Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Activists Slam UK Secret Trials Bill

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The Lib-Dum’s annual party conference in boring Brighton has seen Deputy PM Nick Clegg fingered as a closet case Tory and two prominent activists - human rights and wrongs barrister Chlamydia Mingerot QC and former cormorant strangler Bev Titwank resign over his support for the passage of the Justice and Security Bill - aka The Kafka Act – which will introduce secret courts into our once-sceptred isle’s judicial system – all part of the agenda to establish a totalitarian panopticon surveillance state.

Ms Mingerot opined to a gutter press hack from the Fascist Gazette that “This is not the way forward for radical, progressive politics and the evolution of the social state to a Utopian level – but looks like it’s being modelled on the Stalinist Soviet template. First the secret courts will deal with terrorists, then the government whistle-blowers, then it will be civil cases – hence zero scrutiny or accountability of the Plod Squad and security services – and then come the knocks on the door after dark – and the gulags set up in the Pennines – the closest thing we have to Siberia.”

“Obviously a slew of kleptocrat MPs have backed the proposals as they believe it will prevent the nosy parker common herd – us – the 99% have-not’s - from any further scrutinising of their House of Conmans ‘Scamalot’ expense fiddles for duck islands and moat dredging claimed against the taxpayer’s purse.”

“But what pisses me off is the fact Clegg has abandoned liberal values for the privileges of power, accepted the shoddy logic that’s driving this Orwellian bill, and morphed into a blue-nosed Tory bottom feeder. This proposed bill is simply a charter for cover-ups – and we’ve already had successive governments and the BBC doing that – which will impair principles of justice, the right to fair trial and the rule of law.”

“Neither the public, nor the victims, nor their lawyers nor the media will have a right to know. Court records could be kept secret forever – which we saw with Tony Bliar gagging the Met’s Operation Ore kiddie fiddling investigation once his paedo pal Philip Lyon was collared. And let’s not overlook the Scottish Nonceland inquiry into the Dunblane massacre where that low-life Secret Handshake Club scumbag Lord Douggie Cullen of Shitekirk slapped a 100 year gagging order on the inquiry to protect his ranking establishment pederast ring buddies who Thomas Watt Hamilton was pimping schoolkids for.”

The gospel according to a report in the Daily Shitraker states for the public’s consumption that the controversial Justice and Security Bill is crafted with malice aforethought to create a mechanism allowing court evidence to be heard in secret where there is a need to keep information from the public on grounds of national security – such as the assassinations of any Bolshie fucker and their dog – or revealing the details of the 7/7 Operation Gladio false flag terrorist attack on the London Underground system where Mohammed al Patsy and his hapless Jolly Jihad play-acting cohorts turned up at Canary Wharf after missing their tube connections then heard on the news that the make-believe terror attack drill was a set up and trains actually went ‘Ka-fucking-Boom!’ – only to end up dead at the hands of security services gunmen before they could spill the beans to the media.

Hence the government is hell bent on writing safeguards into the legislation, currently being scrutinised by Parliament, ensuring corrupt judges such as John Chilcot and Heather Hallibut and Lord Bwian Mutton - who oversaw the Dr David Kelly assisted suicide coverup - will be the ones to decide if a closed material proceeding (secret trial) is de rigueur – and not only will such be held in camera but illegal to publicise details of.

Here again we see the PTB attempts to install a sluice gate on the flow of information into the public realm – and this Justice and Security Bill is simply a vehicle to serve the scumbag likes of Tony Bliar and prevent investigation of their war crimes and associated nefarious illegal acts – such as the illegal invasion of Iraq and dodgy dossiers about weapons of mass distraction to justify war of terror, and extraordinary rendition flights and acts of torture and extra-judicial murders - and prevent news of GCHQ spies being found dead in one of MI5’s big black North Face holdalls from leaking to the media – or how Ruskie exile double agent’s morning cuppa’s gets poisoned with Polonium 210 from Israel’s Dimona nuclear processing plant.

The bill’s statutes will also to apply to living, accused persons who would be denied under this Orwellian draft the right to represent themselves or have their own lawyers represent them - nor will they be allowed to know what they are accused of.
Brilliant - Kafka couldn’t have conjured up a more skewed piece of fiction.

So bye-bye to our once-cherished Montesquieu set of checks and balances - the separation of powers of the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. It’s bad enough that we have the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984; the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000; the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act 2011 – along with the stop an’ search orders under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice Order Act of 1994 that allow searches without reasonable suspicion - and the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 – a joke in itself which does no such thing - plus the moronic Community Safety Accreditation Scheme 2002.

To wit, the state is already free to withhold evidence from disclosure under Public Interest Immunity procedures – and we are additionally burdened with closed / secret family courts serving a graft and corruption-riddled social care system where kids are estranged from their biological mothers and stuck into the foster / adoption system – feeding the Satanic ritual / paedophile culture that infests our sick society.

For the record, the bill’s sponsor in Parliament is Ken ‘Groper’ Clarke, the cabinet’s token Minister with Nothing to Do – a sitting member of the Masters of the Universe Bilderberg Club – who takes orders directly from the Rothshite crime syndicate and the Edomite Mafia in the Promised Land – and not the British voters he was elected into office to represent the interests of.
Ah well, yet another faltering step on the path to achieving the ZioNazi’s New World Order.

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