Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Paedo Complaints Give Church ‘Bad Name’

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Fr Angus McScatt, one of the ‘Sore Arse Four’ seminarians who lodged allegations of sexual abuse against the Scottish Catholic prelate, Cardinal Keith O'Fudger, which resulted with his cut n run resignation in the hope of avoiding prosecution for past sins, was warned by a superbly pissed off Vatican hierarchy that such public revelations might damage the Catholic Church's reputation to a point of no return.

The former cleric and three current priests from the diocese of St Sodom's in Edinburgh lodged allegations with Pope Benny's representative to Britain, Archbishop Guido Corruptioni, in February concerning inappropriate behaviour towards them (three hole penetrative sex – plus forced suck n swallow oral) three decades ago by O’Fudger – a notorious kiddie groping bumboy and paedo’ predator with a fetish for the tight sphincters of virgin choir boys.

Ex-priest McScatt informed a press hack from the Catamites Gazette that his public revelations had met with a response of disapproval from the Curia for daring to break ranks and grass up the Cardinal – and he’d received the Papal ‘black spot’ – excommunication – along with threats of having the Curse of the Snitch cast against him by the nuns of the convent of St Sappho of the Sacred Godemiche if he pushed the matter to a fresh level of scandal.

What a fucking joke – damage the Church’s reputation indeed. The extent of the hypocrisy in that remark defies calculation for a religion institution founded on lies – a more at scent than substance con’ trick with the gospels scripted to order in the first century AD cesspit of Rome by the Piso and Flavian families.

How many innocents and so-called heretics have been burned alive at the stake by the witch hunting Inquisition - and now we have this Pope, the German Mk XVI papal model – Joey Ratflinger, an ex-Hitler Youth Nazi – ordered to resign by Matthew Festering, the Capo dei Capi of the Knights of Malta.
Not so much a whispered ‘Step down and resign’ but more at ‘You’re fired, Joey’ – or cop for a bedtime cuppa of horrible hemlock like John Paul 1.

Yep, the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei – the two of the most feared radical secret societies on the planet who make the Triads and Yakuza look like school playground bullies - and have the Edomite Mafia by the short and curlies to control the shifty Shylock’s usurious banks and the Great Satan’s neo-conservative cabal – and the military-industrial conglomerates – and along with their GO2 / DVD and Mossad organisations, were responsible for 9/11 and the war on terror to push their new World Order agenda to fruition.

Doubtless the Knights’ pre-selected Pontiff (predicted to be the last to wear St Peter’s old sandals) will, unlike his predecessor Benny, once elected to the Holy See by the supremely corrupt College of Cardinals and invested as the Vicar of Christ be more compliant to their theological and temporal (read ‘self-serving materialistic’) demands.

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