Thursday, 31 December 2009

Crotch Bomber Prompts Invasion of Yemen

So, the preliminary verdict seems to be in on the dastardly Nigerian-born al Qaeda ‘Crotch Bomb’ terrorist - Mr Fukwit Muttonleg – already tried and found Guilty with a large capital ‘G’ by the tabloid gutter press and our iconic Fux News channel – of whatever crimes the Homeland Security thugs and muppets have been instructed to pin on him – up to and including the fact he and his ilk collectively hate our Western Democratic freedoms.

Insh’Allah – and a Happy New Year – and cancel that tourist trip to the sunny Arabic Republic of Yemen.

Thus, Mr. Fukwit Muttonleg has been labelled and stigmatised as a radical Jolly Jihadi member of the good old Big Al Qaeda Gang, no less – who have apparently got pissed off with the over-rated hospitality factor in Hamid Kami-Karzai’s Afghanistan and now shifted their base of operations to North Yemen.

Yep, that’s right –the Yemen Arab Republic – which must constitute as the biggest basket case shithole to run a terrorist network out of on Earth.
Good God – excuse me - Allah - don’t Big Al Qaeda or Taliban Dan the Koran Man ever check the Michelin Guides or Lonely Planet handbooks before they establish a terrorist base?

North Yemen? The place is totally fucked before they even start. Property prices are the shits – same as the property itself. Mud huts and bad guts

Water quality sucks – if you ever get a water supply. Try having your morning paper – or a bottle of milk - delivered. Greedy Grocer online orders? – forget it.
Further, the postal service is a joke and it takes months to get a cable TV connection or a Sky sat’ dish installed.

Check out the Forbes Rich List – any Yemeni’s on it? Get burgled? – dial 999 and call the police – then see how long they take to arrive. Same with all the emergency services there – and while the council tax is relatively low, only the feral goats empty your wheelie bins.
Believe me – the whole place is tits up in a bucket.

So why claim that this latest brainwashed terrorist patsy has any connection to al Qaeda – and to North Yemen? Demonising Islam? Oh sure – but Western intel' can pull a false flag job and do that anytime and anywhere: New York, Madrid's train station, a Bali nightclub, the London Tube system.

What’s so interesting and attractive about the North Yemen?
Well, with being right next to Iran on the PNAC’s ‘Invasion’ list schedule, perhaps its prime geophysical location on the eastern shore of the Bab el-Mandeb Straits – where the Red Sea joins the Gulf of Aden – of significant strategic importance to the Zionist Israeli ‘Ubermench’ - who rule the US of A’s Congress and Senate – to facilitate their coming wars on the African continent – and too dominate a vital sea route..

First they bomb the utter fuck out of the capital Sana’a and do about £20 quid's worth of damage, then give Halliburton a tender-free contract to go and rebuild the infrastructure – along with a few permanent military bases and a crop of coastal desalination plants to service the incoming tribes of Western oil and gas geo’s and techies – and a couple of their ubiquitous ‘extraordinary rendition’ centres.

The US military-industrial combine pronounces overtime all around to feed the latest Shock and Awe extravaganza – and sees stock prices ascend to an all-time high.

Next Slackwater / Xe get a contract to police the dump and kill every fucking local Yemeni old enough to bleed.
Then the Seven Sisters divvy up the giant natural gas field concessions spread deep below the gritty sands in the south of the pox-ridden country.

End of the day, everyone’s happy and earning a dollar – apart from the Yemenis.

All too easy – with thanks to one gullible Nigerian patsy puppet with shit-for-brains for making it all possible.

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