Sunday, 20 December 2009

Purging the Free-Thinkers

The dystopic pro-Zionist Anti-Defamation League and their cohorts in AIPAC have launched a vicious new assault on the legions of Alternative News and Truth Movement activist bloggers and members of the anti-NWO global Patriot Community in the form of a novel report that equates skepticism and distrust of government with - quote - “A toxic atmosphere of rage”, which is threatening to boil over and manifest as free-range violence with a capital V. Oh yes, Anarchy with a capital A. Revolution with a capital R.

The tone of the ADL’s hit piece basically implies that these ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ are such a threat to Western Civilisation, Life on Earth and Peace throughout the Galaxy – and specifically the Illuminati’s plans for the New World Order - that they should be ‘removed’ from society, which, ironically, is precisely how Hitler dealt with his political enemies – for a short twelve years.

Hmmm, says he, stepping back for a singular moment and contemplating just that.

Hitler’s Aryan Nazi ‘Thousand Year’ Third Reich lasting a mere twelve – and while his genocidal eugenics programme filled an abundance of mass graves with sub-human foreign types who’d been swimming far too long at the shallow end of the gene pool for his liking, the million or so the Nazi are purported to have ‘exterminated in their so-called ‘Holohoax’ - while simply ‘following orders’ - didn’t put much of a dent in the overall global population they were trying to reduce to pre-Ice Age levels.

So, what odds for the Illuminati’s New World Order (alternatively now commonly titled the ‘Jew World Order’) and their reign of power that intends to reduce the global population from six billion to half a billion and less- through a series of repetitious wars - and bio-plagues disguised as flu viruses – et cetera, et al – and leave their work force of feudal peasant slaves all nicely micro-chipped and subserviently obedient to their Masters commands - Sit, Jump, Fetch, Beg, Roll over, Play dead.

The true significance of this gargantuan hit piece on the patriot movement is the fact that the Royal bloods and military-industrial complex that comprises the world’s shadow government establishments has firmly moved away from portraying them as ignoramuses and firing ridicule in their general direction every time they point out the logical obvious concerning 9/11, dancing Israelis, false flag op’s – and a hole in the Pentagon (where’s the effin’ plane then?).

It is now directly targeting them for elimination – an effective purge of the undesirables – by implying they are inciting hatred and violence and represent an emerging form of domestic terrorism that should therefore be neutralized. Soviet style – mentally disturbed – a danger to themselves and others – confined to the happy home with lots of nice coloured pills and shots of toxic whatever to limit their psychosis.

It worked for Hitler, Stalin – and Mao – and still works in China’s repressive state.

The fact that the global patriot movement has constantly urged unity and discouraged division, while promoting a peaceful message of passivity and non-violence, has infuriated the increasingly incensed establishment because while their credibility has collapsed under the ‘leadership’ of pathetic clowns and morons such as Dubya Bush, Tony Bliar - and now a Kenyan who can’t even produce a genuine US of A birth certificate - the patriotic movement’s has grown in leaps and bounds - and as a result their New World Order agenda has slowed and begun to stall.

Now Abe Poxman’s racist ADL and their cohorts gasp – on the global elitist establishment’s behalf - with a sharp intake of breath - and acknowledge that the grass roots – the common herd – the sheeple – those that lard-arsed Ashkenazi yids like Henry Kissinger – and his ivy-league WASP puppet master Dodgy David Rockefeller - term ‘the world’s useless eaters’ - have duly targeted under the strictures of their genocidal eugenics-fixated depopulation selection policy – now wield the power to stop their elitist’s agenda for a Zionist- headed world government - based in Jerusalem - in its tracks.

This represents a massive sea change and proves the global patriotic movement is expanding at a geometric rate and will, before long, reach a critical mass and produce a chain reaction whose pulsa denura impact shall cause the very skies to tremble.
It further goes to serve as a warning because it is blatantly obvious that the establishment is now committed to taking the patriotic movement down, either by means of character assassination, a patsy set-up - or worse.

Yes, worse – for they’re truly petrified at the sheer numbers of people who are waking up to their litany of lies and tyranny – and stirring in their dissatisfaction.

Oh yes, their analysts have studied and can visualise the implications for freedom if the common herd of humanity used its numerical potential to say “NO MORE’ – FINISH!” to the crooked system and ceases to cooperate with its own enslavement. Ouch! – did I touch on the verboten subjects of Anarchy and Revolution then?

Their days are numbered – and they know it – regardless of the fact they have repealed - with extreme prejudice - the honest concepts of a Montesquieu form of government with separation of powers – Executive, Legislative and Judicial - or any and all concepts of the Four Estates - and further emasculated the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, burdening the World’s nations with anti-terrorist legislation and Big Brother sneak and snitch snoop and spy laws.

A sad fact that they own and control the entire global media, thus their rumours and lies can wang their way around the Earth and back while the truth’s still putting its shoes on – then never gets its honest word in.
Conversely, the truth – either with shoes on – or barefoot - can forever stand the light of day and investigation’s scrutiny - whereas their lies cannot.

Take note of the Ministry of Propaganda and Scaremongering’s H1N1 Sneezy Pig flu pandemic / plague. Toxic adjuvants and preservatives in every syringe full. Baxter Pharma’s ‘special blend – renta-plague – plus nano-bugs and micro-chips – all ready to kill next time around. Locked and loaded for ‘Cytokine Storming’. The Ukraine sprayed with chemtrails then a calamitous outbreak of hemorrhagic pulmonary plague the media pass off as ‘pig flu’.

Sorry boys, we caught on to you quite a while back – long before the Florida vote with Jeb Bush counting sorta looked ‘suspicious’ and we ended up with a moron as Pres’ for eight disastrous years.
Then 9/11 - with a bunch of Afghan-based Muslim cave dwellers bringing the most powerful military machine in history to its knees.

But it all dates back into history. Control of the uneducated superstitious masses via religion – which the elite screwed up through their own greed yet again with nepotism and simony. Cheers to Martin Luther, John Calvin – and Henry VIII.

Jekyll Island and the Fed’. The Peak Oil scam. The fractional reserve banking sham. HAARP- induced hurricanes and earthquakes smiting thine perceived enemies. Made-to-measure Asian tsunamis. Nobel Peace prizes for global warming propaganda scare mongerss, discredited war criminals and Manchurian Candidate Presidential impostors. Life peerages for Shylock banking scum.

Oh my, the Illuminati’s New World Order coffin is now more nails than wood.

But no problems really - history, which they perennially refuse to learn from, is a most elastic piece of kit that has a built-in memory for turning full-circle.

Their little eugenics genocide games will bring the common herd to reach a critical mass, then a catastrophic chain reaction will take place – but unlike the ethnic cleansing of the elite’s Augean stables in 1789 and 1917 this will occur on a global scale – and the NWO puppets and the Ashkennazi Jews running the Zionist apartheid state of Israel, and the rest of the world – media, banks, big pharma, military-industrial complex, crooked shadow governments, plus archaic monarchies well past their use-by dates - will all be called to account for their foul crimes – and a wholesale slaughter ensue that may shock even their gore-thirsty tastes.

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