Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Black Men Can’t Curtsey

Obama’s botched bow to Emperor Akiheehaw this weekend has put the culturally-refined Japanese themselves in the diplomatically delicate position of not knowing whether to laugh or cry – and are as painfully embarrassed over the shameful spectacle as if Dubya Bush had still been the Pres’ and given Akiheewaw one of his Texas turkey-brained Merkel-style backrubs.

Despite the fact that O’Barmy was widely criticized for his April Fool’s bowing to the lard-arsed despotic King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ( the progeny of camel thieves and goat shaggers) like some kowtowing eunuch slave boy earlier this year he again went straight into his congenital brainwashed format of prostrating himself before what he - intuitively - deemed a genetic superior - yabbering “Yes Boss, no Boss, three bags full Boss” - displaying his fealty before the Japanese Emperor and his wife Itchy-Kiki as they looked on in astonishment, giggling and whispering to each other “WTF is this clown trying to prove?”

Top Japanese newspapers like the prestigious Foreign Devil Gazette have refused to print the image of O’Barmy crawling like some lickspittle servant out of sheer political decorum.

However video footage of the entire exchange is now spread right across the internet and SpewTube has several clips showing the Kenyan profusely bowing like Widow Twankey's pantomime lackey no less than seven times in the space of under thirty seconds.

Critics were quick to lambaste Barky further, sarcastically speculating he must have watched the 1980’s movie flop Shogun prior to the trip - to get the hang of Japanese protocols.

They further highlighted the sad fact he’s forever kissing Israeli Slime Minister Nuttyahho’s arse and bending over backwards – or forwards - to appease his Zionist masters – and is always ready to jump on the shovel whenever White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel shouts “Shit!”

For America’s first coffee-coloured president to present himself as a peon or hewer of wood when he meets foreign dignitaries is a probative indictment of what he truly represents.

Definitely not the boasted icon of African-American blacks symbolically divesting themselves of the chains of slavery at long last, but a clumsy stooge – a Muppet - to pacify the sheeple – the common herd - while in reality he plays ‘sit and beg’ for his masters – the blue blood congenital mutants that comprise the racist global elite.

Yet another classic example occurred when Barky and his Hottentot-arsed missus met Queen Lizzie and her arrant racist scumbag husband Phil the Greek in April.

Obama went into total grovel mode, chasing every stick that the latter-day inbred Nazi Prince Philip threw for him with relish and a beholden “Yessir Masta” at every opportunity – like some fawning, panting puppy fresh off its leash.

So, after eight years of misrule by the mental midget Dubya Bush dragging the States into a bottomless abyss that will take decades to crawl out of – if ever - we now have the Moorish face of the New World Order obsequious to any and all who have regal nobility flowing through their veins like a syphilitic spirochete - and this is the duly elected chief representative of the American people who fought a war in 1766 to shake off the shackles of subservience to the monarch of a foreign power – barking mad King George III of England.

Barky Obama – Mr. Teleprompter Man - acting like a fawning servile skivvy straight out of a Joel Harris tale – Uncle Remus reincarnated. Ah well, it might be his Kenyan genes shining through – there’s more mongrel than pedigree in the boy.

On a more cheerful note, as Barky is such a practiced kow-tower perhaps he can teach the UK’s PM Gordon ‘Incapability’ Brown how to perform the ‘diplomatic bow’ after his calamitous faux pax before the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday when he laid his wreath and never even bothered to crook his fat brass neck one inch nor degree – reportedly due the fact that when he does bend over his glass eye falls out.

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