Wednesday, 13 March 2013

GM Lobby Pushing UK Frankencrops

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Taking a break this week from his homicidal ‘Let’s all kill the badgers’ campaign, the Con-Dem Coalition’s Defra Secretary Owen ‘Cobblers’ Paterson, formerly Minister for Firewood Affairs, pontificated his obnoxious ‘faulty science’ opinion on GMO crops to a press hack from the Mutant Meals Gazette – that the likes of Monsanto’s genetically modified crops should be grown and sold across the 27-member European community.

Paterson’s typically bovine ‘rhetoric versus facts’ outpouring to the media flies in the face of the public consumer’s rightful concerns over Frankenfoods and systemic Roundup Ready glyphosate herbicides and Bayer’s neonicotinoids loading the plant produce and soil with non-degradable toxins - plus pesticides alike Clothianidin killing off our pollinator bee populations in a combined effort with the electro-magnetic smog generated by the ubiquitous cellphone towers and Wi-Fi signals – a toxic blend that’s detrimental to the health of every living thing on the planet.

Paterson, a bought and paid for GMO lobbyists stooge acting like some juvenile cheerleader in support of the Fortune 500 corporations - who are now his true Parliamentary constituents – in his unqualified arrogance, seems to have forgotten the hapless twats of North Slopshire who voted him into the House of Conmans to represent their interests and well-being – and not work to their collective detriment by influence peddling and massaging his own hyper-inflated ego.

Cobbler Owen now puts the Big Six agrichemical companies first - Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Agrosciences, BASF, Bayer, and Pioneer / DuPont - and ignores the actual true science research that proves GM crops and herbicides – albeit conspiratorially approved by the graft and corruption-ridden USDA and EPA - not only screw up the environment and soil, but the entire fauna and flora ecosystem and food chain – insects, birds / eggs, cows / dairy / milk, free range meats - and makes a total fuck of human DNA faster than a Plutonium-239 enema.

One point being fed to the compliant media machine is the more scent than substance factor that Paterson has the firm backing of the Tory Chancellor, the genetically-modified George Osborne, who believes GM foods could provide a swathe of future opportunities for the National Ill-Health Service and the British undertaking industry (and hence boosting death duties) – with gravediggers and crematorium staff working 24/7 when the common herd start keeling over with a pick and mix assortment of cancers and ailments after a few months on a one-a-day diet of Tumour Corn and end up looking like Jar Jar Binks or Jabba the Hutt with a bad case of galloping psoriasis.

Nice one, yet another Bilderberg / Trilateral Commission / Club of Rome plot exposed – and their covert Agenda 21 mass cull of the human race through poisoning the public’s food and drink supplies - and thus the health and well-being of the entire common herd on a global scale – via genetically modified organisms and fluoridisation of the potable water.

Take also into consideration that Monsanto, along with the other GMO Big Agri’ company majors - who misery and death seem to follow around like the Grim Reaper - are now pushing ‘terminator seeds’ to ensure that farmers have to forgo their 'heirloom seeds' and are forced to purchase fresh seed from them every year and thus establish a corporate controlled global food supply monopoly and give Mother Nature the finger.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, bollocks to the Tory’s MP for North Slopshire – let him tuck into GM foods like Selwyn Gummer – and just wait til his kids start looking like Blinkie the Fish and come down with nano-engineered / genetically modified Morgellons Disease.

To wit, fuck Owen the Cobbler and his GMO Quasimodo mutant crops – and the New World Order.

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