Monday, 16 November 2009

Welfare Handouts – Visit the UK n fill yer Boots

Now here’s a brain-teaser to contemplate while considering which scumbag political party to vote for in next year’s General Election.

Why is the common British working class peasant paying child benefit for kids that don’t live in the UK and have never even heard of – let alone seen – the White Cliffs of Dover?

Our incompetent Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Darling, claims he can’t put an accurate figure on the amount, but his best guesstimate would be around £20 zillion in child benefit payments and child tax credits was forked out by British taxpayers in 2008 to support over 50,000 children living in - Poland.

Yep, you got it right the first time – nothing wrong with eyes or ears – Poland - with a capital P.
Yet another bizarre and costly flaw that fits in quite nicely with all the other bizarre and costly flaws that have manifested under New Labour’s abysmal twelve year reign of power - and denying us the promised referendum of E-USSR membership..

Not only are we now deeper in the shit with the illegal war in Afghanistan and President Hamid Kami-Kaze’s kleptocracy of a government than ever – with no option but to stay and die – according to Gordon Brown – the Prime Minister nobody voted for – but the EU and Brussels have us gripped squarely by the short and curlies when mandating we have to pay child benefit to kids in Poland.

Now, does that make any sense? Of course not – but what part of the E-USSR’s policies and dictates does - and with the daft Paddies voting a very questionable ‘Yes’ in the recent Treaty of Lisbon (E-USSR Constitution renamed)) referendum things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Aha, one smart arse replies – but we can go to Poland to live and claim child benefit for our kids back in the UK.
Possibly true – but while Poles living in Britain can claim mega-bucks per month all we can get off the Warsaw welfare department (sic) is a few grotty zloty – not enough for a bundle of firewood, a coupla pickle herrings, a lump of Kielbasa and a loaf of stale Houska – never mind feed and clothe a bunch of whingeing rugrats.

Is it any wonder why the British National Party is looking a more favourable option for our patriotic votes in the 2010 General Election when we kick New Labour out of office at long last – and deny Big Dave and his smarmy Tories a chance at government for now refusing us our promised referendum on the E-USSR – let’s just GTF outa it and stuff Brussels.

When viewed in retrospect it seems like backward-frog Charlie de Gorf was the only real Anglophobe pal we had in Europe – our best enemy - denying us a place among the Belgium-based den of thieves.

Alas, those vanished halcyon times of sovereign bliss on this our sacred Sceptred Isle – when Harold Macmillian declared ‘You’ve never had it so good’ and everyone thought he was taking the piss. Come back Harold – all is forgiven.

Just imagine the implications for freedom of choice and national self-determination if the British people applied their numerical potential to cry out from the rooftops ‘No more!’ to the system and the corrupt ilk of Bliar, Brown, Scandalson, the Windsors etc et al, and ceased to cooperate with our own enslavement and demise.
Ouch! – did I make mention of Revolutionary thoughts there? No doubt the government’s cyber-spy detectors are zeroing in on me right now – for an act of domestic terrorism.

By the way, hands up anyone who knows the definition of a domestic terrorist – someone who thinks for themselves and might be inclined to disagree with anything the government says.

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