Monday, 28 December 2009

Happy New False Flag Attack: 2010

New Labour’s Ministry of Advanced Scaremongering has issued warnings to businesses in London to expect a Mumbai-style attack on the capital early in the New Year.

At a briefing in the City of London today, a senior detective from SO15, the Metropolitan police domestic terrorism operations command, told a reporter from the False Flag Weekly that “The Mumbai Circus is coming to London.”

During a “commando-style” raid by 10 gunmen on hotels, chew n spew fast food joints and Rub n Tug massage parlours in Mumbai in November 2008, 174 people were killed and more than 300 injured over three days until the police woke up to the fact all the bangs were not the city’s shithouse taxis backfiring but actually guns and hand grenades going off.

Supt. Arthur Fuctifino confided companies should anticipate a shooting and hostage-taking raid “involving a small number of Hebrew-speaking gunmen disguised as Jolly Jihadi mujahideen and Brazilian electricians, armed with light bulbs, multi-testers, handguns and improvised nuclear devices”.
“In fact Tel Aviv might send the same blokes over again wot did the 7/7 tube train bombings cos they know London by now, don’t they.”

The warning — the bluntest issued by Met’ police since their last ‘blunt warning’ — has underlined an MI6 requirement issued by Business Secretary Peter Scandalson that another terrorist attack around the middle of January would be very helpful in diverting the stupid public’s attentions away from their humungous Xmas-spend credit card bills and the fact they’re all still unemployed – and hopefully boost New Labour’s ratings in the polls – especially if the terrorists manage to shoot a few of London’s overpaid banksters in the process..

Supt. Fuctifino added “Our Middle East intelligence source – Al Jazeera – suggests a likely set of patsies might well be the anarchic rockers group Rage Against the Machine - who have long been classed as ‘Luddites’ and got awarded with a domestic terrorist label by MI6 since getting into the charts this Christmas with their hit album tracks ‘Burn the Effin’ Queen’ and ‘Wills is the Anti-Christ’.”
“These blokes are known radicals with infidel Muslim sympathies – they even go drinkin’ in a pub called the Saracen’s Head.”

“Now yer got this other Nigerian bloke – Abdulla Muttonstew - what’s got connections to both the Big Al Qaeda and Taliban Dan gang’ 419 scam networks – gets on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit and he sez to the woman sittin’ next to him “I hate your Democtaric freedoms” then sets his own effin’ leg on fire. Now that’s what I call a suicide arsonist with a mission, no less.”

Earlier reports indicated a raid by the Bradfordistan-based Jolly Jihadi terrorist group was due to strike Western political leaders at the recent United Nations Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen but was called off following a negative ‘risk assessment’ report due the thick snow and icy road conditions and fears someone might get hurt.

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