Thursday, 3 December 2009

WTF? Granny Obama Does the Hajj

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, there were rumours Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim. (Now why would anyone suspect that?)

Obviously Obama scoffed at these malicious rumours, employing his usual practiced airs of arrogant political rhetoric and oral legerdemain, and claimed he was a born-again Teleprompter Christian – much the same way the brass-necked impostor laughed off and ignored the persisting rumours he isn’t even an A-merican but a Kenyan national with a counterfeit Hawaiian birth certificate.

The sun-tanned Pres’ candidate declared he had been a regular worshipper at downtown Chicago’s Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Charlatans, whose ministry had been led by his good friend and spiritual mentor - the radical schizophrenic Mullah - the Rev. Lefty Wright - for 20 years.

Regardless there was a strong attempt by both the Republicans - and too Hilary Rodent Clinton’s campaign camp of total losers - to perpetuate and inflate the ‘Obama’s a Muslim’ story and thus lose him the election race before it even got off the sprint blocks.

Conversely, during this time period, zany Zionist media mogul muppet Rupert Mudrock ordered his International Herald Shitraker to run a series of features supporting Obama's claim to be a Christian and identifying his Paternal Grandmother as a Christian cheer leader for the Nairobi First Eleven soccer team.

Granny Sarah told reporters from the tabloid gutter press that her husband - Obama's Grand-Daddy - had converted to Islam from Roman Catholicism as he was fed up of kiddie-fiddling priests trying to slip him a length while he was in the church choir - and taken the name Hussein.

However Granny maintained his children had inherited only the name and not the religion as the boys didn’t want the ends cutting off their cocks – or the girls getting their pussy’s mutilated - or either lot be forced to bang their foreheads on the deck umpteen times a day while saying prayers.

Thus spake Sarah - the devout Christian - during the election campaign: “Each person should be able to choose how they worship” - and that - the Gospel according to Granny Obama – has got to be a historical first for Islam.

Obviously her kids were raised in that most unique of households – the family of Democratic Freethinking Muslim Patriarch - allowing the children to pursue the religion of their own choice. Baptist, Flat Earther, Buddhist, Pagan, Animist, Taoist, Shinto - or even a Pancake Tuesday Adventist.

Bravo’s all round too, and thank Christ (whoops) – Allah – that the manky Mutaween religious police didn’t hear about such a breach of their Stone Age Sharia laws and come around calling with the big stick.

Now the gutter press headlines declare “Obama's 'Christian' Granny has arrived in Saudi Arabia for the 'Hajj.'
Yep, you gottit - the 'Hajj' – one of the sacred Five Pillars of Islam - that holy pilgrimage to Mecca all Muslims are required to make once in their lifetime.

The Hypocrite’s Gazette, along with the Apostates Weekly Review, are having a veritable field day, declaring that the self-vaunted 87-year old ‘Christian’ Grandmother of US President Barack Hussein Obama is a ‘heathen infidel’ and had arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform the 'Hajj' to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina - accompanied by her die-hard beardie nephew Mustafa Obama and Barack’s first cousins Fatima and Mohammed.

But lets be fair - Obama’s a stooge and only watching his own arse and obeying his Master’s voice.

He’s not programmed to start thinking for himself – and the good of the American people - or anything stupid like upholding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or dismantling the Fed’ – oh no.
If that became the case then we’d probably have another Dealey Plaza and a Lee Harvey Patsy and the Grassy Knoll Gang on our hands again.

Obama was ushered into office to simply serve the requirements and endorse the edicts of the elitist microcosm of the world whom use far more than they need to live at a higher standard than those they have been deceiving and stealing from since time immemorial – Us.

Like Mulder n Scully always say – “The Truth is out there” – it’s just that the Government and shadowy powers that be – the microcosm - don’t want you to hear it.

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