Friday, 25 December 2009

UK Change Law to Protect Israeli War Criminals

Due Israel reacting angrily to the issuing by a British court of an arrest warrant for the former ginger minger Israeli Foreign Minister, Tipzi Livni. (aka Zippy the Pinhead) on charges of war crimes, Lord Rothschild and Co. have pressured fellow kikester – UK Foreign Secretary David Millipede - into publicly declaring the Labour government has been deeply embarrassed by the incident, stating the threat of legal action against Israeli officials for simply murdering low-life Palestinian scum is hampering New Labour’s efforts to bring peace to the Middle East.

Rather, the fact is that the only thing hampering efforts to bring peace to the Middle East is the continuing genocidal policies of the Israeli government’s psycopathic Zionist war criminals.

However, after receiving a right royal bollocking off Lord Rothshite Gordon Brown informed the String-Pullers Gazette “The British government will introduce legislation early in the New Year to stop Israeli ministers and officials facing arrest for war crimes every time they visit the UK.”

The move is intended to calm Israeli fury after Titsup Livid, the opposition party leader and foreign minister at the time of the Gaza invasion a year ago, was forced to abandon a trip to London this month because pro-Palestinian activists obtained a warrant for her arrest.

However the warrant, granted by a London court was revoked on Monday when it was learned Ms Livid had decided to stay well away from the UK if there was a chance of her getting arrested for her part in ordering the military assaults and ethnic cleansing horrors visited on Gaza’s civilian population last Christmas.

Conversely the Israelis continuing illegal blockade of Gaza – and too the West Bank - constitutes an act of aggression by a bully state – the type of scenario the Israelis never fail to mention when referring to their beloved Holohoax and WW2 Nazi aggression.

This blockade constitutes a continuing war crime as does the eviction of Palestinian families from their homes in Jerusalem and the theft of West Bank lands.

Hymie Weaselberger, Israel’s ambassador to London, yesterday issued a paranoid diatribe to Fux News staing that the issue of the warrants was symptomatic of the "obsession to de-legitimise and demonise the illegally-founded Jewish state" in the UK and to promote a boycott of Israeli goods by enforcing regulations that supermarkets must label goods from the West Bank as being Palestinian produce or usurper Jewish produce.

Israeli ministers, senior military personnel and other guilty government officials are understood to be boycotting visits to Britain until ministers in London make good their promises to change the law so they can continue to wage war against Palestinian civilians then travel abroad with impunity.

Nevertheless the British government is now powerless to stop individuals applying to a magistrates’ court for arrest warrants under the principle of "Universal Jurisdiction" established under the 1957 Geneva Conventions Act.

Under this jurisdiction, anyone accused of war crimes can be tried anywhere in the world. Additionally, under the 1980 Magistrates’ Courts Act, anyone in England and Wales can apply to a court for an arrest warrant for someone they wish to prosecute privately for a serious crime – even Israeli bully boy – or girl – government ministers.

Under the brown-nosing legislative proposals to be put forward by the government next month to appease the outlaw Zionist state, the approval of the Solicitor General – ‘Dogshit Vera Baird’ - will be needed before any arrest warrants for war crimes can be issued.

FS Millipede told Pox News that the government will be taking this "urgent" action in the wake of the Tipsy Livid warrant because Israeli leaders "must be able to visit London to check on their Rothshite Bank numbered accounts, arrange arms deals and oversee Mossad's false flag terrorist attacks on the London tube system.

However, there are fears in legal circles in Britain that an attempt to change the law simply to placate the Zionist Jewboy Masonic cabals governing our sceptred isle might amount to unacceptable political interference with the independence of the courts.

Whereas the British public must be wondering what has happened to the nation’s backbone – and its moral compass - when they see news headlines like these: "British Foreign Secretary David Milliped yesterday apologized to Prime Minister Binman Nuttyahoo and Ms. Titsy Trollenberg Livid and current Foreign Minister Sheldon Scumstein for the arrest warrant issued against Ms Livid in London earlier this week.”

“FS Millipede promised to begin working immediately to change the UK laws that enable the issue of arrest warrants against Israeli officials accused of war crimes."

Who does this first generation immigrant minister think he is, apologising in the name of patriot English peasants for the operation of British law, especially when the warrant was issued to answer charges of war crimes? Anyone remember the Nuremberg Code?

Then Millipede has the audacity to declare "It’s about the entire State of Israel and our ability to go on working together against common threats."

What common threats? Brits have nothing in common with the illegal Zionist state. The threats Israel faces are caused by its Zionist dogma, its racist expansion, land theft, general lawlessness and hateful attitude towards its Semite neighbours, and by the lethal threat Israel itself presents to others in the region with their nuclear arsenal and paranoid belligerence against anyone threatening their military hegemony.

Yet these Shylock career hypocrites have the audacity to question why they’re as popular as chemotherapy. Throughout their perfidious history why do we have repeated instances of Diasporas, Pogroms, Inquisitions, Exodus’s and Holhoaxes – and always the Jews. Why?

Why – for they – this people who murdered Christ - have made great industry throughout history of promoting themselves as victims.

Though while hyping up and marketing their threadbare Holohoax scam and whingeing over the Nazi genocide supposedly directed against them - the Juden racism, ethnic cleansing, apartheid and horror stories of the Ghettos’ - yet themselves build a foul Walls of Apartheid Racist Segregation around Gaza and the West Bank to entrap the Palestinians inside a ‘Ghetto’ of Zionist Yid design and construction – thus converting an impoverished enclave into a Nazi-style Ghetto.

Well, Slime Minister Binman Nuttyahho and his compatriot Ashkenazi impostor Jews from Russia are not the Chosen People – and the Land of Palestine belongs to the real Semites - the true owners of the Holy Land - the Palestinians.

So, little wonder their anti-Semitic criminal warlike acts of aggression – those inhuman cruelties committed against the Palestinian populations – which they continue to carry out with impunity - incites free-thinking people of conscience to file criminal charges against those Israeli government officials responsible.

This factor is highlighted by an unhealthy lack of criticism or stricture from the UN or the AIPAC Zionist-run United States government that has funded the outlaw state since its inception.

Alas, it is a genetic fault that manifests throughout the Torah and contemporary history – that their Shylock greed knows no bounds. They are their own worst enemy and will again lie dead under the ashes of Topeth and on the fields of Armageddon.

Alas Israel, and too Zionism, History will not treat nor remember you gently.

To conclude, as to apprehending ‘war criminals’, why no simply take a leaf out of Israel’s own outlaw manual and go and grab them anywhere on Earth – such as they felt arrogantly justified to do when they snatched Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.
So, Ms Livid – and numerous others – watch your guilty arses!

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