circle of well-being – and load up their MP3 players with musical tones set at 528 Hz - healing frequencies that realign and repair human DNA.

And why isn’t that information publicly broadcast and circulated or prescribed by doctors? Easy – there’s no profit for the Big Pharma corporations in a nation of fit and healthy people.

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